Fujikura Pro XLR8 Shaft Review

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The Fujikura Pro XLR8 is a retooled version of a classic shaft that has better feel, stability, and performance.

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When the original blue Fujikura Pro came out a couple of years ago, it quickly became one of my favorite shafts.  I didn’t feel like it was the longest shaft in the world, but it had good feel and was very easy to control.  As I spent more time with the Fuji Pro, as much as I enjoyed it, I felt like I was looking for more kick for that extra distance.  I could spend a bunch of time writing about Fujikura’s new technology that was utilized to “supercharge” the new Fujikura Pro XLR8 shaft, but I would strongly suggest taking a look at the enso Technology Lab where Fujikura uses state of the art technology to analyze shafts and swings in order to design the best products possible.  As far as the differences between XLR8 and the regular counterparts, read our article on the XLR8 line here.  Now onto the Fujikura Pro XLR8…

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Consistent with the recent Fujikura dual-color theme, the Fujikura Pro XLR8 has a grey base with yellow accenting.  It’s a loud look for sure, but somehow the very-present yellow still manages to not look over-the-top or scream “Look at me!”  Pair the Pro XLR8 with a cool grip, an you’ll have a pretty slick looking setup.  Face it, yellow and black is one of the coolest color combinations of all time, and you won’t be disappointed with this in your driver or fairway wood.

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As mentioned before, the feel of the original Fujikura Pro was one of its best attributes.  That said, it did feel a little soft and lacked that bit of punch that makes you go, “I really got all of that shot.”  I think the Fujikura Pro XLR8 definitely improved on the feel and added that punch.  Fujikura told us the Pro XLR8 has “multi-axial mid-section reinforcement to prevent ovalization and promote efficient energy transfer” which is a fancy way of saying that the shaft will stay more stable during the swing and reduce energy loss from the shaft changing shape as it flexes.  The short version of the Pro XLR8’s feel: it’s everything good about the original Fujikura Pro with more pop and a little more life in your hands.



I would still classify the Fujikura Pro XLR8 as a reliable and consistent shaft similar to the standard Pro.  The biggest differences between the two for me were that the XLR8 launched a little bit lower and added 9-10 yards more distance.  While still not the longest shaft for me, adding 10 yards with the consistency of the original Fuji Pro is not a bad deal at all.  Maybe most importantly, I felt like I could swing easy and still get good results, or I could swing for the fences and the shaft would hold up well.  For my money, this shaft is perfect for the mid-handicapper that’s looking for solid distance and consistent accuracy off the tee.

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Simply put, if you’re looking to find fairways off the tee, the Fujikura Pro XLR8 is definitely an option you should strongly consider.  I think the Pro XLR8 has good feel but the best part is its consistency across different types of swings.  True, it may not get you 30 extra yards (then again, if it fits you, it might) but it will be accurate for you and get the ball out there a bit more than the standard Pro.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a combination worth looking into.

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  1. How does the Pro XLR8 feel/perform compared to the FUEL that you loved so much?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a little more action in the Pro XLR8, plus there’s the counterweighting.


  2. Bill Hodge

    Can a Fujikura Pro XLR8 model 51 be placed in a Taylormade Aeroburner driver as is direct from the factory with no trimming, cutting, etc.? I’m 69 and an 8 handicapper with swing speed at 90 mph. A fitter told me this is the best shaft I can get if I want 10 more yards over my current average of 225 yards.

    • Matt Saternus


      If the Aeroburner has a .335 hosel, then yes, you can install it. My guess is that it does.


  3. I have this shaft (63-s) in the Nike flex 440 and just as you’ve suggested my consistency has improved. Im hitting it lower though and struggling to reach my normal carry. I’m thinking about the Fujikura Six in an X. Similar tip flex profile it seems from the web site, my question is as you’ve hit both, will the Six help my launch and carry? How do they compare?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know how they’ll compare for you is to test them both in a fitting.



  4. Can I put the Fujikura Xlr8 Pro 56 in my Ping G30?

  5. I’m looking to improve my Driver shaft (titleist 915 D3)..my 910 has the Grafalloy Blue in it,..quite nice,
    but best shaft of my life is the Shaqx in my 3 wood (Taylormade (steel circa 2009))..utterly brilliant shaft.
    Particularly now that I’m getting my tempo down a bit (less arms n shoulders, more hip thru)
    Swing speed is high at 127 (Driver)..measured bout 80 times on trackman.
    Would this be a good call? or maybe Rogue elite green 65 , Kuro Kage silver Tini 70
    all these seems to have a med/stiff tip and a MidHigh bendpoint…which I think is similar to the Shaqx.

    • If you have a swing speed that high with the driver, I strongly encourage you visit a good fitter and have them do an analysis. There’s no way, especially for me at my speed, to have any insight into those expectations without testing and looking at the data.

  6. I was wondering if the Fujikura Pro 50 is an aftermarket shaft and why can’t I find anything info on it but can on the Pro 53? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 2017 Fujikura catalog shows a Pro XLR8 51. The other models may be from previous years or could be “made for” variants.



  7. Tyson Beebe

    Im currently using the Fuji pro 63 xflex.I was thinking about buying a Project x Hzrduz Black 6.5.How would these two shafts compare in stiffness and performance?My Fuji is tipped a half inch.

    • I can’t really answer your performance question as results vary so much player to player. I will say a 6.5 HZRDUS Black will have a much stiffer and stout feel than a Fuji Pro.

  8. HI
    I have a SLDR 14 Degree with a custom fit Black Tie Matrix 6M3 in it.

    Looking at changing to the latest M1/M2 which I believe has this shaft as standard fit.

    How does the shaft compare to the black tie?

    • They’re really nothing along alike. The differences are going to be mostly subjective so you’re going to have to test both to get an accurate answer. We shy away from “either or” suggestions since everyone’s swings are so different.

  9. Svend Andersen

    Hi- will the standard pro 56 shaft for the 2017 Taylor Made m2 driver fit the 2016 m2 driver as well??

  10. Would you say the shaft plays true or soft to flex? Reason I ask is I’ve played x in the past but too little spin hurt me as the ball would fall out of the sky. My fitter put me into. HZRDUS yellow 6.0 which looks to have a lot of the same properties as the yellow with the higher balance point, softer midsection with a stiffer butt and tip. The yellow has been fantastic.

    Thank you

    • If the HZRDUS Yellow has been fantastic, why are you looking to replace it?

      Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t remember. Like any shaft opinion, I’d advise testing to see how it performs on a monitor in your own hands.

      • Bill, not looking to replace the yellow. I was looking at the xlr8 pro 61 because it has the same constant taper design with a stiff tip and butt..softer mid as the yellow.
        I m told the yellow plays a bit stiff to flex so I was questioning the xlr8. I was thinking of trying the Fuji to play at 47″ in my M2…more of a fun club. The yellow plays standard.

  11. I’m 79 can still put it out 220 using a M1 12 degree with speeder 565 R flex. Thinking about Fuji pro XRLS 80 51 R2 senior shaft, swing speed 90 on the front 9, 85 on the back 9. Need your opinion?

  12. I my M2 15°3 wood with a standard regular Fujikura 56 shaft. Need to replace my M2 driver shaft (stiff) due to back injury with regular. Think the same shaft as my 3 wood will be a good choice?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a fine place to start, but given the difference in the heads it might not yield the exact same results.



  13. Randy beatty

    Where can I get a fujikura pro 56 xlr8 regular shaft for my taylormade d-type driver I need it replaced nothing else works as well as this shaft on this club thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think that’s in Fujikura’s current product line, so your best bet is probably eBay.



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