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The L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter is the combination of tech and tradition a lot of golfers will crave.  It’s a classic-looking blade that makes putting less complicated.

L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter cavity


For the uninitiated, L.A.B. Golf’s designs feature no torque and, as such, make it as simple as possible to deliver a square face at impact.  That leads to more putts that go on your intended line and into the hole.  The problem is that, to this point, aesthetics haven’t been L.A.B. Golf’s strong suit.  That’s been dramatically improved with this newest model in the lineup.

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L.A.B. Golf’s first foray into a blade putter design left a bit to be desired.  The BLaD.1 (review HERE), looked like a steel billet on the end of a stick.  While the technology and results were certainly there, the aesthetics were off. 

Traditionalists should be thrilled as the L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter looks like a satin Anser.  The only things that are different are the weights on the heel and toe and the shaft placement in the center of the club head.  That center shaft, when well aligned, covers the heel weights.  Although not intended as an alignment tool, those weights can function like the red-dot Rifle Scope technology on SeeMore putters. 

There’s also a good amount of customization available to dial in the look of your putter.  While there are no options to change the color of the head like on the Mezz.1 Max (review HERE), there are five alignment options that include lines or dots, plus four different types of grips.  

On the sole there are – you guessed it – more weights.  The weights help the club’s performance and look striking.  Apart from the weights, I am absolutely enamored with the backside of the club.  It features an intricate assembly of different-sized L.A.B. logos in a miniature mosaic that is beyond cool. 

Feel & Sound

The audio is much improved compared to the Directed Force 2.1 putter (review HERE).  Where that putter sounds tinny and high-pitched, the LINK.1 is solid and produces a low-pitched “thock.”  It’s a deep and satisfying sound that spurs you to continue to hit practice putts.  

As for the feel, it’s firm yet smooth.  Like many blades, that feeling gets considerably less pleasant on heel and toe strikes.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, as that feel helps to alert the user they’ve miss-struck that putt. 

While it is an upcharge, you can upgrade the shaft to several options, including BGT Stability, LA Golf, and Accra.  While there can be a performance benefit to these shafts, there is also a benefit in feel.  Usually, those shafts make the feel even softer. 


Testing a fitted L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter, I was even more floored than when I reviewed the Mezz.1 (review HERE).  Putting has always been a strength, but I simply made more putts with the LINK.1 than the putter I currently game.  Despite playing a mallet for years, this blade had me draining putts again and again.  Starting putts on my intended line felt effortless, and draining short to medium-range putts was easy.  With that being said, long putts didn’t feel or perform any better than any other premium putter, in my experience. 

Comparing it to the Mezz.1 MAX, Mezz.1, and the Directed Force 2.1, there was a bit of loss in stability.   This putter did require focus to use effectively, as heel and toe strikes were penalized.  It makes sense of course, as the smaller head size means less MOI and less forgiveness on those off-center strikes. 

While L.A.B. does offer stock putters, to get the full benefit, you should get the putter fitted to you.  The fitting process is easy to do online.  I found the L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter works best for those with a straight-back-straight-through type of stroke, with minimal face rotation.  Otherwise, a change in technique may be in order to experience the best results. 


The L.A.B. Golf LINK.1 putter is the latest iteration of a movement.  Whether it’s amateurs, PGA pros, or even LIV golfers, the amount of L.A.B. golf users seems to be growing by the day, and it’s easy to see why.  The technology works and leads to more consistent putting.  If L.A.B.’s other designs are too large for you, or if you simply love the look of a blade, there may be no more technologically advanced yet traditional-looking putter on the market. 

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  1. Bill Barker

    Where can I try out this putter?

  2. Gimme Shelter

    Just build a ‘laser’ on the putter head that lights up on every line up and put.

  3. Scott Wintrode

    What is the retail price on this putter ?

  4. My thought is that these putters are so different from the traditional look, the first thing you need to know is, “can I accurately aim it”. Our eyes are constantly changing, “so just be sure” .

    • $449 at PGASS. I messed around with one yesterday and it was easy to roll and accurate as anything I’ve ever putted with. However, the head is rather long heel to toe for my liking. I could probably deal with it if properly fit.

  5. chris Becker

    this putter and so many more are excellent putters,however things stay the same when its time to pull the trigger,Freestyle Putters allow you a view and multiple comfortable stances to do that at the time to make the put and its legal,time to change our thoughts on HOW we putt

  6. What are the dimensions and weight of the link1 ?

  7. Brian O'Sullivan

    Ordered a putter (Mezz 1) directly from LAB in early August. They do not issue any tracking number and gave 6 weeks as estimated delivery. Got an email Sept. 7 saying “your order is now complete”. Problem is I never received the putter. Attempted to call phone number listed on their website (833/4-LABGOLF), call could not be completed as dialed because that is one digit too many. Filled out message on their site last night detailing the situation and asking how I should proceed. No response today. Sent another message short while ago. Will keep y’all posted on how they respond.

  8. Brian O'Sullivan

    I said I would update everyone on how LAB Golf responded. They passed with flying colors. The Mezz 1 putter that I ordered from LAB Golf was delivered the day after I initially posted here. In an email exchange with Cameron from LAB he said that for some reason their shipping emails often wind up in customers SPAM folders. That was the situation in my case. LAB had sent me a second email on Sept. 7 notifying me that the putter was about to be shipped and also providing a tracking number. The club arrived on the afternoon of Sept. 12 and I have been holing a lot more putts ever since!!!

  9. Jerry Nishimoto

    Why can’t the other golf companies make a putter that swings like a golf lab putter? Would it be that hard to make one? #DoubleSecret

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