Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf Watch Review

Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf watch in box

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The Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch is a great value.  Easy to use with a carefully selected batch of essential features.  Accurate and quick.  A great choice for virtually any golfer.


While Shot Scope will probably always be best known for their shot tracking products, they’re making a substantial name for themselves with high value lasers and GPS units, too.  Earlier this year, they released the Pro L2 rangefinder [review HERE] which simply can’t be beat at $150.  The new G5 GPS watch clocks in at the same price, and I tested one to find out of it has the same level of unbeatable performance per dollar.

Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf watch unboxed

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch is ready to play as soon as you charge it.  Plug the included charging cable into a USB port, and, with a full battery, you can play over two rounds before charging again.  You can connect your G5 to the Shot Scope app for updates, but the watch comes with over 36,000 courses pre-loaded, so your course is most likely on there already.

When you buy your Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch, you get to choose from two different color cases (black and grey).  You also get to pick two straps from the twelve colors available.  The straps are attached and removed with quick release clasps on the back that don’t require any tools.

On the course, the clearly labeled four-button interface is as easy to use as any GPS watch I’ve tested.  Every button – “Up,” “Down,” “Select,” and “Back” – does exactly what it says.  While I like touchscreens, there’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of well-labeled buttons.

Finally, Shot Scope made all the features easily accessible.  The menus are pared down so you can actually enjoy all the things this watch does.

Accuracy & Performance

Just like its predecessor the G3 [review HERE], the Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch is very accurate.  Compared to laser rangefinders, on-course markings, and other GPS units, the G5 was consistently within one yard.  Part of what fuels that accuracy is that Shot Scope does all their own course mapping.  Additionally, if your course isn’t one of the 36,000 that’s preloaded, or if your course undergoes a change, they will make the update within 48 hours.

One area where the G5 improved on the G3 is speed: the G5 updates its distances with each step you take.  Some GPS units, especially at lower prices, require you to wait for a second when you get to your ball.  That’s not necessary with the G5.

In addition to the front/middle/back distances, the Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch can display distances to hazards and lay up points.  Each hazard has a yardage to the trouble and over it, which is very helpful.  Also important is that you can get to this information with two button pushes.

Two other features are the digital scorecard and shot measurement.  At the beginning of your round, the G5 asks if you want to keep score.  If you select “Yes,” the G5 will bring up the scorecard when you get to each green.  Confirm your score, and you’ll have a running total displayed on the main screen.  Additionally, you can use the G5 to measure the distance of your shots.  If you think you’ve hit a record drive, four button taps will begin measuring the shot.

Finally, the Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch is extremely light and comfortable.  At just 42 grams, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a watch at all.  The case is under 1 3/4″ in diameter and should fit comfortably on all but the smallest wrists.  The silicone straps are flexible and gentle on the skin.


At just $150, the Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch is one of the best values in distance measuring devices, and the best value in GPS golf watches.  If you want to get into the $300+ watches, there are some cool additional features to be had, but the G5 does everything you need, does it very well, and does it for a very affordable price.

Shot Scope G5 GPS Golf watch


If you want to learn everything you can about your game, pick up the Shot Scope X5 [review HERE].  If you just want a straightforward GPS watch that’s a dynamite value, get the G5.  To get anything more from a GPS watch, you need to pay over twice the price.

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  1. Richard wells

    I’ve only used the g5 twice. Froze both times. Working with shot scope to fix issues but not to confident. I hope I didn’t threw away $150. I liked to get reimbursed or at least get a new g5
    I see x5 and g5 are giving other people problems too

  2. With the Shot Score G5, it’s not currently possible to upload and/or save hole-by-hole scores at the end of a round. If you’re maintaining a GHIN handicap for example, you’re going to have to use the old fashioned, low-tech score card anyway to have a hole-by-hole record. Why bother using the watch to input hole scores?

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