Loudmouth Woodworth Collection Apparel Review

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Loudmouth’s new Woodworth collection brings an updated performance fabric to the lineup of loud, colorful pants and shorts Loudmouth Golf is known for.


If you’ve seen John Daly on a golf course, you’ve seen Loudmouth golf apparel.  The bright, colorful patterns definitely stand out on the tee box, and you’re not going to miss someone wearing a pair on the course.  But are they all for show, or do they actually perform?

The new Woodworth collection from Loudmouth Golf Apparel aims to blend the wild and crazy styles of Loudmouth with enhanced performance materials that golfers of all levels are searching for.


The first thing I noticed about the new Woodworth collection material was that it is thick.  The material felt sturdy, yet breathable, but most of all, it feels like quality, durable material.  It’s not the most breathable material out there, but you’re not going to overheat in them either.  The shorts, in particular, would be perfect on any Summer day, even in the humid Chicago weather.  The pants are suitable for either a crisp Fall morning or a Spring afternoon.

The other big plus is the fabric feels like a performance fabric, and does the job.  Both the pants and shorts did a great job of wicking away sweat, yet the pants stayed cool and dry.  While I didn’t get to take the pants out for a test run in the rain, the material gives the feeling of good water resistance that would stand up to the elements.

Overall, both the shorts and the pants were winners for me in the performance department.

Syle & Fit

The other big technology factor of the Woodworth line from Loudmouth is the TekFIT waistband.  The waist is designed to be extremely flexible, giving a stretch of up to two inches in waist size.  In addition to that, the waistband construction is designed to never shrink, regardless machine washing or dry cleaning.  I found this to be extremely beneficial on the course, as the pants always provided the perfect fit and stretched and flexed with my body throughout my swing.  In regards to comfort, I give them an A+.

The style of Loudmouth golf is typically the determining factor for everyone.  Loudmouth offers anything from Hawaiian floral patters to polka dots to flag prints.  Just like the name says, no matter what you get with Loudmouth, it’s going to be LOUD.  Almost every pair of pants have bright, vibrant colors and patters that you can spot from across the course.  You can even get your own custom designed apparel on their website.  While I don’t mind the occasional flashy style choices, a la John Daly or Bill Murray, this lineup may not be for the traditionalist on the golf course.


While Loudmouth golf apparel isn’t for everybody, they provide plenty of great options for those looking to stand out on the course.  The new Woodworth performance lineup has extremely flashy pants with technology and performance to boot.  Both the pants and shorts are extremely comfortable, flexible, quality golf pants that would please even the pickiest of golfers, as long as you can rock the stylish prints to go along with them.

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  1. I am a Loudmouth club member and have been wearing their clothes for 8 years now. The new fabric is wrinkle proof and low maintenance. The original fabric is a cotton which requires ironing or dry cleaning. I LOVE my Loudmouth and find it is an icebreaker wherever I play golf. The new fabric is more practical for traveling but not all patterns are available in it.

    • Tommy O'Connell

      Hi Juliet,
      Yes, the new fabric is great for travel. I just got back from a trip and had the shorts with me and had zero issues with wrinkles straight out of the suitcase, where my other golf shorts needed a quick iron. Very high quality stuff in this lineup.


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