Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Shot Scope Pro L2 is the best value in rangefinders.  Accurate and quick with a solid list of features.  Very easy to use.

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Two years ago, Shot Scope entered the laser rangefinder market with the Pro L1 [review HERE].  Priced at $200, it gave golfers a high value option from a brand they could trust.

New for 2023, there’s the Shot Scope Pro L2 rangefinder.  While the prices of everything else are inflating, Shot Scope is delivering even better value with this upgraded rangefinder priced at just $150.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Most laser rangefinders are easy to use, but the Shot Scope Pro L2 makes things even simpler.  On the top of the unit, there’s just one button.  This serves primarily as the power button and the one you’ll use to get your distance.  If you want to switch between yards and meters, hold this button down for five seconds.

Getting to the battery is simple, too, as the door just pulls off.  Shot Scope smartly put the compartment door on a small tether so it won’t get lost.

Finally, switching the slope adjustment on and off is done with a slider (below).  When the slider is forward, there’s a sliver of green to indicate that slope is on.  With the slider back, the Pro L2 is legal for tournament use.

Accuracy & Performance

If there was any knock on the Pro L1, it’s that it wasn’t the fastest rangefinder.  The Shot Scope Pro L2 leaves that criticism in the past.  This is every bit as fast as the most expensive rangefinders I’ve tested.  The moment your finger leaves the button, the yardage is displayed.

The Pro L2 is also on par with those expensive rangefinders when it comes to accuracy.  In head to head testing, the Pro L2 consistently produced the exact same distances as lasers that cost three times as much.

In addition to the speed and accuracy, Shot Scope packed a nice suite of features into the Pro L2.  There is 6X magnification, which is very helpful when you’re trying to reach a faraway pin.  It also vibrates when it captures the flag, giving you confidence that you have the right number.  Additionally, there’s a built-in magnet for players who like to keep their laser on their cart.  Just don’t forget to grab it at the end of your round.

The only modern feature that the Pro L2 lacks is red and black optics.  If you want that feature, you can get it for $50 more from the Shot Scope Pro LX [review HERE].

Finally, even at the very affordable price of $150, Shot Scope does include a case.  It’s the same sturdy case that you get with most rangefinders.  It has both elastic and zipper closures for easy access during your round.


The Shot Scope Pro L2 rangefinder retails for $149.  Use code PLUGGEDIN to save 15% when you shop HERE.

Short of going with a no name brand on Amazon, you won’t find anything less expensive.  Despite the low price, you get a lot of quality features.  For value, this laser can’t be beat.  

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Most things in golf (and in life) are only getting more expensive.  The Shot Scope Pro L2 is a welcome exception.  This is a superior laser at a price that’s $50 less than the version released two years ago.  You can pay a lot more for a rangefinder, but you can’t do better for accuracy and speed.

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  1. I just ordered mine. I have been using a GPS watch for ten years, shot scope exclusively since the V2. Never felt like I need and rangefinder, but couldn’t pass up this deal.

  2. gary daubs

    Just got an email about the Shot Scope Pro L2.Mine said 149 minus 15%.When I went to order it is 199 and you don’t have any.

  3. Paul D'Amico

    So glad I read this review. Thanks for this review!

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