Cobra KING 3D Printed Agera Putter Review

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The Cobra KING Agera putter is a massive putter designed for maximum forgiveness.  Multiple length options.  SIK Face Technology.


Cobra has long been the one major OEM that’s largely absent from the putter category.  That recently changed in a big way.  Not only does Cobra now have a full line of putters, they’re bringing some of the most advanced technology to the green with 3D printing and SIK Face Technology.


Lots of golf clubs try to be two things at once – a GI iron with players appeal, a compact driver that still has forgiveness.  The Cobra KING 3D Printed Agera, however, leans fully into what it is: a giant, modern mallet.  This is, hands down, one of the biggest-looking putters I’ve ever tested.  If you find confidence in a massive flat stick, stop reading now and go buy the Agera.

In addition to its size, the Cobra KING Agera has a bold shape.  While elements of it are reminiscent of the Spider, the angular design makes it something unique.  Also, deciding to make the 3D printed lattice visible at address is something only Cobra would do.

When it comes to alignment, the Agera is actually surprisingly modest.  There’s a black and silver bar that runs through the “cavity” in the middle, but there are no stark “look at me!” aiming aids.  I found the contrast between the black top line and the silver body to be most helpful for alignment.

The sole of the Agera looks industrial, high tech.  Cobra’s branding is surprisingly toned down despite the bold paint fill.  This puts the focus on the tungsten weights in the corners and the ways the different pieces of this putter fit together.

Finally, I need to tip my hat to Cobra for the headcover.  Again, in unmistakably Cobra fashion, they’ve created something that has visual interest from every angle.  The quilted underside with the “3D Printed” logo is my favorite, but the highlighter-yellow branding is sharp, too.

Sound & Feel

Striking a urethane-covered ball with the Cobra Agera produces a low pitched sound which complements the solid feel.  The one standout note at impact is that the sound has a slightly springy, bouncy quality to it.  As someone who putts with dying speed, I liked the sensation that the ball had a little extra boost off the face.

Feedback on strike quality will come primarily through your ears.  Mishits get a bit higher pitched and create a less robust sound.  Because the head is so large and stable, you won’t feel mishits unless you’re really paying attention.


Cobra advertises the KING 3D Printed Agera as their “most forgiving and stable putter shape,” and it’s hard to imagine a putter being much more forgiving than this.  While the size is a component to the Agera’s forgiveness, it’s really driven by the multi-material construction.  Cobra uses a lightweight aluminum crown, a heavy steel chassis, a 3D printed nylon lattice, and tungsten plugs to optimize weighting for stability and consistent roll.

You don’t need to worry about the intricacies of the construction to enjoy the benefits of the Agera.  The bottom line is that you can hit the ball almost anywhere on the face and end up with a decent result.  Mishits carry nearly as much speed as pure strikes and stray only fractionally from their intended line.

The other key feature in the KING 3D Printed Agera putter is SIK Face Technology.  If you’re interested in learning all about SIK you can find more reviews HERE, but the short version is the face has four different lofts so that you get consistent launch angle and roll regardless of how you strike the ball.  This marriage of Cobra and SIK comes about because Bryson Dechambeau, a Cobra brand ambassador, has been using SIK putters for quite a while.  Regardless of how you feel about the polarizing young star, you’ll see the benefits of SIK’s technology on the greens.

The Cobra KING Agera comes in three different length configurations.  The standard version can be purchased at 34″ or 35″.  Cobra also offers a One Length version at 37.5″.  Per Cobra, this is intended for players who “desire a taller posture at address.”  Finally, there’s an Armlock version at 41″, which is what I tested for this review.  The longer shaft allows the player to anchor the grip against their forearm.  At each length, the KING Agera putter comes with a single bend shaft and is face balanced.


The KING 3D Printed Agera is the perfect Cobra putter: loaded with interesting technology, unapologetically bold, and able to hold its own with any other OEM.  If you like large, modern mallets and want all the forgiveness that money can buy, make sure to give the Agera a roll.

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  1. Gaines J. David

    What is the list price of this Cobra putter?

  2. Was going to do a putter fitting soon and something I have never discussed with anyone was the proper loft I would need, does the SIK face negate the need or concern of loft on the putter?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a really interesting question. My understanding of the SIK face is that it minimizes the impact of vertical mishits, but I don’t think it negates the need to get fit. For example, a player who “adds loft” might still want to have the putter bent to decrease static loft, or vice versa. Ultimately, whether the face is planar or SIK, you’re trying to create a certain set of conditions at impact, and the stock loft(s) won’t fit everyone.



  3. Looks interesting. Is it available in a center shaft version?

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