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Test & Review the New Level Golf M-Type Wedge

Test the New Level M-Type Wedge

In their second year, New Level Golf is starting to make some real noise.  Their clubs are in play on professional tours, and recreational golfers are starting to discover the quality and performance, too.

Recently, Matt had the chance to review the M-Type Forged wedge (read it HERE), and now it’s your turn.  Six Plugged In Golf readers will have the chance to receive a New Level wedge, share their thoughts with the PIG community, and keep the wedge to add to their bag.  Get the details on entering below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, and handicap.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Friday, April 5, we will contact six golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The six winners will be expected to test the M-Type wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on

The wedge is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Mark Unger

    Would love to try these wedges i think it is great when new ideas and clubs challenge the industry and individuals..

    • Ray Whitty

      Ray W
      Waterford, Ireland
      6.1 h/cm

      • Dave weatherstone

        A nice opportunity for a senior to try out a new club, I play a 20 handicap regular flex, located in france, and I really need more spin on the greens.

        Dave Weatherstone

      • Gary McCormick

        Gary M.
        GHIN 24.3
        Always interested in seeing how someone besides the big names brings fresh ideas to wedge design.

    • Gerrit Stroh

      Gerrit Stroh. Houston, TX. 2.7hdcp

    • Looking for a forged wedge with a more flexible shaft like the Recoil Proto F3

    • Kurtis Goff

      Kurtis Goff – Columbus, OH – Handicap (8)
      I’d love to test out and review the New Level Golf M-Type wedge – I played college golf and still play frequently during the Spring, Summer & Fall. Thanks for the consideration!

  2. Alexander Moyer

    Annapolis Maryland
    Handicap 13.4

  3. Darrin
    Garnerville, New York 10923
    Handicap: 1

  4. Clayton McCuiston

    Clayton McCuiston, Dallas, TX, Handicap: 4.9

  5. Justin Guy


  6. Marc Lefebvre

    I’m located in Maine and my handicap is 18. I’m a senior and play A flex shaft.
    I would love to play these as I’m looking for a wedge that will give me spin around the green.

  7. Ryan Cadwallader

    Ryan C, Annapolis- 12 handicap.

  8. Dave Hammond

    As I am in the market for new wedges, I would love to try this wedge out!
    Dave Hammond
    Windsor, CA
    HCP: 8.4

    • Tyler DeRosia

      I’m in need of new wedges and have been looking into New Level. Would love to get my hands on these, test them, and give the readers and honest opinion from an average joe!
      Davenport, IA
      HDCP: 9.8

  9. Glen P Koeske

    Thanks PIG and New Level

    Glen K in Bath MI
    hdcp = 9

  10. Wes Morton

    Dallas, TX
    8 handicap

  11. Héctor Fernández

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’m a 15 handicap located in Lake Placid, NY. I will love to test this wedge.

  12. Joe Frigo

    I really want to compare these to my Glide Forged wedges!

    Joe Frigo
    Lemont, Illinois
    7.2 Handicap

  13. Avid golfer and PIG fan here! Need new wedges and am very intrigued by everything I’ve read and researched about New Level. Would be grateful for the opportunity to put it to the test and game it. I appreciate all you do and the info you provide us golf nuts. Thanks !

    Dan Fry
    Ankeny, IA
    Indexing at a 4.7

  14. Ken Mykietowich

    Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  15. Richard Barajas

    I have been following this company on social media the past year and have been impressed with the look of the clubs. Would be thrilled to test a \ New Level wedge. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Barrett
    Wellesley MA

  17. corey traverse

    Hey, love to test this as I’ve never used any of their clubs before. See if it beats out my Taylormade ATV Wedge.
    Corey Traverse
    Handicap 10
    Newfoundland, Canada ( this time of the year lol)

  18. Luke Diorio

    Desperately in need of a 60 deg and of course a lesson!
    Luke Diorio
    Reston, VA
    HCP: 13.0

  19. Michael Graham

    I would love to get a hold of one of the wedges to try. I have been working hard on my wedge play, & this would be a good measuring stick.
    Michael Graham
    Charleston, SC

  20. Wow, fun opportunity! Thanks! Love to compare one of these to my RTX-4 60* Mid

    Josh G
    Edgerton OH
    HCP: 9

  21. Matt Laurance

    I’m an artist with a wedge in my hands.
    Please help.

