Cobra AEROJET MAX Fairway Wood Review

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The Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood is a forgiveness machine.  Its draw bias, high launch and spin characteristics keep the ball in play more often for any player looking to split more fairways.


With all the club options out in the wild today, there is never an easy answer to the question “What fairway wood is best for me?”  For many golfers, myself included, we gravitate towards two, maybe three brands that we think will answer that question.  However, having an open mind and trying a wider variety of clubs in a fitting is the only true way to find the best fairway wood for each person’s game.  I don’t mean that just in terms of brands but in the versions of each club.

Thus, I present the Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood.  Yes, this is designed for more forgiveness, to help produce a more draw ball flight pattern and increased spin.  Can it still be ideal for a scratch golfer?  Absolutely.  Can it also be perfect for a 20 handicap that struggles with a big slice?  Even more so.  In this review, I will cover all of this and more.

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The Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood has a clean, elevated look to it.  The crown sports a glossy finish with a carbon fiber underlay outlined by a white border along the rear of the club.  The leading edge is only disturbed by a “C” crown logo as an alignment aid.

In the bag, the AEROJET MAX shows some flair with a bit of red, white, and blue mixed in along the sole.  The two replaceable weights sit in the rear and heel of the club which encourage a closed club face at impact.  The easy to read loft sleeve sits on the heel and displays the settings for the club.

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Sound & Feel

The Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood produces a pleasant surprise when it comes to sound.  Each strike generates a high pitched “tap” that is instantly comforting and easy to get used to.  It is relatively quiet while each swing sounds like it is square on the screws.

The feel had more feedback than the sound into how well I struck the ball.  Center strikes yield a soft, almost absent feel.  When I moved away from center I felt the club vibrate more through the grip.  The head also seemed light but balanced as if I could go after the ball without straining myself.


As you can see from the numbers, the Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood is a higher spinning fairway wood.  Every swing delivers a moderately high ball flight and soft landing, ideal for those approaches on par 5s and the occasional long par 4.  The increase in launch and elevated spin also keeps any extreme miss right or left at bay.  I certainly understand the argument that giving up distance is a product of more spin.  However, the trade off for keeping the ball in play is monumentally more important for many and the AEROJET MAX fairway wood delivers on that.

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Every golfer is different and will have a variety of needs when it comes to selecting a fairway wood.  This is also important to the engineers at Cobra as they have multiple layers of adjustability just in the draw biased version of their latest AEROJET fairway line.  My biggest takeaway on this type of fairway wood is that it is all relative to your swing.  If you already produce a small 5 yard draw, this club may get you to turn the ball over a bit more to a 10 or 15 yard draw.  If you are a chronic slicer, this may only reduce your slice from a 40 yard miss to a 25 yard miss.  Either way, the adjustability will help dial this level of ball flight change for any style player.

No matter which style of player you are, the Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway wood comes stock with a variety of options when ordering.  The MCA Kai’Li Blue is the primary stock shaft option but most of the Mitsubishi shafts and even some Project X shafts come as a no upcharge option.  Cobra also offers players additional weights for purchase for those looking to tinker or fine tune their setup.  Each fairway wood comes in at $329 which is an increase of $30 from last year’s Cobra LTDx FW [review HERE].

cobra aerojet max fairway wood


The Cobra AEROJET MAX fairway is the most forgiving fairway wood in the Cobra lineup.  The draw bias weighting system works well to minimize the right miss.  The relatively higher spinning MAX edition keeps the ball in play more often and is perfect for those looking for more accuracy off the tee and long approach shots.

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2023 Cobra AEROJET MAX Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Feel like this is the first Cobra FW I’ve seen in a while without the “rails” on the sole. Any difference in turf interaction hitting off the deck compared to prior Cobra models?

    • Zack Buechner

      Hey DJM,

      I definitely prefer the smooth sole compared to the rails of previous generations. There is less resistance, particularly off the turf.



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