Cobra Aerojet Fairway Wood Review

cobra aerojet fairway wood sole

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The Cobra Aerojet fairway wood has very strong top end ball speed and good forgiveness.  Tight dispersion.  Lower launch and spin.


Finding a good fairway wood is one of the toughest things in golf.  That’s why you see so many older models on Tour – the best players know not to fix what isn’t broken.  In the quest for that perfect fairway wood, the Cobra Aerojet line gives you multiple models, each with significant adjustability.  In this review, I’ll take a look at the middle model, the standard Cobra Aerojet fairway, to see what players should be giving it a shot at their bag.

cobra aerojet fairway wood address


The Cobra Aerojet fairway wood has a comfortable look at address.  A gloss black crown with a centered alignment aid tops a round, symmetrical shape.  For modern fairway woods, it’s about average in size with a face that’s just short of medium height.  There is carbon fiber at the rear of the crown, but it’s so subtle I could barely see it without a close look.

Cobra toned down the color for Aerojet but still has one of the boldest soles of the year.  With so many OEMs going fully colorless, the blue weight and large slashes of white make this club stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, the Aerojet head cover isn’t particularly trendy or garish, but the large white panels set it apart from the endless black-on-black covers.  I like the stripe of carbon fiber-esque material down the center, and the Aerojet embroidery on the underside is a nice finishing touch.

cobra aerojet fairway wood face

Sound & Feel

It took one swing for me to fall in love with the impact sound of the Cobra Aerojet fairway wood.  On a quality strike, it’s mid-pitched, metallic, and below average in volume.  What makes it stand out is how tight and harmonious it is.  It sounds like a pure strike feels – clean and concise.

The feel is very quick and airy, and plays a decided second fiddle to the sound.  This club provides good feedback through both the hands and ears.  When your strike wanders away from center, the sound gets quieter and weaker, an audio representation of a swing that lacked great intent.


Cobra offers three versions of the Aerojet fairway wood to make sure every golfer finds their best fit.  The Aerojet Max is designed to be the highest-launching version, and it has a built in draw bias [review HERE].  On the other end of the spectrum, the Aerojet LS is low launching, low spinning, and fade-biased.  The standard Aerojet, which is the focus of this review, is billed as “medium” launch with no directional bias.

Check out the standard Cobra Aerojet driver HERE

I started my testing with several really good strikes which allowed the Cobra Aerojet fairway wood to show off its top end ball speed.  On center, in can easily reach smash factors of 1.5.  That speed can be chalked up to Cobra’s trio of technologies: PWR-BRIDGE, PWRSHELL, and H.O.T. Face.

The H.O.T. Face – designed with help from A.I. – is also good at keeping ball speed fairly high on mishits.  I found there was a fairly quick decline in speed when my strike wasn’t perfect, but, on the whole, the face is quite hot.  Said another way, a small miss may cost you seven yards, but a bad miss will only cost you nine.

Moving to launch and spin, I found the Cobra Aerojet fairway wood to be low spin with fairly low launch angles.  I’m a lower launching player by nature, but this was in the lower end of my normal range.  Launch angle is the result of numerous factors, so make sure to give this club a try for yourself if its other characteristics sound like a fit for you.

One trait that I did really like about the Aerojet FW is the dispersion.  Though my shots were lower than I would have liked, they all ended up in the same area.  Having that kind of predictable shot pattern is what allows players to pull their fairway wood more often and with more confidence.

Finally, the Aerojet FW gives the golfer good adjustability options.  The loft can be adjusted across three degrees – up to 1.5 degrees up or down from the stated loft.  There are also “Draw” settings which increase the lie angle about two degrees.  Cobra also sells additional weights for the port at the back of the head.  The club comes stock with an 8 gram weight, but 3, 12, 15, and 16 gram weights are available on Cobra’s website. 

Need lower spin?  Check out the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood HERE

cobra aerojet fairway wood


If you’re searching for a new long game tool this year, the Cobra Aerojet fairway wood deserves a look.  It’s strong in ball speed and tight in dispersion, two things that all golfers want.  Find a good fitter to tune in the loft and weighting to optimize your distance, and you’ll be on your way to a better long game.

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