TecTecTec Ult-G GPS Golf Watch Review

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The TecTecTec Ult-G GPS golf watch is affordable, accurate, and easy to use.


TecTecTec has built a reputation for delivering quality laser rangefinders at an affordable price.  With the launch of their new Ult-G, they’re looking to bring that same combination to GPS watches.  With a retail price of just $120, can it keep up with more expensive units?

Set Up & Ease of Use

The TecTecTec Ult-G is one of the easiest-to-use golf watches that I’ve tested.  The watch is powered by a rechargeable battery that powers up through a USB connection.  Once it’s charged, push the satellite button, wait about one minute, then select your course.

On the course, you don’t need to touch the Ult-G if you don’t want to.  It automatically advances from hole to hole providing the distance to the front, middle, and back of each green.  If you want distances to hazards, push the middle button on the right.

Accuracy & Performance

Evaluating the performance of a golf GPS watch comes down to three things: accuracy, speed, and features.  Accuracy is far and away the most important of those three, and the Ult-G is quite accurate.  I compared the Ult-G to both a laser rangefinder and in-cart GPS on multiple courses.  In both cases, the Ult-G was consistently +/- 1 yard.

Given the low price, I expected the Ult-G to lag in terms of speed.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong.  While walking, the Ult-G keeps up step for step.  Even when riding in a cart at full speed, the Ult-G rapidly adjusts the display so that you have the right yardage the moment you stop.

When it comes to additional features, the Ult-G keeps it simple.  It has distances to hazards, which is a must, in my opinion.  You can also use it to measure the distance of a shot.  That’s it.  Fewer extraneous features means fewer buttons and fewer menus, which is a good thing in my book.

Finally, the Ult-G’s battery lasts for 2.5 rounds.  With some GPS watches requiring a charge after every round, I found that to be impressive.  Also, the extra 0.5 comes in handy when a round starts to run long.


The TecTecTec Ult-G retails for $120 (support Plugged In Golf, buy it HERE).  Most GPS watches cost $150-$200, so TecTecTec is once again helping golfers save money.  It’s also worth noting that there are no subscription fees or additional costs once you buy the watch.  A low price plus strong performance makes the Ult-G a great value.


As I’ve shifted toward walking more and carrying less gear on the course, I’ve been in search of a good GPS watch.  The TecTecTec Ult-G fits the bill and has become a part of my regular kit when I go to the course.  If you’re looking to lighten your load and play faster, the Ult-G deserves strong consideration.

Buy the TecTecTec Ult-G GPS Watch HERE

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  1. Getting up there in age and have finally retired (I think). Started playing different courses that I’m not familiar with, so the Tec Tec Tec would be a great help. I’m not keen on buying a laser, too much for my pocket and I’m not that steady, or need that precise yardages. This sounds like a perfect fit for me.

  2. Rugga Mather

    Looks like a very good value. I like ease of use aspect. Good review!!

  3. This watch really has my attention. I love the price point and the features. I especially like that it has the ability to measure distances of shots. #SecretGiveaway4

  4. Gord Kaardal

    This unit sounds amazing, I have tried many watch GPS’s and they are only getting better but 2.5 rounds, that is awesome. Especially when we do double rounds in one day…would be interested to see the watch features too….good luck everyone.

  5. Jared Wallace

    Great review. Hoping to grab one for Christmas. #SecretGiveaway4

  6. Chad Barrett

    Looks like a great watch and value.

  7. This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for the review. #SecretGiveaway4

  8. Charles W Keller


  9. Good stuff, Matt. I have read a few other reviews on this watch and they all seem very favorable, especially compared to the cost of others. No subscription fees to me is an absolute must. And my current GPS watch, a Garmin S2 that is 10 yrs old, can get by w/ 1 round on a charge but no more. If i forget to charge it after the round I am out of luck for the next round. Thanks again. #SecretGiveaway4

  10. I have a TecTecTec rangefinder and it works great. This seems to be another great TecTecTec product, maybe it’s time to upgrade my Garmin S2 which only lasts one round and doesn’t have hazard distances. #SecretGiveaway4

  11. That looks great! #SecretGiveaway4

  12. Wow! I am pastor of a small church and just had a couple in the church give me a trip to play four courses at St. Andrews. I need to get a GPS rangefinder and this watch would be perfect! #SecretGiveaway4

  13. Today’s ULT-G review highlighting easy of use and great value price works for me.

  14. Marvin Champlin

    #SecretGiveaway4 Really like the distance to hazards feature and ability to measure shot distance. My current watch does not. Plus I pay an annual subscription. May have to try the TecTecTec!

