Get To Know: Uther – Golf Towels and More

Get To Know: Uther

If you own a golf bag, chances are you have a towel of some sort hanging from it.  Maybe it’s an old kitchen towel, one from your favorite sports team, or even your favorite course.  If you want to break away from traditional golf towels and add some flair to your bag, look no further than Uther.


Uther was created a short time ago – Spring of 2016 – with the goal of providing unique accessories to golfers all over the world.  As a 20 year-old working at a golf course in Canada, founder Daniel Erdman felt the urge to add more fashionable items to the hundreds of bland golf bags he saw each day.  He felt that from the outside looking in, many saw golf as a game of strict rules and snobby dress codes, which is far from true for those of us on the inside of today’s game.  Daniel sought out to change that image, starting with the golf bag.  Thus, Uther Golf was born.

Towels serve a variety of uses on the course, and can be not only a tool for cleaning clubs, but a lucky charm, or a reminder of your favorite trip or course.  With that, Daniel wanted to create an exceptional quality towel, with unique, and loud designs.  Not only can Uther towels be used on the course but off of it as well, which led to the rebranding from Uther Golf to Uther in October of 2017.  As of now, Uther only offers towels, but will be expanding their lineup to include other golf accessories in December of 2017.

Check out Uther’s first golf bag, the Mag Bag, HERE


Uther currently offers two types of towel: the Tour and the Cart towels.  The cart towels come equipped with a carabiner for easy attachment to your bag.  The Tour Towel is a much larger towel, with a putter slit in the middle, so that you can hang your towel off of the side of your bag, while having easy access to carry it to the putting green.

Uther currently offers fifteen unique towel designs to add some color to your bag.  Each towel features a “waffle” material design that’s ultra-absorbent and fast-drying.  These towels quickly and easily wipe away dirt and grime from your clubs, without leaving any lint residue behind.  They’re non-abrasive too, so don’t worry about scratching that driver head!  Not only are these towels fashionable, but they are extremely functional as well, offering some of the best towels I have used on the course.

Check out Uther’s new Pro and Pro4 golf balls HERE


If you’re looking to add some spice and color to your bag, look no further than Uther.  Their towels come in some sweet designs, and give you options with the different sizes of towel.  They make an extremely quality product that can be a great addition to anyone’s bag, especially with the holidays coming up.  I’m excited to see what Uther brings this December, with their full lineup of golf accessories launching.

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  1. Elaine Baxter McLeay

    I have a beautiful Uther tour towel that I received as a gift. Please show me how to hang it from my bag! I can’t figure it out and neither can my husband, and he’s an engineer!!!

    • Matt Saternus

      Uther has a variety of styles. Some have a slit in the middle to hang off a club, some have a small handle, some may not have anything at all.



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