  22. My Vokey wedges are 8 years now, and looking for some new wedges this season. Would love to try out.

    Daniel B
    Boston, MA
    HCP: 15.3

  23. Ben Lenet
    Chicago, IL
    HDCP: 3.2

  24. Ryan Colvin

    Ryan Colvin
    Durham, NC

    Would love the chance to try this awesome, up and coming company.

  25. Would love to try one of these wedges!
    Gilbert, AZ
    Hcp: 10

  26. brandon jones

    Wilkesboro nc 12 handicap

  27. Eric Shellman

    Eric Shellman
    Fort Bragg CA
    HC: 12.5

  28. Brandon Cox

    I’d be more than happy to try out one of these wedges! Becoming a big fan of the “Little Guys” compared to the Big Boys of the golf industry!
    Brandon Cox
    Oklahoma City, OK
    20 HDCP

  29. Elliott Pyon

    Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD

  30. Kevin M Porter

    Kevin Porter
    Midland VA
    Handicap 1.5

  31. Adam Hutson

    Adam Hutson
    Quincy, IL
    Handicap: 3.7

  32. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson
    Owensboro, KY

  33. Robert Slade

    Wake Forest, NC
    HCP: 2.2

  34. Kevin
    Stoughton, Wisconsin
    18 handicap

  35. Always looking to try something new.
    Mark F.
    Birmingham, MI

  36. Andrew Recob

    Love to give one a try.

    Andrew Recob
    Handicap: 9

  37. Chad Grieser

    Bluffton, Indiana

  38. Ted Heim Aka slim
    Anniston Alabama
    Hcp# 7
    Hit balls or play almost everyday. Turned 60 getting old so don’t hit far anymore got to rely on short game looking for that magical wedge

  39. I love the nee/little guy companies and have heard great things about New Level- this would be a great test!

    Andrew, MN (Minneapolis ‘burbs), hdcp 20, (but better than it looks)

  40. Craig Kennedy

    Craig Kennedy
    O’Fallon, MO
    HDCP: 1.3
    Age: 56

    My New Level 623m’s just arrived today and I am already salivating about the opportunity to get my hands on more stuff from New Level.
    These wedges are a match made in heaven for my irons. Only thing that worries me is that if I try one, I will probably buy three.

  41. Dean Ruby, Juneau, Ak. 20 hcp. Only a pitching and sand wedge in my bag. Could use something in between or higher degree maybe.

  42. Ray Ifert
    7 handicap
    Tampa, FL

  43. Robin Stewart

    Robin Stewart
    1.5 index
    Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

  44. Kyle Buckles

    Kyle Buckles
    Washington, DC

  45. Larry McDonald

    Just one? How would I decide, currently carry fore!
    Larry McDonald
    Mount Washington, Ky

  46. Douglas Hope

    Edinburgh, Scotland.
    HC: 9

  47. They look awesome, would love to test them against my Edels.
    Ryan K
    San Jose, CA
    13 Hcp

  48. Casey Lesoing

    Them wedges look purdy!!!


    • Kyle Knutson

      Wedges are my focus this season and would love to try the New Level M-type.
      16 handicap


  49. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point, NC
    Please and thank you!

  50. Peter Shoe

    Peter Shoe @Golft_witter
    Roosendaal NL
    12 hcp

  51. Bryan Neuberger

    Two Rivers (Trivers), WI 54241 – current handicap?, single digits , I live in Wisconsin LOL. My last round was at Torrey Pines South in February, shot in the sixties because we didn’t get to play the last three holes. Interesting fact, I got hit in the head on our first hole (10) and chipped in for birdie on the next hole.

  52. Dave Kosmas

    8.6 HC

  53. Dave Kosmas

    Would love to compare.

  54. David Simon

    David Simon
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    15 HCP

  55. Frank Mandato

    Frank Mandato
    Stow, Ohio

  56. steve doyle

    Steve Doyle
    17 hdcp

  57. John Sweat

    New Level is doing so great looking clubs!!