  15. Joakim Lindblad

    It is proboly a great service tor hade on the Course.

  16. Great review


  17. Duncan Deaville

    #SecretGiveaway4 Always room for affordable and user friendly tech in my golf bag 👍

  18. Jeff Hemphill


  19. Thanks for the review Matt. Are you familiar with the Garmin S4? Wondering how it compares. I enjoy the immediate feedback a watch provides but appreciate it is not as accurate as a rangefinder. Thanks Rom

  20. Simple and effective my kind of equipment.

  21. It’s sounds like it covers all that is required to play golf better and at a great price

  22. My Golf Buddy died long ago. Replaced with a Bushnell, which was summarily lost.
    Been using OPRF since….. #SecretGiveaway4

  23. Sounds like a good product at an affordable price. A good replacement for my Garmin S1 that just suffered a broken (and non-replaceable) strap. #SecretGiveaway4

  24. Tom the Guitar Guy

    Nice review… The hazard distances are a nice feature… I have the Garmin Approach S60 and it’d be great to have hazard distances… (if it’s already there, I haven’t figured it how to access them) …

  25. Donald McGilley

    Sounds great. I currently have a Bushnell Neo XS. I must admit that the Bushnell is slow to react at times, is not always accurate, and no way does it retain its charge for two and a half rounds! The TecTecTec appears to be quite an improvement. How about it, Santa? #SecretGiveaway4

  26. Jonathan Blum

    Can’t wait to try it. #SecretGiveaway4

  27. Tom Donnelly

    Looks like a good watch. #SecretGiveaway4

  28. I have been using a SkyGolf watch for years. It works well, is accurate, and lasts over two rounds. A paid premium subscription is not necessary but available. Renewing every year on their web site is a bit clunky but not a deal breaker. My friends have Garmin watches or something on the cheaper side. This watch sounds like a great deal, providing it offers access to the thousands of courses that other watches provide and does automatic updates.

  29. John Patrick Gilroy

    I’m with you: the simpler, the better! #SecretGiveaway4

  30. Todd Jorgensen

    Finally and affordable watch with the features of the expensive ones!! Thank you. #SecretGiveaway4

  31. I like the review on it, I hope I win it !

  32. Looks and sounds to good to be true !!! #SecretGiveaway4

  33. Thomas Kells

    I have used the Tec Tec Tec laser rangefinder for the past several years and it has performed flawlessly. The only drawback is you have a direct line of site to get your distance. I would love to try a GPS watch to be able to compare. I had an older Golf Logix unit but you had to pay a service fee every year and it only held 10 courses and I found a few holes on different courses to be totally inaccurate so I went to the laser. With the current technology available in such a small unit on your wrist and if it performs as well as their laser units I think this could be in my future.
    Thanks for the good review Matt.

  34. I’ve been looking at other GPS watches and seen this one on the web. Now that I’ve read the review, I feel more confident in adding to the mix.#SecretGiveaway4

  35. I have a small portable golf gps unit now that has about the same functionality, but only up to two rounds at most. It cost $100. I would like to try the TecTecTec and see if it holds up to review.

  36. Comprehensive review and I have to agree with you in keeping it simple and not adding extra information because you can. Too fiddly a watch will take too long to use and slow up play. Get the distance, choose the club and hit the shot – simples! #SecretGiveaway4

  37. Brian Parkinson

    Looks awesome. I’ve never had the steady hand to use a laser rangefinder. This might be the ticket. #SecretGiveaway4

  38. The distances to hazards is a great feature. #SecretGiveaway4

  39. Appreciate the review. Nice price.

  40. This maybe on my Christmas list this year. I need an affordable watch for golf! #SecretGiveaway4

  41. Just what I am looking for,Great gift for myself.

  42. Thanks for this – I’ve been looking at potential replacements for my TomTom Golfer GPS watch; this one seems to “check the boxes” .. and .. at a good price, too!! Always learn good stuff from your reviews, Matt (eg. CBX wedges, Frontline putters).

