FootJoy Hyperflex BOA Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes are designed with the athlete in mind.  The BOA Fit System maximizes comfort and adjustability while the knit bootie and fast twist 3.0 cleats keep you connected to the ground in every swing.


FootJoy has long been a leader in the golf shoe industry.  They are particularly known for crafting some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market which is demonstrated by the high use on tour.  That title also comes with the difficult task of continually innovating which can be particularly tough in the shoe category.  For 2023, FootJoy has released the Hyperflex BOA golf shoe which does have some impressive new features.  I put these to the test to find out just how well these shoes can be for the non tour player.

Check out the standard laced FootJoy HyperFlex HERE


The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes have a clean, athletic look.  No oversized logos or busy designs, just clean lines that pair nicely with almost any style.  The all-navy shoe is largely covered by a thermoplastic material over the toe box and mid sole while the upper rear of the shoe and foot insert is surrounded by a soft stretchy knit.  The navy is only broken up by hints of light blue and white that run along sole which hosts six replaceable fast twist 3.0 spikes.

The BOA Fit System runs along the outside and tightens the top of the shoe using a saddle.  The BOA Fit System dial sits at the back of the heel and is out of the way once the proper setting is selected.

FootJoy offers the Hyperflex BOA in three different colorways; white, gray, and navy.


FootJoy is known for comfort and the Hyperflex BOA golf shoes are no different.  FootJoy uses a specialized OrthoLite Impressions Fitbed as the insert which molds to your feet and actually becomes more pleasant over time.  The knitted material that lines the foot insert makes it easy to get the shoe on and off while the stretchiness makes it natural to walk 18 holes.  At first glance, I thought the knit bootie was a recipe for blisters around the ankle, but I quickly found the opposite.  The specialized material hugged the top of my foot just right which was both comfortable and added an extra layer of security.

The lacing on the 2023 Hyperflex BOA shoes is one of the better iterations I have used.  The laces tighten the shoe from the toe to the top of ankle and makes it simple to adjust the comfort level.  In regards to sizing, the FootJoy Hyperflex BOA have a slightly bigger fit.  I am normally in between a 10 and 9.5 in most golf shoes, and the 9.5 worked much better for me.


The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes are made for the golfer looking to fine tune their golf shoe.  FootJoy describes this as a “perfect balance of control and stability.”  The pleasant blend of well cushioned support and custom BOA Fit System is what makes FootJoy such a strong player in the golf shoe market.

This balance starts with the BOA Fit System.  This is one of the better implementations of this system that I have tried.  The wrap and saddle cover almost half the shoe which allows for a true custom fit.  For me, I need a snug fit and this lacing system delivers on that.

The Hyperflex BOA shoe also features their stratofoam interior for maximum foot comfort.  This foam is moldable too, meaning it forms to your foot over time.  Combine the FootJoy foam with their coated knit bootie, and I actually forgot I was testing a shoe halfway through my first round with these on.  They were so comfortable that I was not thinking about my feet.  I was solely focused on the golf in front of me.

The entire toe box, mid sole and saddle use a 100% waterproof material called integrated thermoplastic.  This makes these ideal for any condition whether it’s dew from the early morning or damp from recent rains.  My second round testing was an early morning tee time and not only were my feet dry the whole round, the excess grass clippings wiped right off before heading home.

In addition to the materials, the fast twist 3.0 spikes provided enough traction to prevent any sliding during those same dewy rounds.  Pricing comes in at $199 for a pair with a two year waterproof warranty.


The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes are a testament to FootJoy’s ability to design some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market both on tour and for the weekend warrior.  The thermoplastic, waterproof BOA Fit System delivers an impressively custom fit shoe that makes it easy to make your best swing on the course.

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  1. i just the footjoy BOA golf shoe and I hard hard time to put them on but once on they feel great im going give them a try
    i hope stretch out a bit IM happy with quality

  2. Michael DiMaio

    Any concerns with durability of lacing system? Is it repairable or replaceable?

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