New Level 4995 HB Utility Iron Review

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The New Level 4995 HB utility iron is a versatile club that blends seamlessly into a better players iron set.  One of the best driving irons/utility clubs I’ve tested.


Many of us who love golf equipment find ourselves pining after a type of club that doesn’t return our affection.  For me, that’s always been utility irons.  They look so damn cool, and the concept makes so much sense, but I’ve never found one that truly loved me back.

My lack of success hasn’t stopped my pursuit, and that determination seems to have finally paid off.  The New Level 4995 HB utility iron can do everything I want and seems destined for a spot in my bag.


The New Level 4995 HB looks very similar to their 902 Forged iron.  Its top line is a touch thicker and there’s a bit more offset, but both have a similar, compact blade length.  Importantly, there’s no excess sole sticking out behind the top line.  This is a utility iron that, from a visual perspective, can easily mix into any set of players irons.

In the bag, the 4995 HB maintains the classic look that New Level has established for itself.  The branding is minimal, and the small amount of paint fill sticks to traditional colors.  For me, the most eye catching feature is the milled pattern in the cavity.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of impact with the New Level 4995 HB is an interesting mix of elements.  The first thing I feel is a soft impact paired with a very quiet collision.  Then there is a second act which is a hot, slightly springy sensation accompanied by a quiet “snap.”

Overall, I think it feels great because it checks all the boxes.  There’s the satisfaction of sensing a clean impact in your hands, then the feeling that the ball is getting launched.


As someone who doesn’t like fairway woods and can run hot and cold with hybrids, I lean on my 4 iron a lot.  And as much as I love my 4I, I know in my heart that my results with it are not that consistent.  When I read New Level’s description of the 4995 HB as “a hollow body, long iron replacement engineered for maximum ball speed and forgiveness,” I felt that it was meant for me.  I had my 4995 HB built to the same specs as my 4I – 24 degrees, KBS C-Taper Lite shaft – to see if it could end up in my bag.

I started my first testing session by laying down a performance baseline with my 4I.  The good shots carried between 195 and 205 yards, but there were some ugly misses.  Then I tagged in the 4995.  My first swing was utterly mediocre, but I looked up to see that it carried 185 yards.  “Promising,” I thought.  A series of better swings followed, all landing in the 195-205 range.  On those good swings, I noticed that the spin was about 400 RPM higher than my 4I, a major plus for holding greens.

My next session was outdoors, and I wanted to test the versatility of the 4995 HB.  I found that this club was able to do everything my 4I can, plus it gave me the ability to hit towering shots.  While the 4995 was more than capable of shaping shots both directions, it was easier to fade than my 4I, another very welcome characteristic.

Alas, I have buried the lede.  The biggest reason the New Level 4995 will earn a spot in my bag is the forgiveness.  In all the launch monitor testing I did, my shortest carry with the 4995 was 180 yards.  With my 4I the shortest carry was…less than 180.  When you’re not giving up anything in terms of looks, feel, or shot making, leaving forgiveness on the table doesn’t make any sense.


After much searching, I’ve finally found a utility iron for my bag: the New Level 4995 HB.  It gives me more forgiveness than my 4I without any cost.  The only question left is how long I will wait before picking up an 18 or 21 degree model.

New Level 4995 HB Utility Iron Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Carlos F.

    Excellent review. I just ordered one of these last week in the black finish at 18*. I’m really looking forward to testing it out and this review provided me even more excitement.

  2. Keith Finley

    Hi Matt,

  3. Bruce R Neerhof

    I love my Srixon U85 4 & 5 utility iron. How does it compare?

  4. Keith Finley

    Interesting bag! 12 clubs. How is the gapping from Driver, hybrid 4u?

    • Matt Saternus


      My gapping is fine. The 17* hybrid goes as far as anything I’ve ever hit off the turf. Being a low launching player has real downsides at the top of the bag.



  5. I would have thought there would be a gap between your Blueprint 5 iron and the New Level 4995 HB.

    Or do you change the lifts around to compensate ?

  6. Joeg Voll

    Interesting! You sound a lot like , in describing your history with hybrids and over dependence on your 4i, (it’s a 3i in my case, that goes about 200 yards, like your 4i) I’ve tried a few #2 & 3 hybrids but it just feels gross when I look into my bag and see more than 3 non-irons in the bag. (Excluding putter). I suppose I should get a couple gross, non-irons, for performance sake….but?
    Great review and I look forward to trying the 18° model. Maybe it can thwart the inevitable for another season or 5.

  7. I’m looking to replace my TaylorMade P790 5 iron, which I no longer get the height I need. I’m NOT interested in a driving iron off the tee, just a 5 iron replacement. My P790 carry is 160yards with low trajectory. Would the 4995 24* or 27* be an appropriate replacement?

    • Matt Saternus


      It certainly could be. I’ve had great success getting a higher trajectory from my 4995 compared to a standard 4I.



  8. Hey Matt,

    When replacing your 4 iron in your bag did you buy the exact same loft in this iron as your 4 iron in your set?



  9. I found about New Level from this review. I bought the 24 and 27 to replace my long irons just received them. They look fantastic, shipping and customization was excellent and very quick. I am very impressed would not hestitate to buy a set of irons from them. Thanks for the review your website is excellent.

  10. Kyle Peebles

    I love my 4995 HB 24 degree with the black finish. I use mine as a 5iron replacement and it goes dead straight every time and and gaps perfectly with my P790 6iron. I did upgrade to an ACCRA graphite 70 gram shaft. I recommend New Level to everyone I know and to new playing partners asking “what did you just hit?”

  11. Wondering how the 4995 holds up to the newer utility irons (ZX, etc.) as a long iron replacement? Interested in checking it out but wondering if it’s still worth purchasing!

  12. Hey Curious how the sole weight width is? I’m a picker and always struggle with wider soles. Would love to have a 21 degree utility iron in the bag but am hesitant of thick soles when it comes to utility irons. what has your experience been?

    • Matt Saternus


      This club has been in and out my bag since the review, so it’s worked very well for me. I’m also a shallow swinger, but I don’t find this sole too wide.



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