New Level Golf 902 Irons Review

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The New Level Golf 902 irons are among the best players irons I’ve tested.  Great feel, clean look, and performance that matches the best in the industry.

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A few months ago, I spoke with Eric Burch, founder of New Level Golf, on the PluggedInGolf Podcast, and we discussed why, after spending his entire career in the golf industry, he finally launched his own equipment company.  Since then, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get a set in my hands, and I finally had the opportunity with the 902 irons.  They were worth the wait.

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The 902 irons deliver exactly what the better player looks for at address.  There’s minimal offset that steps down gradually from the long irons to the pitching wedge.  The top lines and soles are medium-thin.

One interesting aspect of the address appearance is the shape of the head.  In the long irons, the 902s are more square.  As the loft increases, the heads become more rounded, particularly in the toe.

In the bag, the New Level 902 looks extremely clean.  The only touch of color is the red “902.”  Milled lines throughout the cavity set these irons apart without screaming for attention.

Sound & Feel

The New Level 902 irons feel as good as any iron I’ve hit.  When you hit a premium ball on the sweet spot, the sensation is soft with the slightest crisp “snap.”  Testing them head-to-head with my Miura CB 1008 irons, I found it hard to tell the difference.  That’s about as high as praise can get when it comes to feel.

As you would expect from a players iron, the feedback is excellent.  The sound shifts from a crisp “snap” to a slightly louder “slap” when you miss the center.  You’ll have no doubt about exactly where each ball met the face.


When these irons arrived, I ran straight to the range.  The shots I saw were indecipherable from my current gamers, which is a very good thing.  Ball flight was strong, the irons moved well through the turf, and the forgiveness seemed above average.

My favorite thing from that first testing session was seeing how easily I could control the ball.  It took no effort to flight the ball down or hit it a little higher.  The 902s curved the ball right and left with equal ability.  Any shot you can dream of, these irons can hit.

After a successful first impression, it was time to test the New Level 902 irons against my gamers on a launch monitor.  For those that aren’t regular readers, my current irons – the aforementioned Miuras – have been fit perfectly to me.  I’ve tested every iron under the sun, and while many were nearly equal, nothing has been better.

In terms of launch angles, the New Level 902s matched my gamers perfectly.  They spun a little less in the mid irons – 300 RPM.  On pure strikes, the ball speed was even.  Where the New Level 902 irons surpassed my gamers was on forgiveness.  Off-center shots retained a little more ball speed and thus flew closer to “full” distance.  The differences weren’t huge, but, especially in the long irons, they were noticeable.

New Level Golf irons are available from a growing network of club fitters and also through their website.  New Level is setting the bar extremely high when it comes to custom offerings with 37 no upcharge shafts from the likes of KBS, True Temper, Nippon, Steelfiber, Accra, and Fujikura.  You can also choose from 9 different grips.  They offer guidance on club and shaft selection via their fitting form HERE.


There’s nothing wrong with playing clubs from the major OEMs.  Most golfers do it.  But if you want to stand out – and maybe find a higher level of performance – check out New Level Golf.  The 902 Forged irons are as good as – and maybe better than – anything in the players iron category.

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New Level Golf 902 Forged Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Interesting review, Matt – thanks. So……without puttin g words in your mouth, it sounds like these NLs can stand up to the likes of your Miuras’, Mizunos, etc. While acknowledging these are for purists in every sense of the word, would you go as far as to say……”golfers with more than a true, proven, 8 to 10 handicap need not apply? Again, thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      New Level has told me they design for “4-14” handicaps. I would say these are no different than other players irons: if you’re finding the center more often than not, you’re good to go. If you need a bigger iron for higher launch, regardless of handicap, than you should go in that direction.



  2. Hi Matt,
    Which company forged them?
    Are they made in Japan?

    Best regards,

  3. Your new gamers?

    Fairly squarish look and not cambered from heel to toe – straightish – unusual look to me in an iron. Good luck with them!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m going to get them re-shafted with my gamer shafts (KBS C-Taper Lite) and see what happens.



  4. Great looking irons and always good to see more options available. Just looking at those clubs says premium. #SecretGiveaway

  5. When are you going to review the 623s?

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  7. Best Game Improvement Irons

    Thanks For Sharing this post.

  8. Adam Miller

    Whats the verdict on these? Did you game them or still sticking with Miuras?

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  10. Adam Miller

    What was deciding factor that led you to choose these over the Miuras? Have you considered replacing with the APEX Pro?

    • Matt Saternus


      To bring you fully up to date, the irons are in flux. I *feel* like like the 902s are a touch more forgiving, so they go in the bag from time to time for that reason. Another change may be coming, though.
      I think the Apex Pro is a really good iron but haven’t seriously considered bagging them.



  11. Adam Miller

    Funny you should say that, I just put a set of the APEX PRO smokes in the bag. They are fantastic. Was close to getting the DOT heads but the lie angles were a little too flat for me.

  12. Casey Crooks

    I recall you had these in the bag but now you listed TBD as your iron set. What happened to your NL 902 set? What are you looking at as a replacement?

    • Matt Saternus


      The 902s are in the backup bag for now. There are a few things I’m looking at: Blueprint, iBlade, Staff Blade. As much boredom as anything else.


  13. Do you prefer these or the t100? And why?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other. Both are excellent irons and I could be happy gaming either.


  14. Great review. Have you hit the 1126 model from New Level? If so what were your thoughts? Looks to be a forged Game Improvement offering.

  15. I own Gen 1 PXGs but thinking of a change. Do you think these are as long and as forgiving? I really want to go back to an iron with better feel.

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on the model of Gen1 irons you’re referring to. Overall, I think the 902 is very impressive.



  16. Will you be looking to review the new PF-2 Forged Irons, curious to see how they compare for you

    • Matt Saternus


      We would be happy to, and we have inquired with New Level. If you would like to see that review, please let New Level know via social media.



  17. Bob sherwood

    Can we review 902 PD?

    • Matt Saternus


      We will reach out to New Level. If you want to see it happen, it’s helpful for you to reach out to them on social and let them know you want to see a review here.



  18. ordered three hybrids and an additional weight kit. they look ok but no way to identify the different clubs in the bag as all head covers same with no way to distinguish them in the golf bag. the weight kit also does not provide a wrench so you better have one. customer service terrible and no way to actualy contact a live person at this company. wanting to return them as I am now concerned about the actual performance of the clubs. waiting to hear if that return shipping is on my nickel, think twice before purchasing from them

  19. I recently purchased a clean set of the Forged 902 irons, 5-pw w/Nippon shafts. All I can say is WOW!!! Classic design and screams confidence! I’ve played Miura, older Taylormade forging’s, Mizuno, and Srixon lately and these are some of the best I’ve tried.. Give them a try!!!!

  20. Drew Oeffinger

    id love to see a more current review on the newer stuff, such as the 902 PD and 902 OS

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