Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder GPS Review

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The Shot Scope PRO LX+ rangefinder and GPS combines all the best Shot Scope tools to give you maximum information on the course and shot tracking.  Tremendous value.

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2022 may go down as the year that Shot Scope ended all quibbling about shot tracking.  For players that don’t like wearing a watch when they golf, Shot Scope released the H4.  And for the players that refuse to give up their rangefinders, they have the Shot Scope Pro LX+.  This device seamlessly blends their outstanding Pro LX with the H4 to give you a rangefinder, GPS, and shot tracking all in one.  Those who aren’t shot tracking just ran out of excuses.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Pro LX rangefinder and the H4 combine like Voltron to create the Shot Scope Pro LX+.  If you want the specifics of each device, please check out the Pro LX review HERE and the H4 review HERE.  In this piece, I’m going to focus on how they work together.

Putting the H4 and Pro LX together couldn’t be much simpler.  There’s a strong magnet on the back of the Pro LX that holds the H4 in place below the eyepiece.  When attached, you have easy access to all the buttons on the H4 and Pro LX.  If you prefer to use the devices separately, Shot Scope provides a small plastic panel to cover the magnet on the Pro LX and a belt clip for the H4.

Accuracy & Performance

Again, there are full reviews of the Pro LX HERE and the H4 review HERE, so in this review I’m going to focus on how they work together.  Also, if you want to get in-depth on how Shot Scope’s shot tracking works and what you can learn from it, click HERE.

One of the things I like best about the H4 is that it gives you options for how you carry it.  Having the H4 connected to the Pro LX is ideal for those that just want GPS information.  When they’re connected, the Pro LX and H4 create the most comprehensive laser/GPS hybrid available.

If you’re shot tracking, my suggestion is to put the H4 in the belt clip.  Because the H4 requires a tap of the club tag for each shot, having it connected to the laser is not optimal, in my opinion.  The LX is small and light enough to fit in a large pocket, but I prefer leaving the LX in my bag and having the H4 on my hip.

The other option is to have the two connected, leave the LX+ in your bag, and not track your putts.  You’ll miss out on the putting data, but it’s an option if you prefer this configuration.


The Shot Scope PRO LX+ retails for $349.  This is $50 less than buying the Pro LX and H4 separately.  Each of those devices is a great value on its own, so getting them together for less is even better.  If you want to start shot tracking and get a rangefinder, this is unquestionably the best deal going.

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For a comprehensive distance measurement and shot tracking package, the Shot Scope Pro LX+ is unbeatable.  The value is outstanding, and, more importantly, each piece of the kit is exceptional.  The Pro LX is a first class rangefinder, and the H4 is the industry leader in shot tracking with strong GPS.  Putting them together at a lower price is a can’t miss deal.

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  1. Thanks! I just picked this up. Think it is a great deal. My only concern not having used yet is that it may be a lot to juggle. The suggestion of H4 on the belt clip for shot tracking and rangefinder on the bag helps. Any other best practices to get the most out of these or make them easiest to use?

  2. Steve Lundstedt

    If you could choose this set up or play with the Bushnell Pro XE what would you go with? I only ask cuz I just purchased the Pro XE and love it but this set up seems really special.

    • Matt Saternus


      The PRO LX+, hands down. The Pro XE is a fine rangefinder but it doesn’t have GPS or shot tracking, so it’s not even in the same league.



  3. Jim Facteau

    It’s at the point just one more thing to play with on the course other than playing golf. I understand all the latest and greatest technology but when I see folks using rangefinders from 40 yds and they are already lying 3 or 4 it’s beyond foolish. What ever happend to just simple practice?

    • Matt Saternus


      Do you really think that Ben Hogan and his ilk would turn down the mountains of data they could get about their game, if it was available to them? Not a chance. They’d learn all they could about their strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to shape their practice routines.


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