Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe Review

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe

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The Duca del Cosma Stanford winter golf shoe does an excellent job keeping your feet warm and dry in harsh weather.  Firm feel underfoot.  True-to-size fit and excellent last design.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe


A winter golf shoe may sound like an oxymoron to some of you.  Some of you may not even experience winter where you live.  But for the brave souls determined to play in all types of weather, Duca del Cosma has created the Stanford winter golf shoe.  I tested a pair to see if it can help me squeeze a few more rounds in before the snow falls.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe


We’ve reviewed a number of Duca del Cosma golf shoes, and the Stanford stands out for its very toned-down style.  Shoes like the Flyer [review HERE] and the Camelot [review HERE] announce their presence with bold colors, big logos, and wingtip ornamentation on the toe.  The Stanford, however, is entirely black and white with very minimal branding.  There are different materials at the heel and toe which create some subtle contrast, but this is an all-business shoe.

The Duca del Cosma Stanford is also available in Coffee, a medium brown with a tan element in the heel.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe


Sliding into the Duca del Cosma Stanford winter golf shoe for the first time, my initial impression was that it had a very balanced feel.  Nothing in the shoe pinched, but there wasn’t any extra room where my foot could slide around.  For sizing purposes, I found these to fit similarly to FootJoy.

After some walking in the Stanford, I further appreciated the fit of the heel.  My foot felt locked in and supported without being squeezed.  This snug fit is important because the insole is rather slick.  I also noted that there is not a lot of pillowy cushioning underfoot.  This is one of the firmest shoes I’ve tested in a while.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe


A winter golf shoe needs to put two things above all else: waterproofing and warmth.  Duca del Cosma did a fine job with both of these for the Stanford.  The Stanford stood up to being bathed in the sink, and they’ve kept my feet warm as the temperatures have dipped into the 30s.

In terms of traction, they’re about average for a spikeless shoe.  The tread pattern on the sole isn’t particularly aggressive, but it was enough to keep me stable on most swings.  Another thing that helped with this is that the sole feels more built up on the outside of the foot.  This helped me to feel more centered during the swing because my feet gently tilted “in”.

If you’re a walker, it’s important to note that the Stanford is not a light shoe.  In size 13, they weigh 24 ounces.  They don’t feel that heavy to me – the weight is well distributed – but it could be a big change if you’re used to light, athletic-style shoes.  This weight is certainly a factor in their warmth, and that may be a tradeoff you’re willing to make if you plan to golf in December or January.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe

One final thing that I really like is Duca del Cosma’s choice of lacing system.  Rather than having traditional eyelets all the way up the ankle, the top two crosses are supported by open hooks.  This has two advantages.  First, it makes it easier to get out of these shoes when they’ve been fully laced to keep out the cold and snow.  Second, it makes the Stanford more wearable and comfortable in middling weather when you don’t want it laced up to full height.

Duca del Cosma Stanford Winter Golf Shoe


The Duca del Cosma Stanford winter golf shoe is a solid choice for the player who wants to golf year round.  Though it is a bit heavy, that extra bulk helps it to provide warmth and waterproofing which are the most critical elements to the cold weather golfer.

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