Odyssey Metal-X Milled Putter Review

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50 Word or Less

Odyssey’s best 100% milled putter to date.  Prayers have been answered!
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Odyssey is one of the most reliable putter manufacturers in the game, and they are well known for listening to golfer’s feedback about what they should be making.  This has never been more apparent than with the Odyssey Metal-X Milled putter line.  There’s a reason that Odyssey fans everywhere are rejoicing with this new offering.
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The flavor of the day seems to be black putters.  If you look at virtually any brand, they have a black putter for you to try.  Odyssey is no exception with the Metal-X Milled line.  The finish is a very nice looking black PVD finish that is very resistant to wear and should stand the test of time as long as it’s properly respected (as all your clubs should be, Henrik Stenson).  The lime green, or “acid”, paint really jumps out at you and is a refreshing selection for those looking for something a little different.

Most noticeable are the new upgrades: the Metal-X pattern milled directly into the carbon head and the adjustable weights on the sole, only seen previously in the Japan-only Protype iX.
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Sound & Feel

My only previous exposure to a 100% milled Odyssey putter was the Protype line, and I was not a major fan of it from a sound or feel perspective.  Coming into testing the Metal-X Milled line, my expectations were more based on that experience rather than my time with the Metal-X line.  To say I was pleasantly surprised is a complete understatement.

The Metal-X Milled has a very distinct soft click that assures you that you found the sweet spot.  It quickly lets you know that you put a good stroke on the ball and got the club head into a good position at contact.

The feel is even better.  I was expecting this putter to feel somewhat similar to the Odyssey White Damascus iX I had just reviewed, but it was significantly different.  The Metal-X Milled line certainly feels solid and responsive, but it has a much softer feeling than the White Damascus iX.

Furthermore, to dial in the feeling of the putter exactly where you want it to be, you can adjust the head weight from 340 grams up to 360 grams using the included weight kit.  If you’re really particular, you can mix and match the weights to alter the swing characteristics.  The weight adjustability helps dial in the feel, but the crossbar (visible across the back of face in the cavity) helps to stiffen the face and provide the stable sound and feel you’re looking for, according to Odyssey.
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When discussing performance for the Metal-X Milled putters, it’s fairly straightforward: the putters feel great, and they roll the ball well.  It’s easy to get the ball exactly where you want it and make putts (as easy as making putts ever really is).  The only change I would be interested in seeing is the addition of the tungsten flange on the #1 heads because I truly feel it does help put an optimal roll on the ball.  That said, you are still going to have one of the best rolls you’ll get out of on off-the-shelf putter.

I feel like I would be doing the golfing community a disservice if I didn’t specifically address the #7 Metal-X Milled.  The avid golfing community has been demanding a 100% milled #7 putter from Odyssey for years, and their prayers were finally answered in the Metal-X Milled line.  I had the chance to roll this putter and had the greatest of expectations.  Interestingly enough, I wasn’t as blown away by it as I was by the #1.  The #7 felt significantly different any of the #7’s I’ve rolled to date (I’ve tried them all) and rolled the ball well enough, but I found I had some control issues with it.  I’m chalking this up to the fact that I haven’t played that head shape in a long time, and I anticipate that a lot of big Odyssey fans are going to be really excited to have the Metal-X Milled feel and adjustability in a #7 head.
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Odyssey first introduced the Metal-X Milled line of putters on Tour and they were the “mystery” putters because of the lack of information and the question marks milled all over them.  These putters were soon in high demand by the pros, and those that used them had immediate success (see Chris Kirk and Patrick Reed).  The beauty of Odyssey is that they take the same technology that’s so successful to the professionals and give it to the golfing public.  It’s hard to believe that Odyssey could possibly outdo themselves down the road, but based on my time with the Metal-X Milled line, I’m really excited to see what they come up with next.

Price & Specs

Price: $299 for the #1, #6, #9, and 330 Mallet, and $349 for the #7 and the Rossie.

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  1. Hi,
    I just purchased an Odyssey Metal X Milled 6, love the putter however my question is in relation to where they are made & assembled?
    Mine has a sticker on the shaft with an item number, head China, shaft China and assembled in Mexico.
    My wife is telling me I have been conned and it must be a knock off, is she correct?
    I have been a Callaway club person and an Odyssey person most of my life however I have never noticed this previously.

    Appreciate you response.


    • You likely have not been conned. I would argue most major OEM clubs are made somewhere in Asia. In regards to the Metal-X Milled, I know they are made in China and assembled in Mexico.

      If you are ever in doubt about a Callaway products authenticity, see this link.

  2. So which do you prefer, bill? Metal X milled #1 or the White Damascus ix?
    I’m coming from Tri-hot ix #3, and I agree the tungsten flange contributes to the exceptional ball rolling quality of this putter.

    • Hi Rolf,

      Let me put it to you this way… The White Damascus iX has been my gamer ever since I first received it. I’ve been tempted by others, but nothing has knocked it out. Maybe it’s because I’m such a great golfer (hopefully the sarcasm is detectable), but I usually have one GREAT putt a round with this putter for whatever reason. I swear by it.

      That said, I keep a second bag of clubs at my in-laws vacation house and I’m equally as picky about the makeup of that bag. I have two White Damascus iX putters which both stay with me in Chicago, so naturally, I need to put a putter in that bag which is my Metal-X Milled.

      Short version: I love my White Damascus iX and favor it, but I can’t go wrong with my Metal-X Milled. If pressed, I can use either one, but at a high level, I prefer my White Damascus iX.

      I’ve had another putter recently enter the mix and put questions into my head as our season has wound down. Stay tuned!


  3. Great review and website! Any comparisons with the Rife Iconic Three?


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