Shot Scope PRO ZR Rangefinder Review

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The Shot Scope PRO ZR rangefinder is built to last.  Great speed and accuracy.  Smart design that makes it easier and more pleasant to use.


The market for laser rangefinders is overcrowded.  This was obvious at the 2024 PGA Show where it seemed that every other booth was another new “brand” white-labelling the same laser.  But in spite of this glut, one rangefinder stood out as one of our Best of Show products [find them all HERE].  I was excited to get the Shot Scope PRO ZR in hand for testing to see if it could back up its strong first impression.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The basic functionality of the Shot Scope PRO ZR will be familiar to any rangefinder user.  One push of the blue power button turns the device on, a second push gets your distance.

For accessing the other features, Shot Scope improved the PRO ZR by giving it more buttons.  To switch the optics from red to black, simply push the “R/B” button.  The “M” Mode button switches between Mode 1 and 2 (more on this below).  There is a slider on the device’s left side (above) that turns the slope adjustment on and off.  The only change that requires anything more than one tap is switching from yards to meters.  This is done with a three second hold of the Mode button, and it’s something you’ll likely do just once.

Finally, Shot Scope also made changing the battery both easier and more secure.  The battery door on the back of the device (below) lays flat, making an accidental opening almost impossible.  However, when you want to make the quarter-turn to open it, a small cut out means you don’t need to sacrifice your thumb nail to do so.  It’s another small thing that elevates the Shot Scope PRO ZR above the rest.

Accuracy & Performance

While I normally start with speed and accuracy, the construction of the Shot Scope PRO ZR demands to go first.  Shot Scope calls the body DuraShield Hardshell, and that’s a fitting name.  In hand, it feels quite different than Shot Scope’s other lasers like the Pro L2 [review HERE].  Rumor has it that the PRO ZR can even get run over by a golf cart and continue functioning, though Plugged In Golf does not endorse such behavior.  From the overall solid construction to the quality of the button pushes, everything about the PRO ZR feels top shelf.

The Shot Scope PRO ZR stays on that top shelf with its accuracy and speed.  Shot Scope states that this is their fastest laser yet, and it’s definitely among the fastest I’ve tested.  By the time your finger releases the button, your distance is displayed.  It also locks on to targets quickly and accurately in Golf Mode.

Speaking of modes, the PRO ZR effectively has three.  M2 is a scan mode that operates the same whether the slope adjustment is turned on or off.  Hold down the power button and the displayed distance changes as you move the aiming reticle.  M1 is Golf Mode, similar to what other brands call Pin Seeker.  In this mode, you can give the button a quick press to get the distance to any object.  Pressing and holding will allow the PRO ZR to lock onto the flag.  You’ll get a small vibration to let you know you’re locked on.  Turning on the slope adjustment in M1 will display the adjusted yardage in the bottom of your viewfinder.

Something that stood out to me the first time I used the PRO ZR is the clarity of the optics.  The display is very sharp and well organized.  It has 6X magnification, so you’ll be able to see the flag clearly even on the longest par 5s.  Additionally, you can switch the display from red to black with one button push, giving you great visibility in all light conditions.

Finally, the Shot Scope PRO ZR has all the “standard” features and then some.  There’s a strong cart magnet.  It comes with a high quality carrying case and carabiner.  Its range extends to 1,500 yards…because it can.  And Shot Scope goes one step further by including a free GPS app, giving you an overview of virtually every golf hole in the world.


The Shot Scope PRO ZR retails for $299.  Given the premium features and build quality, I think this is a strong value.  Getting similar features in a Bushnell will cost double.  Shot Scope also gives you a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

If you want most of these same features at a slightly reduced price, check out the Shot Scope Pro LX [review HERE].


With a combination of first rate construction, excellent features, and great value, the Shot Scope PRO ZR rangefinder has put itself among the very best in the game.  This is the laser that will be in my bag this year [full WITB HERE].  If you’re looking for a new rangefinder, the PRO ZR is a great choice.

Buy the Shot Scope PRO ZR HERE

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Debating between this and the Bushnell Tour V6 shift? Have you used the Bushnell at all? Just wondering about comparison!


  2. David Yakimec

    I just received my Shot Scope Pro ZR in the mail 2 weeks ago. It is a nice piece of kit, looking forward to using this rangefinder during my rounds.

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