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Cobra King 3D Printed Supernova Putter Review

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The Cobra King 3D printed Supernova putter is a wingback style putter with plenty of alignment help and a unique face technology to improve your putting.


When I think of a putter being “printed,” I imagine a cheap piece of plastic or paper-like material with very low quality.  Cobra quickly proved me wrong with their latest line of King putters.  The printed aspect of the new putter is described as a nylon lattice cartridge insert that promotes a high MOI (forgiveness).  The team at CPG partnered with well-known printer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) to generate a putter with the unique weight distribution for optimizing consistency and roll.


The wingback shape on the Supernova is well executed.  There are a sufficient amount of alignment aids to make it easy to set up square.  At address, I was surprised how much I liked the single line on top coupled with the two wide lines along the wings of the putter.  It made me feel comfortable lining up putts.  The unique face, which I will talk more about later, is designed in part by the engineers at SIK putters and is divided into four sections by three black lines.

The carbon grey matches nicely with the black accents and hint of neon throughout.  When you look closer, the spider-web lattice that makes up the printed part of the putter is unique yet seems to be quite durable.  Just behind this cartridge insert are small round cylinder weights.  They appear to be screwed into the bottom and give the putter a mechanical vibe, as if there’s more adjustability, although Cobra doesn’t advertise this.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Cobra Supernova had me most intrigued because of the new face technology.   I expected some variation in feel but only occasionally did I feel a sound that was different from the rest.  Most putts were a muted, low pitch “tap.”  The soft feel off the face was consistent from the heel to toe.  Color me surprised with how much I enjoyed the feel of this insert.


I have to say, it is impressive that Cobra hasn’t been making putters for years.  Cobra’s attention to detail on this new line is hard to argue against.  Despite not being a fan of larger mallet putters, the Cobra Supernova fit so naturally with my stroke and was so consistent in my testing.

I started by attempting to make contact with each individual section of the SIK face.   I found that no matter the stroke type, the face put a consistent roll on the ball every time.  Long putts rolled well and each putt matched what I felt in the swing.  Short putts were easy to line up and get online thanks to the three alignment stripes.

I have always found there to be some disconnect between insert putters and having good distance control.  This was the opposite.  I found my distance control instantly improved using this putter.  The perimeter weighting promoted a balanced tempo and I had a hard time not bagging this putter immediately.  It is also worth noting that each putter comes standard with the Arccos adapter built into the grip.


How is a printed putter going to help improve your game?  The 3D printed cartridge proved to be the path to ideal weighting with maximum forgiveness .  Combine that with new technology in the SIK face, Arccos technology in the grip, and multiple alignment aids, and the Supernova is a star that can make anyone shine on the greens.

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  1. Interesting..a buddy and I were in PGA superstore last weekend and demoed every fang style putter in the store. We both agreed the cobra was in the top 2. It was just hard to see Cobra on a putter!

  2. Good article, Zack. What is the cost of this melted metal masterpiece?

  3. Jorge Villalba

    Thank, great review.
    Valencia, Spain

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