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With an athletic style and modern closure mechanism, the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT DISC golf shoe is not only extremely comfortable, it incorporates a traction system that adapts to whatever the course throws at you.


When I got the rundown from the Puma Golf Shoe Product Manager at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, I’d never even tried on a pair of Puma shoes.  What I learned left me with a strong need to try the IGNITE PWRADAPT.  Turns out Puma doesn’t just make shoes that look good on Rickie and Lexi, they put a ton of design technology into play.  #GOTIME


As you can see, this version of the IGNITE PWRADAPT has the DISC System.  Other than the black PWRFRAME text on the side and the lacing, the shoe is identical to the non-DISC version we also reviewed.  Great news for you readers, as you get two sets of opinions and insights.

With the heavy presence of the white IGNITE Foam in the midsole and the mesh uppers, the IGNITE PWRADAPT has a running shoe look.  Flip the shoe over and there’s no doubt as to its true intention – golf.  I love the red cleat pods set against the grey sole.

Back up top, the heathered grey seems the perfect complement to the solid black and white elements.  The DISC knob can be a bit visually jarring at first, but overall the DISC System gives the shoe a modern edge.  The IGNITE PWRADAPT DISC golf shoe also comes in Quiet Shade (grey) and Peacoat (blue).


First off, the DISC System makes slipping into the IGNITE PWRADAPT DISC golf shoe a breeze.  With the DISC disengaged, the wires are fully released making the top of the shoe open up all the way down the lace area.  To help even more when pulling on the shoes, Puma provided a tall and wide tab at the back of the ankle.  To tighten the shoe you merely turn the DISC clockwise and the ratcheting mechanism locks in the desired tightness.  Unlocking the DISK System is nothing more than a quarter turn counterclockwise.  Simple to use and oh so comfortable across the top of my foot.

The inside of the shoe is very comfortable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go sockless.  There’s wiggle room in the toe box, but the rest of my foot was locked securely in place.  The IGNITE Foam’s flexibility is comfortable to walk in and responsive to footwork during the swing.  On hard surfaces, I could feel the location of the PWRADAPT Pods but not to a troublesome extent – like stepping on a quarter barefoot on carpet.  The mesh upper allowed my feet to breathe, a big plus for hot humid conditions.  I particularly liked the cut and cushioning around my ankle.


I’ll admit I didn’t grasp the PWRADAPT Pods at first and thought they were just your typical cleats.  Then I pushed on the teeth of one and watched the pod tilt and flex into the sole – that was my “ah-ha” moment.  Each pod flexes independently so that the spikes can apply traction in the plane and axis where it’s needed.  Couple that with the flex of the sole and you get what Puma calls “3-dimensional traction.”  What I observed throughout a round of golf was a strong connection with the ground – no matter the contour.

Initially I was worried about lateral support with the flexible mesh upper, but the PWRFRAME, Puma’s fancy name for the exoskeleton of the shoe, did well in keeping my foot reasonably stable.  When planting my feet and twisting there’s a bit of a bulge out at the midfoot that you might not see in a leather shoe, but it’s nothing unexpected in a mobile shoe.  The PWRFRAME is a thin TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) framework that’s bonded and sewn into the mesh.  For me the success of the PWRFRAME is tying it in with the wires of the DISC System so that the upper acts as a unit.


I was very pleased with my first venture into Puma golf shoes.  The IGNITE PWRADAPT DISC golf shoe was very comfortable to wear straight out of the box and all day at the golf course.  Being able to dial in the fit with the DISC System is stupendous.  3-D traction is for real, be it the innovative cleat pods or the other grip nubs on the flexible sole.  It’s been record dry during my testing period so I can’t speak about the 2 year water proof warranty, but I’ll steal this passage from the non-DISC review:  “after 18 holes of trudging through the mud and water, my feet were bone dry”.

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  1. Painter33

    The “claws” of the spikes look soft and pliable, adding to my concern that they would wear down more quickly than regular “soft spikes”. Does Puma include extra OEM replacements or are they readily available? My ongoing question to shoe designers is about the white foam midsole – the propensity for grass/mud staining is high, so on black or gray shoes why not have black foam? First, it would look better (continuous or coordinating color), and second, the staining and new look of the shoe would last longer.

    I have no doubt about the comfort, but there are other practical, design aspects to golf shoes. I wear Nike running shoes when it’s dry (Tailwind 8), so I appreciate the “walk all day” attributes of one shoe over another, but why would I want a shoe that looks dirty when nearly new. Again, this is not unique drawback to Puma. The spikes look too pliable (soft and wear out quickly), so that would work against buying this shoe. Maybe a second generation? But, an informative and complete review – thanks!

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