Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood Review

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The Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood takes what was great about the driver [review HERE], and puts it into a smaller package.  It’s a low-spin and high ball speed club head that truly maximizes distance and does so at less price than much of its competition this year. 


For years Cobra has been a brand that has been less expensive than the competitors, and that continues this year.  While the newest player’s model of fairway woods from TaylorMade costs $450, and Titleist and Callaway price out at $350, Cobra’s model is for sale at $330.  Normally, a lower price means some kind of sacrifice, but that’s just not the case with this fairway wood.  Despite the savings, there are only minor differences in performance.  Ultimately, that makes Cobra’s offering a great value.  

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood address


At the address position, the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood looks simple, clean, and modern.  It features a grey and black, glossy, chessboard-like appearance.  You can immediately tell that it’s a Cobra-branded club with a “C” on the crown as the alignment aid.  Unlike the driver, the woods do not feature a matte topline, only the glossy carbon crown.  

*5-Wood shown above

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood sole

The sole of the club is starkly different.  So different in fact, I almost feel like it could be mistakenly thought to be a different club altogether.  It features a black “X” that’s surrounded by white trim, tiny red accents, and a bit of blue – primarily the two weights in the heel and toe of the club.  The primary colors pop off the bottom of the club but give a feeling of a club intended for a younger player…or just a less-traditional player.  

The head cover looks less like the modern, subtle address view of the club and much more like the loud sole.  Compared to the head covers from the other major manufacturers, it does have a slightly retro vibe.  

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood face

Feel & Sound

When I said that the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood is just a smaller version of the driver, I meant it.  Off of the smaller head, even very solid strikes sound like they are up an octave higher than they should be but not in an off-putting way.  The acoustics of the club are higher, lighter, and airier than most of the other fairway woods I’ve tested this year.  If the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond fairway wood sounds like a “thwock,” the Cobra LS fairway sounds more like a “thwick.”


In my testing experience, the performance of the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood was unique.  Unique in that it was the most fade-biased fairway wood I’ve tested this year, which mirrored the driver’s performance.  Despite being marketed as a low-spin head, I found it to spin a healthy amount.  At the standard 14.5 degrees of loft, it spun consistently at 3500 rpms.  That makes sense considering most of those shots ended up starting slightly right of my target line.  

Don’t need the low spin or fade bias?  Check out the standard Aerojet fairway wood HERE

The performance can be better tailored to your specific needs through adjustability.  Just like the drivers, the two weights can be swapped to favor a fade or a draw.  They can be made to favor even more of a draw with a hosel setting.  On top of that, the loft of the club can be adjusted to add or subtract up to a degree and a half of loft.  Since I wanted just a bit lower spin, I set the club to 13.5 degrees with a draw setting, and the club performed even better.  

I also got the chance to use the 5-wood model of the Aerojet LS and am happy to report it performs just as well as the 3-wood.  On top of that, it’s just as adjustable.  The only fundamental difference is that the head size is quite small, so that model felt a bit more intimidating to hit.  


The Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood offers economical performance without sacrificing a thing.  If you are in the market for a fairway wood that is lower in spin, smaller in size, or high in ball speed, this club head needs to be on your shortlist.  While this wasn’t the lowest-spinning or hottest head in its standard stock-shaft setup, this could be a lethal weapon after being properly fit.  

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Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Anonymous

    Ltdx 3 wood outperforms the Aerojet in my opinion

  2. Good review and a very nice club, but $330 is still too damn high. So, I think I’ll be sticking with my pretty awesome $140.00 RadSpeed for the foreseeable future.

    • Thanks Mike!

      I’m happy you enjoyed the review. Yeah, inflation and the market are definitely continuing to make equipment more expensive. The way I view it… at least it’s not the $550 price point of the PING 430 LST fairway wood! Haha. Glad to hear you’re doing well with your club though.


  3. I am 82 year old that loves golf and cobra. been playing cobra for 15 years, wish I could afford aerojet but will stick with F8. everyone I play with is amazed at how well I hit hybrid 6,4,&2 clubs. thanks cobra for helping old man to be a happy duffer.

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