ASICS GEL-Course ACE Golf Shoe Review

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The ASICS GEL-Course ACE spikeless golf shoes provide both wonderful comfort and excellent traction.  Athletic design stands out in both the looks and performance.


When the new ASICS GEL-Course ACE shoes arrived, I grabbed the Glides [full review HERE] I’ve been wearing for over a year for a visual comparison.  There were some obvious differences in the materials of the uppers and cut around the ankle, but many aspects, like the sole, looked identical.  With the Glide being one of my favorite golf shoes of 2020, I was excited by what I saw in the ACE – it was time for some wear testing.



The ASICS GEL-Course ACE have the look of an athletic shoe from every angle, their golf focus revealed only by the aggressive sole.  The iconic ASICS stripes still dominate the sides, but, in the white/white colorway featured here, are a bit more subdued.  The ACE also come in white/pure silver and graphite grey colorways.

I’m a big fan of pops of color that add visual interest without being brash, and the splash of neon yellow at the heel and matching sections on the sole are right up my alley.  The lighter grey color of my ACE shoes look great with shorts and make them destined for a lot of play this summer.


I declared the Glide’s comfort as “world-class,” so the bar was set high for the new GEL-Course ACE – and they didn’t disappoint.  Inside the shoe, the Ortholite foam insole was firm yet responsive.  Combined with the FlyteFoam of the midsole, the cushioning hits the comfort sweet spot for all day comfort.

A soft, continuous sock liner surrounded the top of my foot.  The comfort continued around my ankles where ample padding and a low cut locked in my heel.  To absorb impact forces while walking, ASICS strategically placed gel in the heel – and highlighted it with a window of yellow.  Sizing was true to my normal size with an overall secure fit that still left a bit of wiggle room for my toes. 


Compared to an ASICS running shoe, the GEL-Course ACE had less flex while walking but was nothing close to stiff thanks to strategically located flex grooves.  During the golf swing, those became beneficial elements working in harmony with rotational forces.  Lateral stability was also good.  I’d categorize the ACE as a mobility shoe with enough stability to satisfy most golfers’ needs. 

On the traction front, the GEL-Course ACE is one of the best spikeless shoes I’ve tested.  Examining the sole, it’s obvious that ASICS put a lot of engineering into the design.  Just look at the variety of sizes and orientations of the wedge shaped studs in the yellow sections.  Directional traction elements are also apparent in the grey perimeter of the sole.

It’s been a dry spring in Central Florida, so to test the waterproofness of the GEL-Course ACE, I gave them some time under the laundry sink faucet.  Along the sides, across the toes and even up onto the tongue, the shoes remained dry inside.  ASICS doesn’t stipulate any warranty, but being based on a liner and not just a coating, I expect some longevity.


ASICS may be best known for their running shoes, but they didn’t miss a beat designing an awesome golf shoe with the GEL-Course ACE.  Super comfortable, this is a shoe I’d want for walking several days at Bandon Dunes [learn why HERE].  The construction of the sole not only provided excellent traction, but also worked in conjunction with the dynamics of my golf swing.  Great looks just adds icing to the cake.


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  1. What’s the biggest difference between the Ace and the Glide?

  2. Greg Hollis

    Good looking shoe that appears to be very comfortable! Wish the yellow would be included in the rest of the stripes to really make it pop but still an attractive shoe! U gave no price on them! Always enjoy your columns great work👌

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the kind words Greg. I wanted you to be enjoy the element of discovery on the price. But since you asked, they retail for $150.

      – Meeks

  3. Meeks will they be offering this exact shoe in the BOA?? I hate having to tie my golf shoes 😂 i own the Asics BOA and they are out of this world!! They definitely repel the AM dew or when our course mgr sees us on 8 and turns the sprinklers on us!! I agree with Greg the more yellow the better pop in the looks. See what you can do!!

    • Matt Meeker

      There’s not a BOA version in the 2021 catalog Scott, but it’s been a fluid 12 months in the golf industry so keep checking the Srixon website.

      Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

  4. If I don’t need the waterproof aspect of these is there any other reason to buy these instead of the much cheaper ASIC Glides? Other than being more waterproof can you contrast them with the glides? For example do both their flexibility of the soles when walking and the stability of the shoe when swinging the club.

    • Matt Meeker

      The soles are identical Ned and feel is essentially the same walking or swinging. Can’t go wrong with either model – enjoy.

      – Meeks

  5. Wes Thompson

    Are they planning a black Gel-Course Ace?

  6. Lawrence Eisenberg

    I wear size 44 Ecco and 10.5W Footjoys, but my running shoes are 11.5. What size would I need in an Asics Gel Course Ace?

  7. Dave Simpson

    I’m looking at buying these. I’ve owned several Ecco’s because of the support I need due to bad arches. How are the Asics when it comes to arch support?

    • Arch support wasn’t anything that made my notes during testing Dave. So I’d say it’s normal-ish.

      Thanks for reaching out.

      – Meeks

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