    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    Handicap 16

  58. Let me at it!
    Cambridge UK
    Handicap 4

  59. Michael Ray

    Too good a deal to pass up!
    10 handicap
    Morgan Hill, Ca
    Michael Ray

  60. Don Macpherson

    75 year old golfer who stays competitive with young studs with my wedge play

  61. Mark Foley

    If they give more spin, I am in.
    Mark Foley
    Grafton Ontario Canada
    9 hcp

  62. Kip Johnson

    Kip Johnson
    Northeast Ohio

  63. Lloyd Davis

    Lloyd Davis
    Flower Mound, TX
    Hcp: 14

  64. In the market for new wedges now!

  65. Steven Colella

    Would love to try out the wedge

    Steven C.
    Monroe, NY
    Handicap 18

  66. David Hall

    Just what we need! A higher bounce wedge with heel relief made from 1020 Carbon steel. Would love to try one.

  67. Charles W Keller

    Charles Keller
    Skokie IL

  68. Mike McCabe

    Mike McCabe
    Cave Creek AZ

  69. Tom Thoroughgood

    A good wedge is so important

  70. Bob Orminski

    I would love to give the NEW LEVEL WEDGE a try. I really could use a new wedge !
    Southampton, Pa
    16 hcp

  71. Gary Newlon

    Gary, at, I would love to try some wedges as they look great. I’m a 10 hcp. I live in Endicott,NY.

  72. Geoffry Goodwin

    The science of the wedge continues to evolve. The biggest gap between us humans and tour pros is there prowess with the wedge. If these wedges can help narrow the gap-great!!

  73. Jeffrey Tollefsen

    Jeff Tollefsen
    Lake Barrington, Illinois
    14.3 Handicap
    Love the high bounce- just what I need

  74. Harold Wetzel

    Harold Wetzel, New Market, Virginia 20 handicap.

  75. Michael Trautman

    Being a wedge fiend I’m always up for finding the best wedge for my game.

  76. Tim Stewart

    Tim Stewart
    Central Virginia
    4.2 index

  77. Terry VanMeter

    Terry VanMeter
    Campbellsville, KY
    12.0 hcp

  78. Ken Varisco

    Ken Varisco
    Pacer, FL
    13.2 Index

    New Level is a cool new company. I’d love to test their stuff.

  79. Bob Merkle

    Hoo Yah New Level!!
    Bob M
    Kinsale, Va
    Handicap = 8

  80. Tim Chaffee

    Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    21 Handicap

  81. Rick Pittard

    Rick Pittard
    Athens, GA
    14.3 handicap

  82. Have seen New Level wedges at the PGA Show and love the look. I am a 74 year old former multiple Sate Am Champion
    and even though I don’t quite hit the ball as far as I use to my wedge game keeps very competitive with the younger players. I am always trying new wedges and think these New Level’s I’ve seen look and feel the best. Would love to try these in the heat of play.

  83. Michael A

    Would love to try a wedge that would spin the ball !!

  84. Ian Marshall

    Ian Marshall 9 handicap. UK. I’d dearly love to test and report on this wedge. i currently only play a standard pitching and sand wedge, so a 56 degree would be interesting.

  85. Grady Powers Dickens

    These wedges look sweet!

    Grady Dickens
    Dallas, TX
    Handicap 2

  86. John Hire

    John H
    Dracut, MA
    14 Handicap
    Would love to see how these compare to Vokeys

  87. Harry Carter

    I’m Harry Carter in Norfolk VA. I play to a 16 handicap and am always looking for new clubs to improve my short game. Having lost distance at 77 playing well at 100 yards in is the key to my game. The new M wedge may help me with this and I would love to try them.

  88. Tony Fitzsimmons

    G’day, would love to see how the New Level M-Type handles my home track at Dubbo, NSW, Australia.
    Cheers Tony Fitzsimmons

  89. Neil gascoigne

    Great that new names are challenging the establish manufacturers.
    Neil Gascoigne
    Texas, USA

  90. Jeff
    Columbus, OH

  91. 12Hcp

  92. George Nix

    Yes I’d love to try the M wedge.

  93. George Nix

    Yes, I’d like to test drive the M Wedge.

    Atlanta GA

    Handicap: 8.3

  94. Mike Droll

    Curious to find a wedge I can love…could this be it?

    Mike Droll
    Palm Coast, FL
    19.5 index hcp

  95. Len Scramstad

    Len Scramstad
    Sault Ste Marie, ON

  96. Steve Maragakes

    Steve M; Doylestown, PA
    Handicap 9.4
    Would love to try out these wedges!

