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Duca del Cosma Davanti & Davinci Golf Shoe Review

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The Duca del Cosma Davanti gives players an upscale sneaker look that works on course and off.  The Davinci has a more traditional golf shoe look while still offering a unique spin.  Premium materials.  Good traction.  Out of the box comfort.


While this might upset other members of the team, I think it’s fair to say that Dylan is “the stylish one.”  So when he reports that Duca del Cosma’s golf shoes are “a great fit for the person who really wants to look good and stand out,” it’s worth taking note.  For 2024, Duca del Cosma has several new styles, including the Davinci and Davanti, that are some of their best in both style and performance.


The Duca del Cosma Davanti is my favorite shoe yet from DDC.  It has the upscale, fashionable sneaker look with loads of visual interest.  I particularly like the combination of the mesh-like material on the toe with the Nappa leather.

Duca del Cosma also chose colorways for the Davanti that stand apart from the norm.  Seen here is the Marina colorway, which blends a rich navy with a light brown.  The Light Blue colorway is largely white with two shades of blue and flashes of orange.  Green/Grey doesn’t sound like the most daring color combination, but it really stands out.  It features a dark olive green, a splash of pink, and a bold red sole.

Find another upscale golf sneaker in the Duca del Cosma Orlando HERE

The Duca del Cosma Davinci sticks a bit closer to traditional golf shoes with its all-white upper.  This puts the focus on the premium materials.  There is a strong injection of color with the green sole.  As usual, DDC offers players style options by including a second set of laces – green, in this case – so you can switch up the look in minutes.

In addition to the White colorway, the Duca del Cosma Davinci is available in Light Blue.  This version has both an upper and a sole that are light blue with just a thin ribbon of white near the sole.


Sliding into the Duca del Cosma Davanti, I immediately felt the premium materials and attention to detail in the fit.  There are no hard edges, pinch points, or “I hope that will break in” spots.  The fit is moderate – not tight but not sloppy – with a fairly wide toe box.  Both models also feature impactful laces – you get to decide if you want your foot locked down or given more freedom of movement.

One particularly noteworth element is the cushioning at the Achilles.  You can see above that the back of the Davanti rises up fairly high, but the material on the inside is extremely soft.  Even if you’re wearing no-show socks (or none at all), you’ll be able to walk all day without fear of a blister.

Underfoot, both the Duca del Cosma Davanti and Davinci use ARNEFLEX memory foam to provide a firm, supported feeling.  As the look of the Davinci implies, the feeling is a blend of old and new.  The sole is more rigid than flexible, but it has some cushioning.  These are the golf shoe equivalent of a firm, high quality mattress.


Not only are the Duca del Cosma Davanti and Davinci some of the best looking shoes that the company has made, they’re also some of the best performing.  That starts with weight.  Historically, Duca del Cosma has made fairly heavy shoes.  While these are not ultra light, they are the lightest DDCs that I’ve tested.  Also, the weight is very well distributed – they don’t feel nearly as heavy as they are.

Both models also feature an aggressive spikeless sole.  A combination of hexagonal and Y-shaped lugs provide a good bite into most turf conditions.  I wore these through multiple testing sessions, including heavy driver swings, and never slipped.

Both the Davinci and Davanti are also waterproof thanks to a hydrophobic treatment on the Nappa leather.  There is not a waterproof warranty listed on the website, but my testing showed that they lived up to the claim.

During the swing, these Duca del Cosma shoes provide a solid base.  They’re a little closer to a traditional golf shoe than a natural motion shoe, but they’re not rigid.  Between the traction of the sole and the structure of the upper, you’ll feel supported to make aggressive swings.  These shoes do elevate you a little more than average, but they do not have a dramatic heel drop.


I’ve been testing Duca del Cosma shoes for several years, and the company continues to impress me with their quality and commitment to the customer.  As Dylan pointed out, it’s expressed in little things – extra laces and the included shoe bag – as well as the big things like high quality materials.  If you want a shoe that will set you apart on the course, look no further than Duca del Cosma.

Visit Duca del Cosma HERE

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