Reader Reviews – Duca del Cosma Golf Shoes

Reader Review #1

Name: Matthew Masse

Duca del Cosma Shoe Tested: Men’s Churchill Royal Blue

Previous Golf Shoes: FJ

What do you think about the style of the shoes? A more classic style golf shoe, very sharp, clean leather. Love the two tone blue colors.

How comfortable were the shoes? Very soft, form fitting insole.

Were these shoes comfortable for walking? Sturdy support, very comfortable while walking

How did the shoes perform during the swing? No slip, no movement during swing regardless of club or position on the course.

How was the traction? With spikeless outsole, solid, firm traction, especially in the tee box.

Would you recommend Duca del Cosma shoes to other golfers? Yes

Reader Review #2

Name: Stephen Pokora

Duca del Cosma Shoe Tested: Flyer White/Navy

Previous Golf Shoes: Adidas Code Chaos, FootJoy Freestyle 2.0, Puma Ignite BOA

What do you think about the style of the shoes? I love the styling. It is simple and of any golf shoe I’ve worn, they could easily pass for a nice pair of tennis shoes. Could definitely just wear them out and about with a pair of jeans and have nothing to do with golf. White was probably a bad choice, they were hard to keep clean and developed a rub mark on the toe where my right foot rotates at the end of the swing.

How comfortable were the shoes? The shoes were very comfortable right out of the box. They didn’t need to be broken in; I walked 18 the day I got them and had no issues. I was worried about the high heel digging into the back of my heel, but it wasn’t a problem at all.

Were these shoes comfortable for walking? Yes – and I put them through the paces. I walked 8 rounds in 4 days at Bandon – about 60 miles – and wore these shoes for 4 of them (switching to a second pair for the afternoon each day). Although my feet were sore, I don’t think it was because of the shoes with that amount of walking. I found them equally as comfortable as my Puma Ignites that I was wearing.

How did the shoes perform during the swing? I found them to be perfectly fine. I didn’t notice anything good or bad, which I guess is what you want in a shoe.

How was the traction? Traction was good but not the best. I found that the wavy soles of my Adidas and Pumas had a little more traction going up and down hills and on wet grass, but I never had a problem with these shoes.

Any additional comments? The shoes are definitely high quality, well-made, and look great.

Would you recommend Duca del Cosma shoes to other golfers? For the price, I would probably not recommend the white version. One of the big positives of the shoes are the styling, and the white gets dirty fast, as well as the obvious toe rub mark due to swing movements. I think another color that hides the grime a bit better would be easier to recommend. Again – nothing “bad” about these shoes at all. They stood up to a pretty stout test walking at Bandon, but so did my Pumas at half the price.

Reader Review #3

Name: Jennifer Greenop

Duca del Cosma Shoe Tested: Bellezza

Previous Golf Shoes: FootJoy Flex

What do you think about the style of the shoes? I used to have a different FootJoy shoe with the wingtip style and the kiltie covering the laces so I chose this style to test.  I think they are great looking shoes but I would personally remove the kiltie and wear without for a more modern look.  I would restyle the wing tip to have a less pointy point on the toe to also modernize this classic look for wearing without the kiltie.   I would say on the plus side of the kiltie, it covers the crease that started to show on the top of the shoe from where the shoe bent when walking.  I think the white color of the shoe showed the crease more than a darker color would.  Having said that all leather shoes will show a crease.

How comfortable were the shoes? The fit is very snug for me in where the toes meet the foot.  I have a wider foot so a wide width would have fit me better if offered.  I think the leather would give naturally over time to offer a better fit if broken in with regular wear over a month or two.  It started to give a bit to adjust to my foot and started to feel more comfortable as I wore it longer.

Were these shoes comfortable for walking? Other than wishing it had a wide width, it was very comfortable for walking and the shoe feels very good on the foot, it is both soft and supportive.  It has a very soft cushioned feel when walking.  The tread is very high but it felt very comfortable and cushioning when walking.

How did the shoes perform during the swing? The shoes felt solid in my stance and the tread gripped well for my swing.  I adapted quickly to wearing them and did not notice any changes in my swing when switching to the shoes.

How was the traction? I am a fair weather golfer so the conditions were dry and the traction was good overall.

Any additional comments? Overall very high quality feel to the shoe and I would recommend.  Personally I would just need a wide width to wear as my everyday golf shoe.

Would you recommend Duca del Cosma shoes to other golfers? Yes

Reader Review #4

Name: Amy Gonzalez

Duca del Cosma Shoe Tested: Women’s Navy Caldes

Previous Golf Shoes: Ecco, Adidas

What do you think about the style of the shoes? I like the style.  Very classy.  (I chose these over the white ones based on style.  Not a fan of the flap). I asked friends for their opinions on style.  Most were positive.  Negative comments were that they were too shiny.

How comfortable were the shoes? At first, the shoes seemed to be too high in the ankle so I wore high ankle socks.  After a couple of wears, this was no longer noticeable and the shoes were very comfortable.  I especially appreciated the room in the toe box.

Were these shoes comfortable for walking? The shoes were comfortable while walking.

How did the shoes perform during the swing? I did not notice any difference in performance during the swing.

How was the traction? Good.  Traction was comparable to other similar shoes.

Any additional comments? My feet got a little hot and sweaty.  It has been in the mid 80’s in Taos, NM, which is hot for this region.  I would love to see some more summer weight shoes.  Also, the shoes are squeaky.  The squeaking is getting less with more wear.

Would you recommend Duca del Cosma shoes to other golfers? Absolutely.  They are very comfortable and good looking.

Matt Saternus

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