  43. oops, forgot to ask (and haven’t looked myself) …
    Presumably TecTecTec has a website where you can connect the watch and download course updates?

    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t know that for sure, but I assume that’s correct. The watch charges via USB, so it does connect to your computer.


    • Hi cksurfdude,

      You can download the if there is any course updates for free. You just need to download the TecTecTec GPS Golf app on your phone, connect it to bluetooth so you can download the course updates. This is a free lifetime update from us. The complete instructions on how to do that is on page 11 of the manual up to page 18.

      If you have questions or concerns, you can contact our hotline or send us an email. Our contact information is on the manual.

      -TecTecTec Team.

  44. Wow that’s a bargain compared to some of the competitors.

  45. Noel Guillaume

    Omg – how good is PIG and to win this watch – that would top it all.

    Here’s hoping !

  46. Jim Dolliver

    Looks like a great unit. I’d love to win it

  47. Enjoyed the review on the ts2 hybrids

  48. Matthew Schairer

    Looks interesting


  49. Great review! #SecretGiveaway4

  50. Mike DelGais

    I’ve always preferred gps over a range finder. This one you reviewed sounds easy to use and affordable. Thank you

  51. price point is right on. #SecretGiveaway4

  52. I would love to win one. #SecretGiveaway4

  53. Still using the old hand help for a few year back. Price point is tempting.

  54. Would love to put it through the paces and see for myself!


  55. Kevin McGallion

    Would like to have one. #secretgiveaway4

  56. After reading your review, I did a little more homework on it. I was hoping to find a user manual or blog to find some answers…like, can it be updated for new courses, if so…how? What type of USB connection does it use to connect to the watch itself? Is it a USB-C, micro or mini? or some proprietary connection?? The proprietary connection was a reason I didn’t choose the Garmin S20.
    Would love to try this one out!! #SecretGiveaway4

    • Matt Saternus


      The watch connects to a standard USB cable with an alligator clip-like device.



    • TecTecTec US Support

      Hi PJ,

      You can download the if there is any course updates for free. You just need to download the TecTecTec GPS Golf app on your phone, connect it to bluetooth so you can download the course updates. This is a free lifetime update from us. The complete instructions on how to do that is on page 11 of the manual up to page 18.

      If you have questions or concerns, you can contact our hotline or send us an email. Our contact information is on the manual.

      -TecTecTec Team.

  57. distance to hazzards and carry distance over hazzards is why I always preferred range finders. This user friendly gps watch is worth the switch.

  58. Looks cool.

  59. Thanks for the review Matt. Like the features compared to the Golf Buddy2 I’ve been using.

  60. Gosh, all the comments and non-comments! lol. Just purchased it on Matt’s recommendation as I want hazards and back, middle, front of green – nothing more. I have a rangefinder for flag. It was easy to setup – just go outside to set time. Looking forward to using it. They have a promo code to save $10 if you search it.

  61. How are you able to prove it’s within 1 yd of a laser ?

    This only measures front, center and back. So unless you know if the pin is in the dead center of the green that is the only way you’d ever get a solid comparison.

  62. DON’T UT ONE!!!!
    Had mine less than 6 months before it stopped finding satellite connection. Look at Amazon reviews- this happened to MANY others and the fix is a complicated joke. Seriously- find another brand.

  63. the watch works fine but my objection is the charging device. The aligator clips are a pain to use. The small pins have to be inserted in to two small holes to connect. I prefer the Garmin snap-on device, very easy to use.

  64. Kevin Ryan

    Have had an ULT-G for a number of years now, am amazed it is still working just fine battery life is great, ranges are accurate end of fairway and hazards are handy. Would recommend this watch highly. Had others one was an expensive Xmas gift battery died and not replaceable unless you a jeweler to take on the challenge. The only problem is I have had it so long don’t remember my account access to upgrade it

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