2023 Shot Scope PRO LX and PRO LX+ Rangefinder Review

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The 2023 Shot Scope Pro LX is an upgraded version of the brand’s premier laser rangefinder.  The Shot Scope Pro LX+ adds the H4 GPS and shot tracker for unparalleled utility.

shot scope pro lx rangefinder


Over the last few years, rangefinders have become a dime a dozen.  A week doesn’t go by that someone isn’t slapping a new name on the side and marketing it as a game changer.  This glut of similar product is what makes the Shot Scope Pro LX and Pro LX+ such a please to review: they’re genuinely different.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Let’s start with a quick clarification.  The Shot Scope Pro LX is a standalone rangefinder.  Its operations are quite similar to what you’ll find from most lasers.  The battery compartment is on the bottom, protected by a sliding door.  There is a battery included, but you’ll need to remove its plastic wrap to get the unit operational.

The Shot Scope Pro LX has three buttons on the top: “R/B” for changing from red to black optics, “M” for changing from yards to meters, and the orange power button for bringing up the aiming reticle and getting your distance.  There is also a slider on the side of the unit that turns the slope adjustment on and off.

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ adds the H4 GPS and Shot Tracker to the Pro LX [H4 review HERE].  To take full advantage of everything this set up can do, you’ll need to install the club tags into the butt of the grip of each of your clubs.  When you get to the course, turn on the H4 and select “Play Golf.”  The course you’re at will automatically come up, and then you’ll use the four buttons to navigate F/M/B distances, hazards, and more.

Performance & Accuracy

Let’s start with what’s new about the 2nd generation Shot Scope Pro LX.  This new rangefinder is slightly smaller, but it retains the unique, easy-to-grip shape.  It’s also faster and now has a built-in cart magnet.  The things that haven’t changed from the first version are the red/black optics, slope adjustment, target lock vibration, 900 yard range, and 7X magnification [original Pro LX review HERE].

Overall, the Shot Scope Pro LX is one of the best rangefinders available, especially when you factor in price.  It’s accurate, fast, and has all the practical features you could ask for in a modern rangefinder.

When you add the H4 [review HERE] to create the Shot Scope Pro LX+, you really have the best of all possible worlds.  The H4 can attach magnetically to the Pro LX (see above), giving you distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, plus numerous hazards, all in addition to the rangefinder.  Having this full range of information allows you to more intelligently plan your approach shots, which should lead to more GIRs and lower scores.

Having the H4 also allows you to unlock Shot Scope’s shot tracking capabilities.  By tapping the club tag to the H4, Shot Scope will record the location of every shot that you take and produce over 100 stats that tell you everything there is to know about your game.  For me, the best stats are the Strokes Gained numbers, particularly the ones that are relative to players at your handicap level.  In one number, you can see how your driving or iron play compares to your peers.  You can also go deep into the stats and see how each club performs.

If you’re shot tracking, my suggestion is to put the H4 in the belt clip.  Because the H4 requires a tap of the club tag for each shot, having it connected to the laser is not optimal, in my opinion [track without tapping with the Shot Scope X5, review HERE].  The LX is small and light enough to fit in a large pocket, but I prefer leaving the LX in my bag and having the H4 on my hip.

The other option is to have the two connected, leave the LX+ in your bag, and not track your putts.  You’ll miss out on the putting data, but it’s an option if you prefer this configuration.


The Shot Scope Pro LX rangefinder retails for $270 and is available in orange, blue, and grey.  The Shot Scope Pro LX+ costs $370.  Buying the Pro LX+ is a $30 savings over buying the Pro LX and H4 separately.  Buy them direct from Shot Scope HERE

As with all of Shot Scope’s products, the Pro LX and Pro LX+ represent some of the best values in golf.  You cannot find a rangefinder with all the features of the Pro LX for under $300, and you’d need to spend well over $500 to match the utility of the Pro LX+.

Finally, to truly drive home the exceptional value, Shot Scope’s shot tracking has no annual fees, unlike other companies.  Their devices come with a two year warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee.


Whether you’re looking for a great rangefinder or the laser/GPS/shot tracker combination, the latest offerings from Shot Scope need to be at the top of your list.  The Pro LX offers unmatched value as a feature-rich rangefinder, and there’s nothing on the market that will give you the informational advantage of the Shot Scope Pro LX+.

Visit Shot Scope HERE

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  1. Hi,

    Does the LX+ come with the 2nd gen tracking tags the X5 watch comes with?

    Also, on the pictures under the Introduction, it shows a club icon, 3W. Is that the connected club via tracking tags? or is that a club recommendation for the distance beside it?


  2. I’ve always wondered why the PGA hasn’t allowed SkyCaddie into the tournaments.?

  3. Todd Williams

    Haven’t tried this one yet. Looks like a good one.

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