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The Sound Caddy portable Bluetooth speaker is designed for ultimate golf bag portability, great sound, and charging power that you can take anywhere on or off of the course.


The Sound Caddy speaker is designed to look just like your driver with grip and all.  The head of the club provides the sound with the controls on the “face” of the club.  The shaft allows you to easily store the speaker as if it is just another club in your bag.  The shaft comes in four pieces that are easily assembled and attached to the speaker or disassembled for more compact storage.  This also allows the club head to be easily removed so you can take the speaker to your golf cart, car, on the range, or where ever you want to go!  The shaft also doubles as a “grass friendly stake” so that you can take your tunes out on the range.

The speaker is made of a durable “rubberized plastic” that can withstand the elements.  Have no fear, the Sound Caddy is both water and weather resistant, so if you’re on the course, the Sound Caddy can be right there with you.


The two speakers (or drivers, haha get it?) are on the “crown” of the club head for easy sound projection.  The controls are on the face of the club to power on the device, switch songs, or change the volume levels.  You can also control the device from your smartphone.  The device also features an internal passive bass radiator so you can feel the bass on the go.

Two USB slots sit at the back of the club head so that you can charge up to two devices at once.  The powerful 5000mAH battery allows up to fifteen hours of music play, or plenty of juice to play tunes and charge your phone for a round.


The Sound Caddy was extremely easy to assemble and connect to.  The instructions are straightforward, and you can be set up and on your way to the course in minutes.  The device is super easy to use as well, whether you want to control it from your phone or the device directly.

I also love the portability of the speaker, and at 41.5” it easily fits in my golf bag like another club.  While there’s no cover for it, I don’t foresee any damage coming from carrying it like a club.  I can also quickly detach it from the shaft and throw the speaker in the cart, while the shaft can stay in my golf bag.  The sound quality was surprisingly good, and the speakers had a good amount of bass as well.


The only con of the Sound Caddy is the weight and shape of the speaker.  The “club head” is pretty heavy for a speaker, so it can add considerable weight for your bag.  My usual Altec Lansing speaker that I bring to the course is much smaller and lighter, and can easily fit in my bag pocket.  It’s also a fairly odd shaped speaker, but in a golf cart it didn’t pose any issues.  If you like to walk, you may want to opt for something smaller and lighter, however it’s great for riding.  


The Sound Caddy has a unique design and great quality sound.  If you like to listen to music on the course, it’s definitely a device to consider.  While the tech space is filled with tons of portable speakers, the Sound Caddy stands out from the crowd in terms of looks and design.  If you want something different from the rest of the crowd, check out the Sound Caddy HERE, where you can get yours for $129, a pretty competitive price within the portable speaker market.

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