Duca del Cosma Camelot Golf Shoe Review

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The Duca del Cosma Camelot combines top quality craftsmanship, eye-catching design, and functionality.  If you want to discover something new and exciting in the golf footwear space, you’ve clicked in the right place.


Throughout the 20th century, Italian shoemakers became synonymous with quality.  While some of golf’s iconic pieces of footwear are clearly influenced by Italian shoemaking heritage, golf shoes straight from the source are rare.

Thanks to Duca del Cosma, you can take those traditions of style and craftsmanship to the course.  As a fan of golf shoes and footwear in general, I was excited to take these for a spin.

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These days, golf shoes fall at some point on a spectrum between athletic-inspired and dress-inspired.  The Camelot certainly falls very close to the dress end of that spectrum, but there’s plenty of flair, too.  The orange details and patent leather heel cups are details that really help give the shoe a unique personality and an eye-catching look.

The shoes also come with a set of orange laces in case you really want to lean into the orange details and let your fun flag fly.  I may switch over to the orange in the summer but think that navy is the play during the colder months.  The Camelot is also available in two additional colorways: white/denim and navy/cognac.


The Camelot is comfortable albeit nowhere near pillowy in its cushioning.  Its Arneflex® insole features memory foam covered with cow leather.  Compared to some modern shoes of the more athletic style, the insoles feel a bit firm.  While your feet may not be nestling into pillowy softness, the cushioning they provide against the ground is well-proportioned.

In terms of width, I’d consider them medium.  My foot is of an average width, and I found the Camelot to be comfortable right out of the box.

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For me, walking is a big part of the performance of a golf shoe.  I walked 18 in December on rock hard frozen ground and was glad I wore the Camelot.  My feet felt great afterwards.  Unsurprisingly, they are just as comfortable in better conditions.

Traction is also extremely important.  The rubber nubs on the bottom don’t look terribly sophisticated, but I haven’t experienced any slippage while wearing these.  While I wouldn’t worry about a little bit of rain or dew, thanks to its waterproof bootie and a hydrophobic treatment on the leather, I probably wouldn’t wear these in particularly wet or mucky conditions.  But that’s honestly on not wanting to get them dirty as much as it is being worried about traction.

Being that the upper is made from high quality Nappa leather, I’m looking forward to these shoes continuing to form themselves to my foot and soften as I wear them.


If you like a dress-inspired, traditional golf shoe with a little personality and aren’t afraid to pay a premium price tag ($229) the Duca del Cosma Camelot is for you.  Obvious attention to craftsmanship and style that will turn heads on the course and in the clubhouse.

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