Shot Scope PRO LX Rangefinder Review

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The Shot Scope PRO LX rangefinder improves on their first offering with great speed and host of easy to use features.  Still one of the best values in golf.

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Last year, Shot Scope expanded their line to include the PRO L1 rangefinder [review HERE].  With slope and red/black optics, it delivered all the best features at an extremely affordable price.  For 2022, Shot Scope is looking to grow its footprint in the rangefinder space with the premium PRO LX rangefinder.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The Shot Scope PRO LX rangefinder comes almost ready to use out of the box.  You just need to slide open the battery compartment, remove the plastic from the included battery, and reinstall it.

Once it’s powered up, using the PRO LX is as simple as any other rangefinder: push the power button to bring up the crosshairs, push it again to get your distance.

The PRO LX does have two other buttons on the top of the unit: Mode and R/B.  The Mode button switches between the two modes – Golf and Continuous Scan.  Golf Mode activates the target-lock vibration, Continuous Scan allows you to hold down the power and get constantly updating distances.  You can also hold down the Mode button for three seconds to change from yards to meters.  The R/B button switches the optics from red to black.

Turning Slope mode on and off is accomplished by sliding a switch on the side of the PRO LX.  When the green is visible, Slope is on.

The PRO LX is extremely easy to use because each function gets its own button or switch.  You don’t need to scroll through menus or remember button sequences to access features.  This is a very well-designed device.

Accuracy & Performance

The biggest improvement from the PRO L1 to the PRO LX is speed.  If there was a fault in the PRO L1, it was that it was not among the fastest rangefinders.  The PRO LX, however, is.  As soon as your finger releases the power button, you’ll see a distance displayed in the viewfinder.

Another noticeable change is the shape.  The PRO LX has a “thumb slot” that comfortably locks the unit into your hand.  I can’t recall another rangefinder with a similar shape, but I expect this is going to be copied by other makers very soon.  For me, this shape is a small but meaningful improvement on the standard laser.

Moving on to the basics, the PRO LX checks all the boxes.  The accuracy is excellent in both standard and slope mode.  Red and black optics are clear, and the lay out in the viewfinder is easy to read.  All the buttons are responsive and have a quality feel.


The Shot Scope PRO LX rangefinder retails for $249 [buy direct from Shot Scope HERE].  If you want a full-featured rangefinder, there is not a better value out there, except perhaps the PRO L1.  To get comparable features from one of the bigger names, you will spend at least double.

The PRO LX comes in three colors – orange, grey, and blue (shown here) – and includes a high quality carrying case.

For a less expensive option, check out the Shot Scope Pro L2 rangefinder HERE


Shot Scope continues to prove that they can do more than shot tracking.  The PRO LX rangefinder is not just the best value in lasers, it’s one of the best rangefinders, period.  This will be my rangefinder of choice for 2022, the first official change to my WITB.

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    This is really a very good article that I really like and will definitely share it widely with my friends, wish you all good health and make more articles in the future. thank

  2. Nice review. Great to see companies continuing to improve on already good products. I have the Pro L1 and it was one of my best golf purchases.

  3. How much difference does it make to have a rangefinder that takes the temperature and barometric pressure into account (along with the slope) when giving “plays like” distances like the Bushnell Pro XE? Would that give the Bushnell and others with those capabilities any significant advantage over the Shot Scope Pro LX? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the XE is cool if you’re traveling to very different climates and elevations, but I think that for most golfers, it’s overkill.


  4. Dear Matt, thanks to review which prompted me to a purchase. After weekend with the new gadget, my feelings are mixed. Starting with positive. It fits the hand great, it is easy to use (buttons, menu…), it is really fast, the red optics option is great. Delivery was extremely fast even to Europe. Price is OK, middle range. Great so far! However. It often gives +-2 yards measurements of the same object (flag) in repeated correct measurements far too often. It does not lock the flag very well, I often need to do measurements repeatedly to have it correctly locked. But worst, it seems that my piece best locks object not when I center the object in the little circle in the middle, but kind of it seems it takes measures of objects down and right of it, a bit right of the bottom of the bottom line… it is not centred well … Did you encounter any of this?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry to hear about that. No, I did not encounter those issues. I would suggest contacting Shot Scope to see if they can resolve those problems.



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