Cobra KING Tour Irons Review

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With great feel and forgiveness, the Cobra KING Tour irons offer golfers both playability and consistency.  Modern looks that reflect its modern technology.

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Situated nonchalantly between ‘KING’ and ‘TOUR’ on the back of the namesake irons is the real headliner – ‘MIM TECHNOLOGY.’  MIM stands for Metal Injection Molding, a state of the art manufacturing process that allows Cobra to produce club heads with amazing precision, and with uniform metal grain structure that surpasses forgings.  What does the MIM Technology mean to you the golfer?  Keep reading to find out.

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The Cobra KING Tour irons have a look that caused me to hesitate on categorization.  The narrow topline and slight offset clearly communicate a pure players irons.  But both a little more length in the blade and a slightly wider sole might cause purists to raise an eyebrow.  If, like me, you find the compact look of blades intimidating, the KING Tour irons should be very appealing.

While the irons are devoid of the bold colors that give Cobra woods identity, the large ‘KING’ on the backside makes a clear statement of the brand.  There’s a lot going on in the cavity, but the chrome and black motif gives it a unified look.  The matte finish on the face and grooves devoid of paint fill give the irons a clean, classic look.

Sound & Feel

The Cobra King Tour irons produced a pleasant medium volume ‘thwack’ that was fairly consistent across the face.  Usually the first note I make, I had to revisit the sound after being enthralled with the soft, satisfying feel.  The irons offered excellent feedback on strike location without ever feeling harsh.

Feel is where the MIM Technology really shines for golfers.  Unlike a forged carbon steel head where the metal is literally pounded to achieve a tight grain structure, the MIM process starts with powdered stainless steel that results in a uniform, ultra tight grain, ensuring a consistent soft feel across the face – and face to face through the set.


Once I was able to shift my focus from the wonderful feel, I began to note how consistent the ball flights were.  Not only were shots tracking nice mid trajectories, they were landing in a fairly tight grouping.  Even on far less than perfect strikes, the carry was generous – more in line with what I’ve experienced with game improvement irons.

As I mentioned earlier, Cobra designers did a marvelous job at communicating feedback, but they also were able to deliver stability.  The non-harsh feel comes from a vibration dampening TPU insert behind the face.  For stability, team Cobra utilized a tungsten insert in the toe.  Both attributes were executed with precision thanks again to the MIM process.

The Cobra KING Tour irons have lofts that align with today’s players segment.  Spin was on the low side for me.  I attribute that to the KBS $ Taper shafts which are designed to be low spin.  Regardless, the irons offered plenty of workability.   As always, a proper fitting session will be the key to unlocking the full performance potential of the irons.


The Cobra KING Tour irons offer another great option in the players irons category for golfers seeking both feel and forgiveness.  What differentiates the King Tour irons is the advanced manufacturing technique MIM, which Cobra describes as “the most precise way to make a precision iron.”  And even though having ‘Tour’ in the name implies these irons are for better players only, they’re equally appropriate for those aspiring to be such.

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Matt Meeker


  1. Matt:
    Informative article. I have a friend playing Cobra King irons and loves them. The irons have more forgiveness than their appearance would suggest.

  2. Thank you Matt. Love your stuff.

    My golf spy compared this iron to the Pf-2 from New Level.

    Can I request a review of the PF-1 and/or PF-2?

    Eric appears to be making forged CNC product that is clean, crisp, and rivals the big boys. PF-1 at address, with less offset, looks flawless.

    Thanks Matt!

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for the kind comments Bob. We don’t take requests (sorry, reflex from band days) but will check in with New Level.

      – Meeks

  3. I’d like to know how these compare to the i210 and p770 in terms of head size and how easy they are to hit. They all have different construction and I’m assuming very different feel. That being said they seem to all sit in a similar category right above the t100/apex tcb etc in terms of forgiveness and ease of use

  4. To bad the company is not going to make of this anymore. Just like Greg said a lot of forgiveness on this iron, I just bought this today test it out of the driving range I know I wasn’t making a good contact but dem still flew in the air like crazy. I can hit my P wedge 120.

  5. Willem Cloete

    I believe and maintain, that Cobra’s technology is far superior to any other brand. It started with the F9 series, which in my view is the best they have ever produced. Great clubs. Pitty I can’t afford them teachers in South Africa gets paid lije crap. Enjoy playing, mates.

  6. James Shutter

    I got to try these great looking clubs, bucket list irons. I’m a retired aircraft machinist 65 male with only playing the best comfortable sharp impressive golf anywhere I go. Thanks for your time and efforts on making this old boy a happy man. Peace n chicken grease 3500 N. E. Loop 820, 2015B, Fort Worth, Texas 76137

  7. Could the low spin also be contributed from lower swing speed?

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