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FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe

50 Words or Less

The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe is stable and powerful.  Great traction.  Knit upper is very comfortable.  Tall, traditional heel.

FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe sole


FootJoy is the mainstay in golf footwear.  Their flagship product, the Pro SL [review HERE], would be a top three golf shoe company all on its own.  And while FootJoy’s lineup features primarily traditional designs and longtime favorites, they do like the stretch their creative wings from time to time.  That’s where HyperFlex comes in.  For athletic golfers who want a shoe designed for power, this is it.

FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe heel


The 2023 version of the FootJoy HyperFlex looks nothing like the 2021 HyperFlex [review HERE].  While both shoes do have a knit upper, this current version is solid-colored making it look less like knit.  This new version also has a thermoplastic outsole wing” wrapped around the midfoot.  Of course, what’s most eye-catching is this neon rainbow colorway.  While it certainly won’t be for everyone, I like this fun side of FootJoy.  Branding is kept to a minimum, and the technology call outs are mainly tone-on-tone.

There are many colorways available throughout the HyperFlex line.  The FootJoy HyperFlex is offered in white/blue, black, and grey for men and white/purple, gray, and pink for women.  In BOA, men get white, charcoal, and navy; women get white/purple and gray.  FootJoy’s HyperFlex Carbon is only available in men’s sizes.  The laced version is offered in white/white, black, and white/multi (seen here).  The HyperFlex Carbon BOA is available in white and black.

Check out our review of the HyperFlex BOA HERE


One of the areas where FootJoy has shown major improvement over the last several years has been out of the box comfort.  The HyperFlex Carbon, largely thanks to the knit upper, requires no break in period at all.  Along the top of the foot, the upper is very soft without any pinching or pressure points.  Similarly, the sock-like opening feels great around the ankle.

The fit of the FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon is roomy without being sloppy.  My feet could always sense the edges of the shoe, but there was room for them to move.  Despite the fairly sleek appearance, the toe box is quite roomy.  I tested these in size 13 – my standard for FootJoy – and the fit was right on.


There are two versions of the FootJoy HyperFlex – HyperFlex and HyperFlex Carbon.  Each is offered with laces and BOA closure.  The HyperFlex is $169 laced and $199 with BOA.  The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon is $199 with laces, $229 with BOA.  This review will deal with laced version of the HyperFlex Carbon.

When I started swinging in the HyperFlex Carbon, the first thing that was immediately clear was that this is not your average knit shoe.  The ThermoPlastic Saddle Strap wraps around your midfoot to provide noticeably elevated lateral stability.  The HyperFlex Carbon strikes a nice balance between pure knits and leather stability shoes.  Those Thermoplastic Saddle Straps also give the laces more impact on fit than in your standard knit shoe.

Another way in which the FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon differs from traditional knit shoes is the weight.  In a size 13, these weigh in at a hefty 17.9 ounces, compared to the TRUE Linkswear Knit 3 [review HERE] at 11.7 ounces.  If you’re a walker, that is something to consider.

Back on the positive side of the ledger, the traction these shoes provide is outstanding.  With six replaceable spikes and some small molded lugs, your feet will hold firm in any conditions.  The sole itself is also notable for its stability.  The carbon plate – unique to the HyperFlex Carbon – adds to this shoe’s feeling of explosive power during the swing.  I felt like every ounce of energy I put into the ground came back through my swing without any wasted effort.

Finally, as expected from FootJoy, the HyperFlex Carbon does have a very tall, traditional heel.  If you’re a longtime FootJoy wearer, this will feel very natural.  However, if you’re used to natural motion shoes, this will be an adjustment.  Just as with clubs, there’s not a right or wrong on heel drop, but you need to find what’s comfortable for you.

FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe hero


The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon blends elements of a knit shoe with pieces of a stability shoe to create something unique.  This shoe is very comfortable out of the box, but sacrifices nothing when it comes to traction and creating power from the ground up.

Visit FootJoy HERE

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  1. Great insightful review Matt. I like the comparisons of weight to another shoe. That said, does the added 8oz of weight garner that much more stability in that shoe compared the the true links? As a newly owner of true links myself (have the all day ripstop at 10oz) and having and still using a fj hyperflex, i am just curious. thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      More weight doesn’t make a shoe inherently more stable – I can make a heavy, unstable shoe – but in the case of the HyperFlex Carbon it is both heavier and more stable than the TRUE.


  2. How do these compare to the new code chaos shoes.

    • Matt Meeker

      Totally different style shoes Chris. HyperFlex are cleated stability shoes. The Code Chaos are spikeless mobility shoes.

      – Meeks

  3. I have two pairs of the 22’ Hyperflex. I like them. What would be the advantage in upgrading from last years model.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t worn the 2022 HyperFlex, so I can’t offer a knowledgeable comparison.



  4. Danny tabowitz

    eyelet. broke. can lace shoes anymore. knit cuff become very dirty almost. grey dirt looking no good. thx Danny

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