ASICS GEL-COURSE Glide Golf Shoe Review

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Part of ASICS debut into the North American golf market, the GEL-COURSE Glide shoes provide amazing comfort while delivering solid traction and stability.  Distinctive athletic look.


Having worn ASICS running shoes for many years, I’d been intrigued seeing Hideki Matsuyama wearing ASICS golf shoes – only to be thwarted trying to find details on them.  I was thrilled to learn Srixon was bringing ASICS golf shoes to the North American market.  Finally an opportunity to find out what the expert designers at a legendary global brand could do with a golf shoe.



The ASICS GEL-COURSE Glide have a strong athletic shoe look, employing multiple materials and large iconic stripes.  Although there’s a lot going on with the colors and textures, the shoes don’t look busy.  The varied elements appear – and are – functional.

If you prefer a more subtle color palette, the GEL-COURSE Glides also come in white, black, and grey combos plus a stellar all black version – 5 colorways in all.


The moment I first slipped on the GEL-COURSE Glide, I knew these shoes were special.  The padding under the balls of my feet felt wonderfully supportive in a way I had not sensed before.  The insole foam was responsive, firm but with cushioning.  Looking at the tags that I had ripped off earlier in haste, I discovered one for Ortholite, “the secret inside” which listed the performance features as long-term cushioning, breathability, moisture management and being lightweight.  On course testing confirmed all these to be integral to the overall comfort of the shoe.

Size wise, the ASICS were true to my normal size.  The cut of the GEL-COURSE Glide was low on the ankles with ample padding around the opening.  The number and design of the eyelets made an easy task of tightening the laces and securing a good fit.  The toe box allowed my toes some wiggle room.  Strategically located to provide shock absorption in the heel, the ASICS GEL worked in harmony with midsole flex at the balls of my feet give the shoe a relaxed, natural flow while walking.


As comfortable as the GEL-COURSE Glide golf are for walking, it was the torsional stiffness during the golf swing that impressed me.  The rigid material utilized in the quarter panels – side stripe areas – and the molded heel provided stability that helped me harness the power from the ground through my lower body.

The molded sole elements provided solid traction in varying turf heights and as well as wet and dry conditions.  Although the sole is rugged and robust, the shoe remains fairly lightweight.  In the midsoles ASICS utilized their patented FlyteFoam material which ASICS asserts is 55% lighter than industry standards.  Part of the science behind FlyteFoam involves ballistic-grade elastic fibers which allow for thinner bubble walls and higher gas content in the foam.  Besides the weight savings, FlyteFoam enhances shock absorption and durability – good for your feet and your wallet.


Assuming the GEL-COURSE Glide’s are just ASICS running shoes with an aggressive sole would be a huge mistake.  The shoe is definitely engineered for the rigors of golf.  Although the athletic look may not suit every golfer’s eye, it does match the performance they look for in a golf shoe.  Plus the comfort is world-class.

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  1. John Hire

    Hi Matt, nice review, any comment on arch support? Thanks.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks John,

      Arch support didn’t catch my attention either way during testing -which for me indicated it was good. Curious, I just tried them on again focused on the arch and the insole felt supportive. Not overbearing, but definitely there.

      – Meeks

  2. whoanellie

    Are they waterproof, water repellant, or “buy some Scotchgard”?

  3. Eugene Ziehm

    Does this shoe come in extra wide sizes?

  4. ASH Green

    Wow :)
    This is an incredible collection of ideas!
    Waiting for more helpful pieces.

  5. Matt
    I may order a pair over the internet. I have worn Asics for years and wear size US 10.5 in the gel cumulus running shoe. Can I feel comfortable in ordering the golf shoe in a size 10.5 based on your experience?
    Thank you,

    • Matt Meeker


      Thanks for reading the review and picking up on the fact that I wore Asics running shoes in the past. And yes, for my feet, 9.5 was the right size in both the running and golf Asics.

      – Meeks

  6. Matt,
    Thank you for the prompt response.
    I walk when I can on the course and hearing that Asics now has a golf shoe really peaked my interest. Am I correct in assuming that you walked a round or two in the Gel Course Glides to get the real feel for them? I now am wearing the ASIC running shoes for my golf.

  7. 👍

  8. Rick Baldwin

    Have only 3 rounds in mine, but positive thoughts so far

  9. I have been suffering from Plantars Fasciitis for a few years and have used prescription inserts in all my golf shoes.

    Can someone tell me if these shoes have a good insert to protect the arc of the foot?

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