Duca del Cosma 2021 Golf Shoes Review

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New for 2021, the Duca del Cosma Elpaso and Tomcat spikeless golf shoes illustrate the style spectrum of this Italian brand.  Distinctive looks, wonderful comfort, and excellent traction.

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Looking back at our three prior reviews of Duca del Cosma golf shoes [check them out HERE], I couldn’t help but notice the athletic looking Flyer shoe sandwiched between two modern wingtip models.  It was a good reminder of the style diversity that Duca del Cosma offers.  Keeping with the theme of variety, I thought it might be interesting to take a look in one review at two great new 2021 shoes that exemplify the brand but are on opposite ends of the style spectrum:  the Elpaso and the Tomcat.

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The Elpaso has a timeless leather dress shoe look, with its clean rounded toe cap, welt stitching and characteristic heel.  Brown piping creates a distinctive, modern look.  Distinguishing the Elpaso as a golf shoe are the deep waffle style lugs in dark blue.

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake the Tomcat for a running shoe with its fabric uppers and thick white midsole.  It’s again the sole that defines the purpose – although I’ve never seen a sole like this.  I’ll delve into the performance attributes in a moment, but for now, suffice to say that the Tomcat sole is a wonderful balance of form and function.  The narrow lacing slot and forward leaning appearance in the heel impart a speed motif.

Both shoes display significant branding.  I appreciate the Italian flag on the tongue of the Elpaso, but the branding on the side of the heel seems like an afterthought.  Similarly, the subtle “C” in the fabric of the Tomcat is interesting, but seeing three logo elements in one view is a bit much.  Both styles also come with alternate laces – brown for the Elpaso and navy for the Tomcat.


I slipped on the Elpaso’s the first time sans socks to see if the inviting looking interiors were as comfortable as they appeared – and indeed they were.  The toe box was roomy, while the midfoot and heel felt completely secure with the laces snugged up.  The insole was firm yet supportive.  Having read “[t]he heightened heel improves your stance, preventing foot fatigue” on the Duca del Cosma website I was on observational alert, but honestly couldn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.   My feet did however register a slight rise on the outside edge of the insole around midfoot, which ended up being super useful in fighting sway in my swing.  As you may have surmised from the thick layers of the outsole, the Elpaso are a bit on the heavy side.

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The Tomcat was form fitting in the toe box, yet retained that super overall comfort from heel to toe.  I really liked the fit around the ankle, low cut with thick, firm padding that locked in my heel.  The Tomcat utilizes the same insole material as the Elpaso, which I learned is called Arneflex – a breathable and antibacterial memory foam.  Surprisingly, the Tomcat actually weighed in the same as the Elpaso.  Even being around 6 ounces more than the comparable ASICS GEL-Course ACE I recently tested [full review HERE], I wouldn’t hesitate wearing the Tomcat from sunrise to sunset.

Duca del Cosma shoes only come in whole U.S. sizes.  Having tested my last pair in size 9 (I’m typically a 9.5) I went up to size 10 for both these 2021 models and prefer the larger size.


With its wide footprint and fairly stiff sole, the Elpaso shoes provided a very stable base.  Although the shoes have the appearance of a heel, the lugs actually run continuously from heel to toe.  The majority of the sole is covered with 5mm square lugs, with a few smaller squares and cylinders mixed in – plus the omnipresent large white “C” whose function is a bit mystifying.  Regardless, traction was excellent.

The unique looking sole of the Tomcat incorporates a waffle pattern of square nubs through the midfoot and a circular array of triangle nubs in the forefoot.  With the points of the triangles rising from the base of the sole in alternating directions, that section just screams pivot point – and really delivered during actual swings.  From hard pan to thick grass, traction was solid.

Both models feature a waterproof sock system that was totally effective at keeping my feet dry during the summer showers that frequent Central Florida on a daily basis.  I was initially concerned that the deep lugs on the Elpaso would accumulate grass and muck in wet conditions, so I was pleasantly surprised when that never happened.  The few times I did get a stick or pebble stuck, a quick pry with a golf tee cleaned the outsole right up.


New for 2021, the elegant yet refined Elpaso ($229) and the sporty, patriotic Tomcat ($209) exemplify the style diversity Duca del Cosma offers in golf shoes.  Both feature modern design elements and expert Italian craftsmanship.  True to their environmentally-conscious commitment, Duca del Cosma utilized recycled and recyclable materials throughout the 2021 product line.  High style marks aside, the Elpaso and Tomcat are also strong performers on the golf course.

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  2. I have a pair of Duca del Cosma golf shoes. They look very stylish but I find the fit a bit narrow.

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