  97. Rob Swingle

    Rob Swingle
    12 hdcp
    Anthem AZ 85086

  98. daniel e bratlie

    Daniel Bratlie, League City TX, I am a 12.0 handicap as of 4/1.

  99. Brian Brosnan

    Would love to try these wedges out.
    Brian Brosnan
    Arlington Heights IL
    Handicap 12

  100. Michael Haley

    Mike haley
    Pittsburgh, PA
    9 HDCP

  101. James Petraglia

    Good, clean looking wedges.
    James Petraglia, High Point, NC, hcp. 7

  102. Stephen Moss

    Stephen Moss
    Bryn Mawr, PA
    I already get the newsletter.

  103. James Knapp

    Love testing new products
    Parrish, FL
    9.3 handicap

  104. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark
    Keswick, VA
    7.8 HDCP
    Left Hand Golfer
    Thanks for the opportunity! I really enjoy the newsletter & webpage

  105. David St Amand

    i would love to give this club a try.
    Ottawa On
    10 Hdcp

  106. Allan E Chandler

    I have the NL 902s and they are amazing. I’d love to try the wedge, because if the feel is anything like New Level’s irons, it will be on the next hot list. Feel is so important to skilled players – if New Level delivers here, look out Vokey and Mack Daddy.

    Allan Chandler
    Charlotte NC

  107. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood, Wa.
    21 Hcp and falling!

    It is falling in part to better wedge play. I would like the opportunity to feel another wedge brand and type and give my two cents.

  108. John Cicconetti

    As a senior golfer I’m always looking for new products to help my game. John Cicconetti handicap 20 Smithville ohio

  109. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    Fayetteville, NC
    15 HC

  110. Jeremy Ireland

    Wedges are the lifeline to my game, if these out-perform my current wedges I’ll be a big fan ;-)

    Imperial Beach, CA

  111. Larry Teply

    As like most golfers, I am always looking for a club that can improve my game. Would love to try these wedges and see if they are an improvement over my current ones.

  112. John Grajek

    John Grajek
    Lake Zurich IL
    6 handicap

  113. John Harrar

    love to give one a try – John Harrar, 12 Home Road, Hatboro, PA – hdcp 14

  114. Mark Anderson

    Love to try these
    Handicap 18

  115. Gary Lynch

    Just put a new shaft in my Cleveland wedge but sure would like to test this new wedge. I’m a 4 hcp.

  116. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    12 handicap

  117. Gerry Casavant Handicap factor 11.3

    My dogged quest for the magic wedge continues …. please help ME help YOU!!

  118. Jeff Haines

    Love to test out these wedges! They look phenomenal and very classy!

  119. Lorne Lewis

    Lorne Lewis, Calgary, AB, Canada
    Handicap factor 15
    My prototype Mack Daddy is pretty much worn out ….. time to try something new.

  120. Martin Bunner

    Martin Bunner
    Kenosha, Wi
    Handicap 14.0
    I would love to test & review the wedges

  121. Chris Gordon

    Chris Gordon
    Hennessey OK

    Thanks for offering it up guys! Great site & enjoy your newsletter. Keep up the good work.

  122. This is great timing. Finding new wedges were on my list for the 2019 season.

    Fresno, CA
    3.6 hdcp.

  123. Christopher Monahan

    Chris Monahan
    Boston, MA
    33 handicap (yes, I’m new to this :) )

  124. David Bieritz

    David B., Batavia, Illinois, 19

  125. Doc Watson

    Doc Watson. Senior with a 1 handicap in Meeker, CO. Really hoping for a 65-degree wedge for those wonderful flop shots.

  126. John Nett

    John Nett
    Just have the wedges that came with my set of irons. Would love to try something new!
    25 hc

  127. Kjell Remi Stamnes

    Kjell Remi Stamnes
    Alversund, Norway
    Handicap 43

    My long game is far superior to my short game, so I need to get better at playing wedges!

  128. Steve Anslinger

    Move over, their is a new company on the block! Could New Level wedges take my short game to the Next Level?

  129. John Mclean

    Interested in trying wedge. Currently playing Titleist wedges

  130. Doug Jaworski

    Let’s demo a wedge here in the Pacific NW please !

