New Level Golf M-Type Forged Wedge Review

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The New Level Golf M-Type Forged wedge is a CNC-milled wedge that delivers excellent feel and a unique look.  Plenty of spin.  Only one sole option.


New Level Golf may be a fairly new name, but the man behind the company, Eric Burch, has been pushing the industry forward for years.  Knowing this, it came as no surprise to me that their 902 irons delivered in every category.  I recently had the opportunity to test their M-Type Forged wedge to see if it lived up to the same standard.


The first thing about the M-Type wedge that caught my eye was the wealth of milling marks.  All across the back of the blade, there are mesmerizing swirls and lines that give this club massive in-the-bag appeal.  That appeal is furthered by the minimalist approach that New Level took in branding.

At address, the M-Type wedge is an interesting blend of shapes.  The toe and heel are quite round, making the face appear large.  This is paired with a straight leading edge you’d usually find on a teardrop-shaped wedge.

Because the M-Type wedge was sent in not just for review but also for Golf Myths Unplugged testing, I had the chance to get feedback from a variety of golfers.  While it wasn’t exactly to the taste of every golfer, I didn’t receive one negative comment about the M-Type.  In a room full of equipment nerds, that’s a shocking outcome.

The M-Type wedge is available in two glare-reducing finishes: a bead-blasted satin and a black PVD.

Sound & Feel

Our test group spoke with one voice about the feel of the M-Type wedge, saying “This is what a forged wedge should feel like.”  Impact is soft but solid.  There isn’t anything harsh or clicky about this wedge, but it’s not mushy either.

Feedback through the 1020 carbon steel is good.  Between your ears and your hands, you should be able to precisely define where the ball struck the face.


Thanks to the aforementioned Golf Myths Unplugged testing, I got way more data on the New Level M-Type than I would for a normal review.  It told me one thing without question: this wedge can spin the ball.  Regardless of the player’s handicap or speed, the M-Type was producing high and, more importantly, consistent spin.

I was also impressed with how well the one sole offering worked for our entire test panel.  New Level designed the M-Type with more bounce in the leading edge combined with relief in the heel and trailing edge.  This design keeps the club from digging without taking away the ability to open the face.

Additionally, there’s less contour along the sole from heel to toe so that the club sits flatter.  New Level claims this makes the M-Type more “user friendly” than other wedges.  I didn’t see one tester struggle with the M-Type, which leads me to think New Level is right.


If you’re searching for a wealth of sole options, you’ll have to wait for a future New Level release.  However, if you’re in the market for a do-it-all wedge with plenty of spin and great feel, check out the M-Type.  You can find New Level through many club fitters and the New Level website.

New Level Golf M-Type Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. I’ve had my 60* satin with the Aerotech shaft for about 7 months. You are spot on in your assessment of it’s performance. This wedge is amazing anywhere close to the green.

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  3. mark cohen

    Mark Cohen. 6.0 handicap
    I’m a senior that has a great short game. Always searching for a better way to get into the hole. I play in two leagues and know the guys would love to have a new wedge choice. I play on two completely different courses, one the greens are slick and undulating while the other is much flatter and slower. I would be an excellent “tester” for your new wedges.
    Thanks and Pick Me

  4. Bob Zaiachkowski

    Hi There Hope all is well!!! Nice to see something new in the wedge game ! Like the over all look of this club.

  5. Simon Mehrlich

    Simon Mehrlich Taunton UK Hcp6 looks stunning would love to give these a go.

  6. Bob Malloy

    My home course here in Nova Scotia just opened this past Saturday. We have some of the smallest greens in the province so the wedges would get a great test. Love to try these great looking wedges.


  8. William Tseng

    Have had these for about a year now. Was at Club Champion recently getting refit across the bag and finally got to see the wedges against trackman. Trackman clocked the 50 degree (KBS Wedge Shaft Still) consistently over 12,000-13,000 RPMs of backspin on the full swing. Obviously not taking full swing every time on the course if ever, but the amount of spin this wedge shaft combo produced was simply astounding. Fitter asked “So I’m assuming that we’re not changing those.” No sir, we are not, at least until I can’t control the spin on the club.

  9. Randall Siedschlag


    If you were to rate these, the pxg forged and the edison how would it go? I saw you recently said your next wedges are going to be the edison’s, so i figure they are number one?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the Edison are moving into the bag soon, but I could happily play any of the three wedges you named. As always, it’s all about getting fit, getting the shaft you need, and finding a sole that fits your swing and playing conditions.



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