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50 Words or Less

The Cobra LTDx irons are very strong contenders in the game improvement arena.  High, consistent launch.  Very stable.  High tech looks.

Check out the new Cobra Aerojet irons HERE


Cobra’s excellent LTDx drivers [review HERE] have received tremendous, well-deserved praise this year.  I have not heard the same level of fervor around their LTDx irons.  I brought a set in for testing to find out if golfers are missing a winner or if Cobra put all their focus on the big stick.


At address, the Cobra LTDx irons are exactly what a game improvement iron should be.  There’s a noticeable amount of offset that grows as you move toward the longer irons.  The top line is medium thick, and the blade length provides a little comfort when framing the ball.  Additionally, the matte finish across the club head does a good job of reducing glare.

In the bag, the LTDx irons are at once low key and eye-catching.  With only a sliver of orange in their largely-black cavity, these clubs don’t scream out for attention.  However, when you take a good look at them, the construction is mesmerizing.  The polymer injected casing of the core bar reminded me of Cobra’s 3D-printed putters like the Agera [review HERE] and Supernova [review HERE].  Finally, the toe weights on each iron hint at the outstanding forgiveness.

Sound & Feel

Striking a golf ball with the Cobra LTDx irons produces a quiet “knock” with a medium firm feel.  There is a very pleasant, softer impact feel for truly perfect strikes.

The feedback comes primarily through your ears.  Mishits get louder as impact moves away from the center of the face.  The feel does get noticeably firmer on big misses, but strikes near the center of the face are tough to distinguish.


The LTDx irons look high tech, and that’s born out when you read Cobra’s overview.  These irons features PWRSHELL Face Technology – an L-Cup face that promotes higher ball speed and higher launch – as well as a multi-layer PWR-COR weighting system.  This involves a steel core bar that positions weight low in the head but is separated from the face by a polymer casing so it doesn’t keep the face from flexing.

That low CG was immediately evident when I started testing these irons.  My notes state, “Everything gets up!” with the exclamation point for emphasis.  From the pitching wedge through the 4I, every club launches the ball high with tremendous consistency.  This is particularly valuable in the long irons where a thin, low launching shot can leave you well short of your target.

With their emphasis on low CG, I was curious what the spin would be like throughout this set.  I took the LTDx irons to the launch monitor with Tour-quality golf balls to test.  Pleasantly, I found ample spin to hold greens throughout the set.  The scoring irons pair their very high launch with slightly lower spin for control in the wind.  Mid irons had average spin, and the long irons were average, maybe even a touch above average, which is great for maximizing carry distance.

Finally, Cobra’s visible efforts to pack weight into the heel and toe pay off with great stability.  You need a substantial mishit to feel any twisting at all.  While you can work shots with these clubs, they’re primarily interested in flying straight.

The Cobra LTDx irons do not come with Arccos sensors built into the grips as previous generations did.  However, by purchasing this set, you are eligible to receive a set of Arccos sensors and use of the Arccos Caddie app.  Learn more about Arccos HERE.  Additionally, the Cobra LTDx irons are available in conventional lengths, One Length, and as a combo set.


As good as the drivers are, the Cobra LTDx irons are just as good, maybe better.  If you want more forgiveness and consistency in your approach game, make these a part of your next fitting.

Visit Cobra HERE

Cobra LTDx Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Eric Hutchens

    Great review. Cobra is a very under rated brand

  2. Peter Simshauser

    Matt: Excellent review of a great-looking club. Curious to hear how these stack up against TM Stealth irons for holding greens. I love the Stealth’s playability, but they do tend to run out a lot.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      I didn’t review the Stealth irons, so I can’t offer a comparison.



    • I have both sets of irons. To me , the Cobra’s are longer and hold the greens better. The TM’s feel better and are straighter. Both sets are easy to launch high. The Cobra’s have a satin chrome finish and the TM’s are an unplaited raw steel finish. I believe you can not go wrong with either set.

  3. I have been playing these irons and drivers almost since they came out and it was a big improvement from the box set my local golf shop sold my wife. Im really loving this set! The Agera putter is really awsome as well and has really helped my putting.

  4. I bought a set of these just after they released. I was using the Cobra King OS irons for a few seasons before I got the LTDx irons. The King OS were ok and served their purpose but it is night and day when compared to the LTDx. The sticks are SO much easier to hit. Like the review said, I hit them higher, straighter and longer than my previous set. For example my 7 iron distance went from 160ish yards with my King OS to 170ish yards with the LTDx (and the lofts are nearly identical). I couldn’t be happier with this set.

  5. Hassell McClanahan

    I need a set

  6. I just can’t get my head around the lofts for gapping purposes. 2° between 4 and 5, then 3° in the mid irons, ballooning all the way to 6° at the wedges… how can they provide consistent distance gaps?

    • Matt Saternus


      I agree, it seems odd, but the marriage of lofts and CG works. I tested the entire set and the distance gaps were fairly even throughout.


  7. James Redmond

    Demoed irons what does – on club mean

  8. I shall be taking a back seat with golf. I put my brand new King Cobra complete set LTDX Irons and drivers and golfbag into the container for I am in the process of moving to New Zealand. DURBAN fluded with heavy rains and so did my complete set of clubs. Very sad story and it brought tears to my eyes.

  9. All my life I have played with King Cobra golf clubs and drivers. Found they very underrated. Been playing off a 4/5 handicap for a while and very happy with the latest Cobras up until they drowned in the floods.

  10. Leonard walker

    I have the cobra F8s in my bag, and I really like these Irons. I was really wanting LTDx Irons but I was a little short in my cash flow.
    I did purchase king cobra Ltd x driver…….fabulous driver. Wish I could have been able to afford the Irons too, Excellent clubs !

  11. Leonard walker

    I would love to win the
    Ltd x Irons…….Amen!

  12. Dallas Paul

    I am looking at the LTD x irons. Have swung Taylormade R9’s till now…Looking to jump into something new. Have been looking at LTD x’s and Rad’s, and Speedzones… thoughts???

    • Matt Saternus


      Our best advice is always to get fit. All three of those are fine sets and very similar. The biggest key will be getting a shaft that fits your swing.



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