    Doug J.
    Hayden, Idaho
    Hdcp 8.5

  131. Gijs de Jong

    Gijs de Jong
    Amersfoort, the Netherlands
    Happy to test!

  132. Joe Barrett

    Love to Have one with a 14 degree bounce.

  133. Kevin Dreyer

    I struggle with my wedge play, and would be interested in trying this wedge out!
    15 Handicap

  134. Thomas Allee

    Thomas A
    Perris, CA
    18.2 handicap

    Thank you!

  135. Bob Glasgow

    I would love to try the out.
    Bob Glasgow
    Blue Springs, Mo.
    10 hc

  136. Rick Talley

    I know PluggedInGolf is the best golf reviewers. I’d like to find out if the New Level M-type is the best new wedge. I’m from Granite City, IL, have a 7 handicap and a good short game.

  137. Dan Jondal

    Green Valley, AZ
    Would love to try out the new wedge, tight lies are the norm here

  138. I would love to try one of these New Level wedges and report back to the Plugged In Golf community. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Doug Mael
    Langhorne, Pennsylvania
    USGA Handicap Index: 15.7

  139. Terry Fletcher 10 handicap

    As a senior golfer that use to be a low handicap and now is at a ten handicap I understand the importance of the wedge game to keep competing with the younger crowd. The old swing speed will never be back for distance but doesn’t mean I can,t stick the ball close to pin with wedges.

  140. Jeff Goldman

    I would love to try these out – I am actively looking for an infill wedge.
    Duxbury, MA
    Handicap 23.0 (but getting better since my weight loss!)

  141. Mike Deverich

    My name is Mike Deverich, I live in Pueblo, Colorado and have a hdcp of 10.3. I was a 1.3 20 years ago but injury forced me to stop playing from ’03-’15. Lost 35% of my distance, I was ablle to hit it over 325 before my forced lat off. I use my wedges quite a bit to practice, I go to the top of the range early (Dawn) and hit 100-120 wedges from 20 yds to 125 yds. I am playing the Callaway Mack Daddy 3’s now so I’d be thrilled to test a nw wedge.





  144. Taften Kuhl
    Springfield, IL
    Hcp: 5

  145. 5 HCP. Would love to test a 58.

  146. dale oakland

    play to a 20 handicap, my wedge play leaves a lot to be desired, need something to help-
    could this be it??

  147. Paul Nicholas

    Here’s hoping…. Need all the help I can get!
    Paul Nich
    West Wales
    15.9 and getting worse!

  148. John Simmons

    Would like to try a new wedge. I’m shopping wedges now.

    John S.
    Henderson, NV

  149. Ken Alterwitz

    Ken Alterwitz
    Palm Springs, CA
    17.3 index

  150. Mike Y;
    Bentonville, AR
    Handicap= 15
    Been looking forward to see if either golf store would stock these in their store in NWA. I have been using #NL as NoLimiTS for my son who has Tourette Syndrome and working towards high school and college golf. If I dont win, will be looking to purchase equipment later.

  151. John Schroeder

    Would love to try the wedges – season just getting started here in Wisconsin.

  152. Wedges are such an important part of the bag and game, getting the right clubs can save many strokes in a round. The versatility of their performance is paramount, having a club that can spin well, flop well, zip in low and stop is what we are all looking for. Always on the look out to test new wedges against current set.
    Nigel Phillips H’cp 5 but live in U.K. so transportation might be outside your capability.

  153. Drew
    Dunedin, FL

  154. Tom Neville

    I am a 20 handicap age 74 playing at Candler Hills in Ocala Florida. I have difficulty getting the ball to “stick” on the green so am looking for a wedge that gives sufficient spin to someone with diminished/diminishing capabilities.

  155. Charles Silberberg

    I need to upgrade my existing wedges and would love to try out this New Level wedge and report back.
    Tustin, CA
    Handy cap 20

  156. Michael Kulinski

    Mike K
    Waukesha, WI

  157. Really interested in trying this wedge after reading Matt’s review in February. I was lucky enough to review the RTX4 back in October.
    Rick S
    Dike, IA
    Handicap: 5

  158. Stan Dusinski

    I would like to try this newer wedge, handicap is 25.

  159. My wedge game could use improvement and I am always looking to improve. I would love to test the wedge and see how it performs against my Vokey wedges. Note my wedges are 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges. It is the degree of wedges I prefer to play.


