Miura Golf CB 1008 Irons Review

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The Miura Golf CB 1008 irons feel amazing and look great.  Despite traditional looks, performance will rival any players iron.


I recently went to Club Champion for an iron fitting to find out if I was leaving anything on the table – distance, accuracy, forgiveness.  My expectation was that I was going to walk out with something much less player-ish than my current set.  Instead I found everything I was looking for in a traditional looking iron, the Miura CB 1008.


The Miura CB 1008 irons check all the boxes for a player’s iron – thin top line, minimal offset, modest sole width – but they also have something that makes them unique.  That something is the way the rounded toe meets the top line.  These irons have a look at address that is sharp and angular without being harsh.  In a market crowded with lookalikes, the CB 1008 stands out.

In the bag, the appeal of the CB 1008 is obvious.  The design is simple and clean, and the branding is limited to two engravings on the toe.

Sound & Feel

I doubt it will be news to anyone when I say that the Miura CB 1008 feels sensational.  Miura Golf has built their reputation on the incredible soft feel of their forged irons, and the CB 1008 is no exception.

There are two things that make a Miura forging stand out compared to other great feeling irons.  The first is the precision of the feedback.  It seems to me that I can locate my strike more precisely and more easily with the CB 1008 than with other similar irons.  The other way in which these clubs stand out is the reward they give you for hitting the sweet spot.  Every iron feels good when hit on center, but these Miuras feel phenomenal.


You can get the full story on my recent fitting HERE, but the short version is this: switching to the Miura CB 1008 (and a different shaft) helped me to gain 5 yards of carry distance while shrinking my dispersion.  There’s not much more that you can ask for.

I would not have expected this forged cavity back to produce ball speeds as high or higher than irons that use high tech, multi-material construction, but it did.  Higher ball speed was part of the distance equation.  The other factor was slightly higher spin.  While not nearly as high spin as the Titleist 718 AP2, the Miura CB 1008 gave me the extra RPM I needed to keep the ball in the air longer and land softer.

Even more surprising than the increased ball speed was the forgiveness.  It was hard to tell the difference between pure strikes and small misses toward the heel or toe.  The CB 1008 also does a great job with thin shots.  If you look at the thickness of the top of the blade, you’ll see that the long irons are thinner than the short irons, which creates a lower CG in the long irons.  That helps them to get the ball onto a playable trajectory, even when the strike isn’t perfect.


Given the avalanche of weight screws, speed slots, foams, and other technologies in today’s irons, it would be easy to think that you can’t get high performance from a traditional looking set.  The Miura Golf CB 1008 irons prove that isn’t true.  While maintaining a classic look and great feel, they perform as well or better than any competitor.  These irons are going in my bag, and it will take a lot to get them out.

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Matt Saternus

Co-Founder, Editor In Chief at PluggedInGolf.com
Matt is a golf instructor, club fitter, and writer living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Matt's work has been published in Mulligan Magazine, Chicagoland Golf, South Florida Golf, and other golf media outlets. He's also been a featured speaker in the Online Golf Summit and is a member of Ultimate Golf Advantage's Faculty of Experts.

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  1. Great review for a quality japanese iron set.
    What do you think about this set compare to your old iBlades?
    And just ask, why you make the change so quickly when you just put the new callaway apex mb in your bag?

  2. Great review Matt. I’ve been debating btw the cb1008 and the cb57. My 3 last sets have been Srixon 745, mp53 and Callaway legacy black stenson models. Never got along with the srixons or the mizunos …for some reason they always looked a bit closed to me at address. Maybe cause the blade length is a bit too long and a bit too much offset for my eye. The Callaways and I get along beautifully I love everything about them but recently lost my 6 iron so I figure it’s time to pull the trigger. Based on that, Any addl thoughts btw the two miura sets? thx Matt

    • Matt Saternus


      Without a head to head comparison, I’d say anecdotally that the CB 1008 feels more forgiving. That said, both are great.



  3. Hi Matt,

    Great review as always!

    In terms of forgiveness, how would you rate the Miura compared to Titleist AP2 and X-forged from your recent iron fitting?


  4. Matt, I’ve played Miuras off and on since 2001 or so – CB201, CB301, now PP-9003 – The 201’s were a revelation because the feel was dense and solid and felt like you were a surgeon with a precise tool. The 301’s soft feeling CB’s, which surprised me after the 201’s. I play 2 Miura K Grind, and a Y Grind – the feel is more 201. So as to feel, would you say the 1008 are dense and solid, or softer feeling, like say a Mizuno?

    Also, Miura’s always impressed me with the ball speeds they get from a traditional looking iron – I’d see my younger son with speed hitting them on a decent monitor, and they were as fast or faster than more “techy” irons.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think this is a good example of how feel is personal. To me, the 1008 feels both more solid and softer than the current Mizunos.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a recent enough experience with the 201 or 301 to give you a good comparison between either of those and the 1008.



  5. Hi Matt,

    What do you think about the CB 1008 feel ,performance,etc against the Taylormade 770

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the 770, so I can’t comment knowledgeably. Based on Bill’s review, I would guess that they’re in the same ballpark as the Miuras.



  6. Matt, Another quality piece. Currently playing Bridgestone J15 CB, but tried these at my fitters yesterday after I read this review in Modus 120S shafts-they were outstanding. These irons are just as or more forgiving than the Bridgestones.

    Who cares about technology when you have the distance, feel and appearance of a great example of a forged iron.


