Duca del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoe Review

Duca del cosma orlando golf shoe

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The Duca del Cosma Orlando golf shoe offers strong traction and a style unlike anything else you’ll find in the golf shoe market.  Fit and cushioning hit a nice middle ground.


Plugged In Golf – and our readers – have been wise to Duca del Cosma golf shoes for several years [reader reviews HERE], but something is very different in 2023.  New for this year are Duca del Cosma’s first spiked golf shoes.  Available for both men and women in two styles each, these shoes promise to add Tour-level performance to Duca del Cosma’s elevated style.


The Duca del Cosma Orlando starts with a basic white sneaker.  From there, they add ribbons of navy that surrounds a prominent “C” on the side of the foot.  It’s a clean, simple design – there aren’t multiple materials, textures, or colors – but it’s still distinctive and eye-catching.  The sole is a bold red, and you can see whispers of that from the side of the shoe.

If you’re looking to add more contrast to the Orlando, Duca del Cosma includes a pair of black shoe laces in addition to the white ones shown here.

For players that want a more traditional look, the Duca del Cosma Bernardo is a spiked shoe in all-white with a brogue design.

Duca del cosma orlando golf shoe heel


The feel of the Duca del Cosma Orlando is similar to the look – not fully old school but not completely modern, either.  Stepping into these shoes for the first time, the insoles provided a firm, supportive platform.  They’re not hard, but they’re not the walking-on-marshmallows feel of some other shoes.

Similarly, the shape of the shoe sticks to the middle of the bell curve.  The toe box is medium in width – enough room to spread out, but you can feel the edges.  My heel felt supported but not fully locked into place.  When walking, the sole provides structure without feeling like you’re walking on a 2X4, similar to the Elpaso [review HERE].

Duca del cosma orlando golf shoe sole


I’ll start with the major change for 2023 – the spiked sole.  The Duca del Cosma Orlando features “precise placement” of its eight replaceable spikes for “optimal traction” during the swing.  There are also “traction studs” in the sole to add even more grip.  In sloppy, early season conditions, the Orlando did a great job of keeping me rooted to the ground.  The sole never slipped, and the structure of the shoe made my feet a strong platform for my swing.

What surprised me was how much I enjoyed walking in the Orlando.  Regular readers know that I’m a fan of minimalist shoes with very mobile soles, but the Orlando showed me the advantage of a little more structure.  In softer conditions, the additional rigidity of the sole took a lot of the stress off my foot, allowing for an easier walk.  This sole is a very pleasant middle ground between too much freedom and too much structure.

When it comes to weight, the Duca del Cosma Orlando is on the heavier side.  In a size 14, each shoe weighs 18.6 ounces.  This might be a deal breaker for those used to very light shoes, but players coming over from FootJoy or other more traditional brands will transition easily.

Finally, Duca del Cosma states that the Orlando makes use of “waterproof materials” but does not include a waterproof guarantee or warranty.  In my testing, which included some dewy rounds, the Orlando kept my feet dry, but you may want to opt for something else if you’re playing in a downpour.

Duca del cosma orlando golf shoe


The Duca del Cosma Orlando retains much of what we love about the brand while adding superb traction.  Golfers will find a fit that stays away from the extremes and a pleasant walking experience.  If you’re on the hunt for a shoe that’s outside the norm, give these a try.

Visit Duca del Cosma HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Kanye West became a billionaire by tricking people into buying hideous looking shoes, so there is definitely a market.

  2. Duca del cosma’s suck, grip and comfort are good but that is it. Glue from outsole to midsole is very bad. Paintjob on nose is poor and goes away if you walk in wet grass in just a few rounds, (if you have glossy painted duca’s) shoes look in a half year if they are worn for 10 years. I never saw a shoe that when it is a little wet the whole heel turns white. I never should promote these duca del cosma’s shoes it is not worth it for the prices they offer them for. See an other brand and you will be more happy.

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