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What to Bring to Bandon Dunes

When the PIG crew finally locked down a trip to Bandon Dunes, it was pages away in the calendar.  We’ve been using that time to learn everything possible about everything Bandon.  We’ve read books, talked to golfers who have been there and Matt even hosted Grant Rogers, the Director of Instruction at Bandon Dunes, on our podcast.

We’ve already shared an instructional piece Prepare Your Game for Bandon Dunes, and in this article we’ll share some tips for packing your golf gear for the big adventure.

#1: A Great Carry Bag

You probably know this already, but it’s worth repeating: there are no golf carts at Bandon Dunes.  Whether you utilize a caddie or carry yourself, a lightweight golf bag is a must.  After testing the PING Hoofer Lite, I knew it would be a great choice with its comfortable shoulder straps and multi-functional pockets.  If you already have a light weight carry bag, start by emptying it out completely and evaluating every item before putting it back in.  Do you really need a dozen ball markers?

#2: Lighten Your Load

Keeping with the lightweight theme, think about what clubs you might be OK without for the trip.  You don’t have to go to the extremes that Matt lists in his article Boost Your Shotmaking With Fewer Clubs, but the concepts may help you think about a smaller set.

An obvious removal for me was my 3 wood, which seldom gets any play, and I felt comfortable pulling my 4 hybrid and covering the gap with my 3 hybrid or 5 iron.

On the other end, my gap wedge seemed easiest to cover, so out it came.

#3: Fresh Grips

Check your grips.  If they’re showing any signs of wear, get some new ones installed.  You are going to be playing a lot of golf, and solid gription will feel like a luxury when fatigue sets in or rain starts falling.  I went with a fresh set of Golf Pride MCC Plus4.

#4: Golf Balls…Lots of Them

Ponder two aspects of golf balls prior to your trip – how many to pack and how many to carry for each round.  Let’s start with the latter and work backwards.  Think about how many balls you typically need for 18 holes and double that number.  Golf balls are heavy but rather important to finishing a round so be realistic, but not pessimistic.

Next, do you want to pack for the grand total of all the courses, or re-stock as needed?  Pro shop prices are painful for me to swallow, so I packed a couple dozen of my favorite TaylorMade TP5s.

#5: Gloves for All Weather

Coming from Florida where I rotate through several dry gloves each round, traveling to a mild climate is a treat.  One fresh glove like the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex is perfect for several days at Bandon, but I always like to have a backup.

With inclement weather an ever present possibility, pack a pair of quality rain gloves like the Rain Control by Taylormade.

#6: Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel (or Two)

Speaking of rain, bring a couple of towels.  Beyond keeping your clubs clean and grips dry, extra towels are great for packing – check out our feature on How to Pack Your Golf Clubs for Air Travel for other great tips.  You can’t beat Uther for a little flair.

#7: Protect Your Sticks

A little preparation can go a long way to your enjoyment upon arrival at Bandon Dunes.  Whether your clubs are traveling with you or being shipped ahead make sure your gear is protected with a high quality travel bag like the Club Glove Last Bag.

I’ve got two bonus tips for reading all the way to the end.  First, put a fresh battery in your range finder.  Second, leave the umbrella at home – it’s going to be useless in the wind if it’s raining.  Have a great trip!

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  1. Bandon fan

    Look into the Competition Pant from State Apparel. Perfect for Bandon.

  2. If it’s raining, make sure your bag has a cover/snap on cover to keep the water out of your bag. A tip for making rain gloves feel less bulky is to cut the pinky off.

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