  7. Matt,
    Nice review for a beautiful iron. I think that you are lucky to have access to Club Champion for fitting process.
    You tested the mb 001 last year, what is really different with this cavity back except forgiveness?
    Did you ever tried the small blades from Miura?


    • Matt Saternus


      Forgiveness is the big reason to opt for the CB 1008. It’s amazingly forgiving for the size and the way it looks.

      I have hit a friend’s baby blades, but I haven’t owned a set or done extensive testing.



  8. Would you please indicate the lofts on these as you do in most reviews? They look beautiful.

  9. Matt, after a 3 yr experiment with PXG, it may be time to go elsewhere. How is the grind on the sole? IOW, do they have sufficient bounce for most players for some forgiveness/glide or must you be a precise ballstriker?

    • Matt Saternus


      Due to the weather, I haven’t had them on grass yet. By eyeball, I would say that the sole isn’t wide, but it has enough bounce that digging shouldn’t be an issue. If I find otherwise after my PGA Show trip, I’ll let you know.



  10. Matt,

    How do these compare to Nike Vapor Pro Combos? Ive been thinking about getting these but not sure what to do. I love everything about my VPC’s. Are the top line and sole widths similar to to the vpc? I wouldn’t want anything to chunky looking. Also when you were testing, were these similar sole widths to the ap2s and x-forged , and mp 18 sc ? I really like a thin looking club but not balded, so nike vpc is the perfect example

    • Matt Saternus


      The CB 1008 is similar to the irons you listed in terms of looks – it’s a players cavity back with a fairly thin top line and sole.



  11. Have you come across the Fourteen Golf FH-900? I am wondering how these measure out again the FH-900?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not. We have reached out to Fourteen in the past, but have not received any product for testing.



  12. Matt,
    Great review as allways. I have owned Miura CB 501 and MB 001 and they were great. Right now I have the 1957 MB limited edition, the “baby blades”. It would be interesting to read a review of the “baby blades” and
    see how they perform compared to these CB 1008. For me, the “baby blades” are the best Miura irons. Thanks.

    Peter from Sweden

  13. Adam Miller

    Currently Gaming original 0311’s with Nippon 105x. How would you compare this Miura offering vs my gamer? I have eyes for the MC-501 but afraid it’s too much club…

    • Matt Saternus


      The PXG is substantially larger and has more forgiveness. I don’t think it’s a night and day difference, but it will be noticeable.



      • Adam Miller

        Thanks for the speedy response! I love my 0311 but feel I lack the confidence to attack the ball with it’s current profile. Might have to give these CB-1008 a try.

  14. Patrick M

    Hey Matt,

    I just completed a fitting and the instructor did the complete injustice of putting the CB2008 in my hands after trying all the top brands current models and clearly there is no comparison on a number of factors.

    I’m writing to ask if you have completed a review of the CB2008 or may have an insiders view of the markets feedback. I’m around a 6 Index and feel the CB2008 now has a enough forgiveness to be suitable to justify the investment and would value your opinion.

    PS: there should be a law against allowing instructors to put a Miura in the hands of a vulnerable client!

    Thanks, Patrick

    • Matt Saternus


      I know how you feel. :)

      I have not done testing with the CB2008, but based on the 1008, I’m sure the 2008 has more than enough forgiveness for a 6 handicap.



  15. Miuralovechild

    Hi, Matt

    Glad you finally got to review the cb1008. I’m the one that most likely asked you about it first. You weren’t aware that it existed yet. I love mine!! It looks even better at a flatter lie angle, I just wish it had less offset like the iconic 202. It (1008) was available with less offset/ copper infused face through Miuracraft, which is the JDM custom department available through tourspec.com. Nothing feels as good as a Miura!! I played Mizuno for 12 years; first time I hit a Miura I knew immediately that it was different. I really want to game the mb001 8-PW. All the Miura dealers have told me it’s VERY easy to hit. Do you have any experience with it? I have ZERO problems with hitting all the cb models. Didn’t care for the 501’s, too much offset in my opinion. I’m gonna pass on the newer models. The mc 501 is basically the 1008 chassis made into a blade. Same exact profile. I held them side by side the other day.


  16. Hi Matt,
    After a year of use with these irons, are you 100% satisfied?
    I am playing blades and I loved the feel.
    But I reconize that this set of cavity back are very very interesting.

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re still in the bag, which is the best endorsement I can give. I haven’t found anything that – all things considered – I like better.



  17. Matt,
    I just received a new set yesterday . These are beautiful irons. The size are perfect. I noticed that the front edge of the sole are rounded. This will help the interaction with the turf.
    At address, they are just a bit bigger than my blades but the look is also perfect.
    I hope that this company will continue with the same original quality of products and designs.
    I want to own a set before we could not find them anymore.
    These cb 1008 are the only cavity back that really caught my attention. For me It is a piece of art.
    Thank you for this review, you were 100% on.

    Best regards,

  18. michael harrison

    I play the CB 2008 irons currently, but they don’t offer a 4 iron. Are the long irons in the 1008 set fairly easy to hit (comparable to the 2008)? I’d be looking for similar high launch/spin characteristics.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would not regard the CB 1008 as high launching or high spinning, so you might need to look elsewhere for your long irons. The new Miura 301 might be closer to what you’re looking for, though I haven’t personally tested them yet.



  19. michael harrison

    Thanks for the response. Right now, I’m gaming a Cobra oversize 4 iron, but it’s a bit large. I’ll keep looking.

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