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The Fujikura Pro shaft has Fujikura’s trademark stability with smooth feel and a medium kick.


Earlier this year, pictures of a new Fujikura shaft started popping up across the internet.  The gear heads loved the look and the lack of hard information only drove interest higher.  Finally it was announced that Fujikura would be releasing a new Pro Series shaft.  In this review, we take a look at the Pro Series and how it stacks up to the rest of Fujikura’s line up.

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The Fujikura Pro has a feel that most golfers will really like.  It has a medium kick in the mid-tip section and a smooth load.   This is offered without compromising the stability of the tip section.

To me, the Pro fits perfectly between the other current Fujikura shafts,the Fuel and the Speeder.  All of these shafts have great stability; the difference is in how smooth they are and how much kick they have.  The Speeder has the most kick, the Fuel has the least.  The Pro hits that “just right” middle ground.

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I can’t remember a shaft that has generated as many texts and emails for its look as the Fujikura Pro.  My friends and many readers are absolutely over the moon for the industrial-sized, positive/negative branding on the upper portion of the shaft.  While I wasn’t as enamored with the look from the pictures, having the shaft in hand has changed my mind.  The way that the blue-on-black logo blends into the black-on-blue is very sharp, and at address there’s no distraction at all.

Fujikura Pro LM Data


Having gamed Fujikura shafts in my driver for quite a while, it was no surprise to me that the Fujikura Pro performed very well.  As you can see, the numbers that it produced in my SLDR driver are very nearly ideal with high launch and low spin.  Though the shaft has a smooth feel and good kick, it was still quite accurate as well.

The main thing you’ll notice in comparing the Pro Series to the Pro Series Tour Spec (which I’ll review separately at a later time) is that I was able to produce better club head speed and ball speed with the Tour Spec version of this shaft.  This is NOT an indication that the Tour Spec is a better/longer/fast shaft.  What it speaks to is that I found the Tour Spec to be a more natural fit for my tempo, and I had a more “in sync” feeling with that shaft.  I could very happily game either, but on the days that I collected data for this review, the Tour Spec was the one I fell into a rhythm with more easily.  As always, I highly recommend that you see a qualified club fitter to find the right shaft for you.

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The Fujikura Pro is a fantastic addition to the Fujikura line up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes their most popular shaft.  It offers great stability and performance without sacrificing fee,  all at an affordable price.

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  1. So, Pro 53 regular or Fuel 50 regular? 90-95 mph swing speed.

    • Matt Saternus

      I’d say Fuel, Bill would say Pro, and we’d both give you the stock (and correct) answer: get fit. :)



      • Let the record show, I’m a big fan of the Fuel as well. It’s currently the top contender in a Titleist 915 driver for me (not going to lie, sort of surprised). The Pro was great in my Cobra Bio Cell+ though. Couldn’t miss with it.

  2. How would you compare the pro to the matrix red tie? Looking for something potentially lower spinning, but with similar smooth kick and medium launch (also considering Kiyoshi white). Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the three you mentioned all deserve to be in the conversation. To me, the Matrix is the smoothest, the Oban is the firmest, and the Pro is in the middle, but that might be splitting hairs.



  3. For a bio cell +, by the way, which apparently bill thought was a great pairing?

  4. Brian Botterweck

    So I purchased a Mizuno JPX 850 with the Motore stiff shaft. Shaft says tour issue. Is it not stock then? It is just a little whippy but do not want xstiff because im scared to hard and lose distance. Im a 105-108. Is this in stiff a little more solid.

    • Matt Saternus


      Without seeing it, I couldn’t say if the shaft you have is stock or not. The stock shaft is a made for version of the Fujikura Motore Speeder.



  5. theres no proper fitter in my country, with a 95mph ss high spin player, should I try the evolution speeder 569 or the pro53?

    • Matt Saternus


      In my testing, I found the Speeder Evolution shafts to be – in general – somewhat lower spinning than the Pro series. If you’re a high spin player, I would favor the lower spinning option.



  6. I have the Oban Devotion in my driver today. Regular shaft. Smooth load. 98-101 mph. How would the Pro 60 compare?

  7. Son just got the new M1 Driver with options of Fujikuria Pro 60 or Kuro Kage 60, both in stiff. His swing speed is 106, and with both distance was 280ish. What’s the major difference in these two shafts?he went with Kuro Kage 60S…

  8. Robert Robbins

    Have R15 driver with Speeder 57 evolution shaft purchasing M1 driver with Pro 60 regular flex If I put Speeder evolution shaft in M1 driver what would be the differences in ball flight between the 2 shafts.

  9. Hi Matt,
    I notice that there is a Fujikura Pro for hybrid, with the same color for 2016 and also a Speeder Pro for hybrid.

    Do they maintain the same qualities as the shafts for drivers?

    I like the speeder evol. 757 and speeder 757 and I am looking for the same feel to reshaft my Titleist hybrids.

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards,

    • Matt Saternus


      We haven’t done enough testing with the hybrid versions to say definitively that they’re a “match” for the driver shafts. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to get a fitting to find the best hybrid shaft for you.



  10. Edward W Smith

    Just came from a club fitting from a local club fitter. Been in business for 25 years. Getting a Air Force 1 driver, Ballista 3W and 5W, 4 hybrid. FBS 2.0 irons 5I through Lob wedge. Fukishira graphite shafts. All this for $830. The guy builds the clubs himself and order the components.
    Any thoughts on this? 12 clubs total. That’s about $69 per club; custom fitted.

  11. Some confusion about the stock shares TaylorMade offers on the M2. I am told (by TaylorMade) that the M2 can be purchased with a Pro 60″regular” shaft. Is there such a thing. I see mostly pro 60s? I am a high ball hitter with a swing speed of around 110. Play in florida, and high ball flight is not good, given the windy conditions. Should I consider the pro 50, or would you recommend another altogether.

    • Matt Saternus


      There are always questions about the “real-ness” of stock shafts. I don’t have any information one way or the other about this particular situation.

      As to whether or not it will work best for you, only a fitting can determine that.



  12. Hi there, just bought the M2 I used to have a titleist 913 d2 with a dimana stiff shaft my swing speed varies from 92mph to 98mph I have a Fujikura Pro 60 stiff shaft which I feel is very stiff compared to the Dimana stiff, are there different kick points in both? i always use a stiff shaft with my driver but am finding the pro 60 stiffer than normal, I normally hit the ball high so am looking for something mid height with a bit of feel. Any suggestions?

    • Matt Saternus


      Which Diamana have you used in the past? There are a variety of kick points within the Diamana family.

      As for picking a shaft, we always recommend a fitting. Anyone trying to sell you on a shortcut is doing you a disservice.



  13. How would you compare with the Fujikura rombax 65 S?

  14. Matt for a slower swing speed of 80 82 is this shaft a good option on the M1? Thanks Scott W

    • Matt Saternus


      It will be a good option for some 80-82 swingers, but not others. You need a fitting to know for sure.


  15. Robert Hanley

    Good , no very good shaft for a 69 year old. It has allowed me to hit shorter irons into some greens! A plus.

  16. I have TM M2 driver with the Fujikura pro 60 M flex shaft. Would you happen to know where kick point or flex point is?

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