    Greg Paukszto
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Handicap : 9
    Currently playing Vokey SM6 54 & 60 wedges M grind
    I am very curious to see how the New Level Wedges compare. They look good.

  161. Paul Norman

    Paul N.
    Greenville, AL

  162. Tony Raybould

    I am a’ leftie’ senior off 18. Was lower but old bones and muscles lose distance and the short game becomes even more important. I would welcome the opportunity to test an NL on my local courses here in the UK against my current set and in this wonderful promotion. Us lefties all get judged against big Phil; so look how much help I need!

  163. Cliff Lattanzio

    I would love to review a 54° wedge as I need to replace a Vokey wedge as it’s my most problem club in my bag. Really need help there from 60-95 yards.

    Cliff Lattanzio
    Suffield, CT
    Handicap is 9 index

    Post a comment. Your comment must include your name, location, and handicap.

  164. Mike Dimeo

    Help me WEDGE myself into the top of the leaderboard with these new beauties. .
    Mike Dimeo
    Slc ,UT
    8 handicap

  165. Jim Dolliver

    I’d love to test that wedge
    Sedona AZ
    handicap 11

  166. george francis

    I am an 18 handicapper. Since turning over 70 I have lost distance and have to rely on
    short game shots. A 52 deg wedge would be an asset and trying this club might be the
    answer. The golf season is just starting in Ontario, Canada

  167. Mitch Holton

    Mitch H
    Handicap 12
    would love the chance to try this wedge

  168. Mitchell Hobbs

    Mitchell Hobbs
    Varna, IL.
    10 hcp.
    Always need help with this area.

  169. Dave McLennan

    Would love to try this wedge on behalf of all the high handicappers!
    Dave M
    Christchurch, NZ
    Handicap: 18

  170. Would be happy to test a new wedge.

  171. John Fecker

    would be happy to test a new wedge.
    handicap 11
    Cincy OHIO

  172. David Anthony Bernard

    David Bernard
    Auburn Alabama

  173. george robson

    A new forged wedge company. COOOL. Would love to try it

  174. Todd Page

    Would love to give these a “spin”
    Todd Page
    Rock hill sc

  175. Brian Connellan

    My wedges need an upgrade!
    Brian Connellan
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Hdcp: 8

  176. Mike Dood

    I like the black 58* best
    Mike Dood
    Jackson, MI

  177. Vin Chitroda

    something different and hopefully unique.
    London, UK
    HCP 8

  178. Mitchell Rothstein

    Look forward to giving it a spin

    Skokie IL


  179. Mike DiLonardo

    If it’s a good wedge, then companies that make the wedge tell golfers how good their wedge is.
    However if it’s a great wedge,then golfers tell the wedge companies how great they are.

    Niagara Falls, Canada
    Hdcp 18

  180. gerald d bredbenner

    gerald bredbenner millville,PA hcp 10 my short game is my is the best part of my game

  181. Elliott Mast

    Elliott Mast
    Caledonia, Michigan

  182. Barton McLaren

    Barton McLaren
    Maple Ridge, BC Canada

  183. Dan Humboldt

    Dan Humboldt
    Atlanta, GA
    2.5 GHIN

  184. Mike Hallee

    What an awesome opportunity to test this wedge
    Mike Hallee
    Handicap 12

  185. Jack ONeal

    Jack O’Neal
    9.3 ghin

  186. Allan Kim

    Allan Kim
    New Jersey
    13 handicap

  187. Anthony Rocco

    I like the idea of performance feedback from “regular” golfers who we can more readily identify with. Plugged-In Golf does us all a service by providing that kind of a forum.
    A. Rocco
    20 handicap, Long Island NY

  188. Ric Crosier

    Ric Crosier
    North Bennington, Vermont
    6 handicap
    50 degree wedge if possible

  189. Brian Crookston

    Looking into new wedges for this season and like the concept of the sole on these so I would love to give one a good try out.
    Brian Crookston
    Hcp 7

  190. Travis Palmer

    Travis Palmer
    Ghin 10.9
    New Orleans, Louisiana

  191. Alan Pollet

    Would enjoy trying a 60 R flex. Have been reading about these and Eric’s background with Miura. Appears to be a quality forging at a reasonable price point. If only our courses will reopen! Stay safe everyone!

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