Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch Review

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The Shot Scope G3 GPS watch is very accurate and easy to use.  Color screen and thoughtful distance displays.  Unbeatable value.

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Shot Scope is the golf industry leader in shot tracking, but they know that shot tracking is not for everyone.  For the players that just want to know their yardage and enjoy the time outside, they offer the G3 GPS watch.  The G3 is essentially the Shot Scope V3 [full review HERE] without the shot tracking, meaning it’s one of the most accurate GPS devices in the game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Shot Scope G3 is similar to other GPS watches in terms of set up.  Get it charged, power it on, then pair it with the Shot Scope app on your smartphone (iOS or Android).  You’re likely to need a firmware update when you first connect it, so do this at home where you won’t be in a rush.  The process only takes a couple minutes, but you don’t want to be worrying about it on the first tee.  Over 36,000 courses are pre-loaded onto the watch, so you won’t need your phone on the course.  When there are course updates or firmware update, they can be added for free.

When you get to the course, power on the G3 and select “Play.”  It will take a short time to find a GPS signal and suggest a course, based on your location.  Once you’ve confirmed your choice, you don’t need to touch the watch again unless you want hazard distances or to measure shots.

The Shot Scope G3 has four buttons, two on each side, so there’s no concern about a touchscreen misreading your intentions.  Shot Scope does an excellent job of labeling the function of each button push, so you don’t have to memorize anything.

Accuracy & Performance

Leading with what’s most important, the Shot Scope G3 GPS watch is extremely accurate.  Shot Scope has some of the most precise GPS technology available, so you can expect distances that are consistently within a yard of rangefinders and on-course markings.

Two other things are worth mentioning on the topic of accuracy.  First is that Shot Scope does all their course mapping in-house and updates courses within 48 hours of a request.  If your home course does a renovation, Shot Scope can have the maps updated in time for your first round.  Also, the G3 provides dynamic distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.  This means that the G3 will display the distance to the nearest point on the green as the front, regardless of where you are.  Those of us who don’t always hit the middle of the fairway can appreciate how useful this is compared to devices that give the distance to a set “front of the green” point.

Another area where Shot Scope is leading the field is in displaying distances to hazards.  On most GPS devices, you get one distance per hazard.  The G3 gives you two: the distance to the hazard and the distance to carry it.  This, combined with the clear symbols for water and sand, removes any doubt about how to navigate the course.

The G3 excels in battery life, lasting over ten hours per charge.  Its screen is easy to read in both bright and dim conditions.  It also allows you to measure your last shot with two button pushes.  Finally, the G3 is exceedingly light – 41 grams – so you’ll barely notice when you’re wearing it.


The Shot Scope G3 retails through Shot Scope for $159 with your choice of black, grey, red, or teal wristband.  For a full color GPS watch, this price is an absolute steal.  The next most affordable color GPS watch I could find was $200.  Much like their Pro L1 rangefinder [review HERE], Shot Scope is setting the bar for packing tons of features into a lower priced device.

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I’ve yet to find a better value in GPS watches than the Shot Scope G3.  For just over $150, you get a device that’s light, accurate, quick, and has an excellent, full color display.  You’ll likely need to pay over double to find a device that’s meaningfully better.

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  1. Gerald Lindell

    Tec-tec-tec gps watch is a better deal. Just over $100 and great.

  2. Charles Bartholomew

    Love my G3. As Matt says it is a tremendous value and works exceedingly well.

  3. I’m living in Scotland half the time and bought this watch to support a local Scottish company. I love everything about it EXCEPT for the watch band. The end of the strap has a clip that pushes into the slots cut into the band but it does not secure it adequately. On a typical round, I have to re-secure the end of the band probably 15 to 20 times. This drives me nuts and requires a total redesign. Hopefully they will do this and offer accessory bands that have the corrected design.

  4. Robert Preston

    I love the watch!!! It learns your routine and misses less shots the more you play. The extra swing for the watch registration slows me down a bit and improves my play

  5. I didn’t like the screw in part to the grip . Mine didn’t take well to a grip change.

  6. Patrick Gondek

    Don’t buy a Shot Scope it does not work. My shot scope constantly gets lost and does not know which hole I am on. Shot Scope support has emailed numerous fixes and none of them have worked. They kept sending possible fixes until I was past my one year warranty. A good company would have offered to repair or replace my GPS V3. Don’t buy!

  7. Liz Bathgate

    I cannot figure out how to turn it off once my game is complete. Also we have two courses and I have hit the wrong one more than once and cannot figure out how to get out of the first one and on to the correct course. If I could turn it off, that might be a solution, but nothing I do turns the watch off.

    • Matt Saternus


      Have you contacted Shot Scope? There is a fairly clear button sequence for powering down, but perhaps your unit has an issue.


  8. I’m glad I found this blog post. I was looking for a good golf watch and this one looks like it would be perfect.

  9. I’m glad I found this blog post. I was looking for a good golf watch and this one looks like it would be perfect.

  10. I’m glad I found this blog post. I was looking for a good golf watch and this one looks like it would be perfect.

  11. Absolute garbage …….. will not connect to app at all. Worst golf watch I’ve ever bought!

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