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The Cobra King F6 hybrid is a consistent and solid rescue club that fits in well with Cobra’s newly elevated standard in equipment.



If you’ve been following our Cobra reviews over the past couple of months, it’s no secret that I’ve been a massive fan of the Cobra King LTD line.  I was more than anxious to see if the new Cobra King F6 line lived up to the same high standard established by the LTD clubs.  With the King LTD line lacking a hybrid, the Cobra King F6 hybrid stands as the only high-end hybrid option across the Cobra catalog this season, so I was excited to see if this club had what it took to round out the woods section of my bag this season.



If you’ve taken a close look at Cobra hybrids over the past two generations, the overall size and shape of the Cobra King F6 hybrid will not be surprising to you.  The footprint is a medium size with what I will call a fuller, round-ish pear shape.  It’s certainly not bulbous, but I wouldn’t consider putting it in the “tiny peanut” category either.


The aesthetic differentiators from previous generations can be found on the sole with the predominant black, bright orange fixed weight, as well as the textured dot pattern on the trailing edge of the crown.  Also, in a surprising move, the King F6 hybrid is only offered in a black finish – a departure from previously available bright colors like orange, red, and blue.


Sound & Feel

In both sound and feel, the Cobra King F6 hybrid starts to depart from the previous versions of Cobra hybrids.  Previous generations of Cobra hybrids had more of a small metal wood sound (that kind of springy metallic ping) and that trampoline feeling at impact.  The King F6 hybrid has a much more solid feel and much more of a solid “thwack” for a sound.  Where some players may prefer that confidence-inducing trampoline vibe, other players are going to prefer the more solid and responsive feeling of the Cobra King F6 hybrid.  Mishits will certainly be more noticeable in your hands with the F6, but they will hardly leave your hands stinging in the aftermath of a poor shot.



I think the performance of the Cobra King F6 hybrid is largely going to be based on what kind of hybrid player you are.  In theory, the King F6 hybrid is supposed to be easy to launch high in the air with its center of of gravity low and deep in the head.  My current gamer hybrid is actually last year’s Cobra Fly-Z hybrid, and I honestly thought these two hybrids would perform very similar.  With the Fly-Z hybrid, I get more of a high launch with a soft landing making for a better long iron replacement.  With the King F6 hybrid, using the same shaft, I found I was hitting the ball with a bit lower trajectory and getting more roll.  If I was looking to use my hybrid as a fairway wood alternative for greater distance, I think the King F6 hybrid would make for a great choice.  Of course, it goes without saying, many people will likely hit the F6 totally different than me and have a nice high trajectory and soft landing.

One thing that was extremely apparent and exciting for me was the accuracy of the King F6 hybrid.  During some research we did in the past (see it here), we found that hybrids are typically longer than long irons, but they are far less accurate.  You know this intuitively is you’ve seen how often people hit giant slices and hooks with them on the course and range.  The Cobra King F6 hybrid was astoundingly accurate for me.  I had a very tight dispersion with the F6 hybrid, and found it to be very consistent and predictable – perfect for a hybrid.



In the interest of absolute honesty, I won’t sit here and tell you that I think the Cobra King F6 hybrid is a revolutionary hybrid…and that’s ok.  For someone looking to get a fresh look and a new hybrid in the bag, the King F6 will be a great option with solid feel and reliable accuracy.  The hybrid clubs in your bag should be tools of dependability and consistency to deliver accurate long shots for tough distances, and the King F6 hybrid will certainly be up for this job.

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