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Packing For Bandon Dunes – Apparel & Accessories

Think Beyond Your Clubs

If you’ve landed on this article preparing for an upcoming trip to Bandon Dunes – congratulations.  The PIG crew is equally excited for our trip later this summer and eager to share a few tips and suggestions to make your getaway all the more enjoyable.

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Get It All There

I’ve been needing a new suitcase for a while now and this trip was the perfect nudge to get me to pull the trigger.  The last thing I want to discover is that half my clothes didn’t make the full journey, so I picked up a Club Glove Carry-On III.  I love how the top loading format lets me know exactly what’s going to fit.  Made from the same durable fabric as their golf travel bags, this suitcase can handle whatever the airlines throw at it (or throw it at).

Happy Feet

Having comfortable golf shoes is critical.  Whether carrying your own bag or utilizing a caddie, you are going to be walking a lot of miles.  Even waterproof shoes can end up moist inside, so we recommend taking two pairs to Bandon Dunes.  I’m opting for the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT Disc when conditions warrant extra traction and the Puma IGNITE PWRSPORT for fun on the Preserve and Punchbowl.  Whatever your favorite brand is, make sure your feet are happy.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

Don’t overlook socks in the foot comfort equation.  A fresh pair of socks before each round can go a long way to enjoying a full day.  I’ve been wearing Stance golf socks for years, and they offer a perfect combination of cushioning and moisture management.  I also like the colors and patterns for a little personal style.

While stocking up on new socks, I noticed Stance offers underwear and picked up a few pairs.  What an awesome discovery – amazing fit and super soft.  The Stance website sums it up nicely: “designed with a modern look and exceptional feel to keep your most valuable assets protected and supported.”


Everyone’s climatic comfort level is different, but year round the temps in Bandon are pants-worthy for me.  I learned during testing of the Puma Golf Spring/Summer 2018 Apparel collection that their pants just can’t be beat.  Stick with performance fabrics as cotton is not a good choice if the weather turns sour.  For our 5 day trip, three pairs seems adequate – no need to over pack.

Rounding out my look is the Onyx Croc Venice Buckle belt, which Bert Lamar of Iliac Golf deserves a tip of the cap for.  His amazing golf belts blend fashion and performance.  Hand crafted with Italian leather on the outer layer, Bert utilizes a performance fabric on an inner layer to keep the belt lightweight and flexible.

Top Shelf

Just like the pants, performance fabrics are your friend in golf shirts.  A few of our favorite brands pictured above are Oxford, Holderness & Bourne, Iliac, johnnie-O and Puma.  Try to choose colors that work with all your pants for maximum flexibility.  You never know when a ketchup spill will change your plans.

Weather Alert

Ideally, the sun will shine warmly and you’ll never need rain gear.   In reality, you’re going to need to be prepared and not just with that wind shirt that most of us keep in our bag.  For staying dry in real rain, you need a true waterproof jacket and pair of pants.  If you’re not sure about your gear, get out in the rain or stand in the shower.

The Angelo and Arthur from Galvin Green are not only constructed of lightweight GORE-TEX Paclite, but offer stretch in all the right places and are full of features to customize the fit.  If Galvin Green isn’t a name you are familiar with, consider the fact that they are the official supplier of weatherwear for Team Europe in the upcoming 2018 Ryder Cup.  Quality rain gear is expensive, but will last a lot longer than that shiny new driver you’re eyeing.


As you stretch the hours outside at Bandon Dunes, make sure to protect your eyes and skin.  The Rydon sunglasses by Rudy Project feature golf specific photochromic lenses that not only heighten details on the course but adapt to changing light conditions.  There’s simply no better sunscreen than SKIN – it’s Blue Ribbon Gear for a reason.

With all the natural beauty, your phone camera is going to get a lot of work.  Make sure you don’t run out of juice in the great outdoors with a portable charger.  The Adventure Plus from MyCharge is built for extreme outdoor environments and fast charging.

Final Thoughts

Dressing for golf at Bandon Dunes is all about layers.  For a little warmth I’ve been grabbing my Genteal Performance ¼ Zips.  With their great fit and soft hand, they’re perfect for cool mornings, a putting contest when the sun goes down or that chilly airplane.  As I stated in the Golf Gear packing edition, “a little preparation can go a long way to your enjoyment upon arrival at Bandon Dunes.”

Your bonus tip for reading this far is pack only one golf hat and pick up another one or two as souvenirs once there.  Have a great trip!

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