Uther Mag Bag MB1 Golf Bag Review

Uther Mag Bag Golf MB1 Golf Bag

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The Uther Mag Bag MB1 golf bag is customizable through a clever magnetic panel.  Loads of well-organized storage.  Comfortable to carry but a little heavy for everyday walkers.


When we first met Uther Supply at the PGA Show, they had a booth full of fun, stylish golf towels [read more HERE].  In the last couple years, they’ve proven they can do much more.  They’ve launched a full line of golf balls [review HERE], and, new for 2023, an innovative golf bag.  Will the Uther Mag Bag become the new standard or is it just a gimmick?  I tested one to find out.


The Uther Mag Bag MB1 is a very sharp looking golf bag.  That starts with the absence of the giant branding common to so many golf bags.  There are just three small logos: one at the base, one on the apparel pocket, and one on the straps.

Uther Mag Bag Golf MB1 Golf Bag side panel padding

Uther gives the Mag Bag a premium look and feel with the use of “weather resistant vegan leather.”  I don’t know what vegan leather is, but I can tell you it feels like something that’s going to last a lot longer than your typical thin nylon.  Another elevated design element is the padding where the bag rests on your back.  Rather than using a bulky, ugly pad, Uther incorporated a quilted section that boosts the form and function.

There are two colors available for the Uther Mag Bag: Onyx and Snow.  The Onyx bag is entirely black.  The Snow version, seen here, is white with black accents throughout.


We must start with the Mag Bag’s titular feature.  Above the apparel pocket, there’s an 11″ X 7″ panel that works with Uther’s numerous magnetic accessories.  At the time of this writing, Uther offers a towel clip, phone holder, tee holder, ball marker, glove keeper, and ball storage as well as a laser rangefinder with a magnet.  It’s worth noting that any magnetic rangefinder will stick to the Mag Bag.

I tested the Mag Bag with my Shot Scope Pro L2 rangefinder [review HERE] and found it to be the best, most convenient way to store a laser.  It was always within arm’s reach, and I didn’t have to open a pocket to get it out or put it back.  I can see similar benefit from the magnetic towel – you don’t have to bend over to clean your clubs, and it reattaches to your bag without effort.

Uther Mag Bag Golf MB1 Golf Bag magnetic pockets

Beyond the magnetism, the Uther Mag Bag packs in a ton of storage.  There are two magnetic pockets on the back – one that’s perfect for a rangefinder, one that can easily hold two dozen balls.

Below the magnetic panel, there’s a large pocket with a small, velour-lined pocket on top of it.  Inside this large pocket, there are two small zippered compartments for keeping smaller items organized.  Finally, this pocket is home to one of my favorite features of the Mag Bag: a drawstring bag for the rain hood.  This is so simple, but I’ve never seen it before.  I typically throw the rain hood in the closet because it’s annoying.  This keeps it out of the way yet accessible.

On the opposite side, there’s another large pocket.  The pocket flap on this side features a larger, insulated pocket.  Inside the large pocket, there’s a zippered compartment and mesh divider.  The Uther Mag Bag gets an A+++ for organization.


The Uther Mag Bag has a five-way top using nothing but full-length dividers.  You’ll also note that the top is a bit oblong – it’s about 8″ long but only 6.25″ wide.  This means the clubs end up more “stacked” than spread out once you get three or more in a section.  Ultimately, the full-length dividers do their job very well.  Even with midsize grips, I was able to slide clubs in and out without much hassle.

For walkers, it’s worth noting that the Uther Mag Bag is on the heavy side for a stand bag.  With the carry strap (and really, who is using a stand bag without the straps?) it weighs 6.5 pounds.  That’s not unbearable, but it’s 2 or 3 pounds heavier than other stand bags.  This is meant to be feature-heavy, not ultra-light, so I view this as a bag that’s great for a push cart and the occasional carry.  If you carry every round, I would look for something lighter.

That said, Uther makes carrying the Mag Bag very pleasant with an abundance of padding.  The straps are as thick and cushy as any I’ve carried, and the quilted section that rests on your back is very comfortable.  I also found that the bag balances very well with minimal adjustments needed.

Additionally, the stand on the Mag Bag is excellent.  As you can see above, the base of the bag is hinged.  This helps the legs to deploy easily while keeping the entire base in contact with the ground.  Maximum ground contact is only important if you don’t want your bag falling over in the breeze.

I noted earlier that Uther went above and beyond with the way they store the rain hood.  That’s not the only unusual thing about it.  Careful observers will note that there are no snaps around the top of the bag.  Uther’s rain hood doesn’t attach to the bag in the conventional way – it uses Velcro flaps that wrap around the top handles.  I was skeptical of how well this would work, but I was pleasantly surprised.  If properly installed, there’s no way that this rain hood is coming off accidentally.

Finally, all the organization of the Mag Bag is a big plus on the course.  You don’t need to rummage through a pile of tees to find your ball marker.  Everything has its own place and is easy to access whenever you need it.


The Uther Mag Bag delivers a novel feature that is a meaningful upgrade on the traditional stand bag.  In addition to the magnetism, it has ample and thoughtfully organized storage.  At $350 before the cost of accessories, it’s not inexpensive, but it is a well-made bag that should stand up to several seasons of use.

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  1. Now this is cool! I’m actually in the market for a new bag. Will check them out.

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