Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review

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The Cobra LTDx fairway wood is the epitome of the modern fairway wood.  Plenty of tech, low CG, and upgraded stock shaft.  Good looks and great performance.

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Cobra has its devotees but isn’t necessarily the first brand that comes to mind when casual golfers think about OEMs.  The LTDx fairway wood is a reminder that there’s not necessarily a good reason for that.  I took it for a spin and found out that it has plenty to offer a wide segment of golfers.  The LTDx is the mid-range offering, fitting right between the low spin and draw-biased versions.


The LTDx fairway wood features a fairly compact head size with a subtle triangular shape.  The crown features a small C alignment aid and two raised diagonal lines.  These frame the ball nicely and remind me of more tasteful versions of Ping’s famous turbulators.  I really dig the matte finish.  With so much club exposed to the sky, glare is not something I want to see when setting up for a 200+ yard shot.

As with the driver, the overall look is consistent with previous Cobra products, but dialed down just a touch.  For my taste, Cobra can get a little bit over the top with color choices and futuristic-looking design elements.  To me, this club is palatable to look at, both at address and in the bag.  I suspect that others who are similarly brand agnostic will feel the same way.

The Cobra LTDx fairway wood is available in two colorways: Matte Black/Gold Fusion (shown here) and Gloss Peacoat/Red.  As with the driver, both colorways are nice.  There aren’t many companies that offer a choice of colorways on a stock club, and I can understand why.  While it’s nice to have a choice, I think it also introduces some indecision on the part of the consumer.

Sound & Feel

Overall, the LTDx sounds great.  It occupies a nice middle ground between a higher pitched metallic ‘tink’ and a lower pitched flat ‘thunk’.  Balls struck near the sweet spot sound explosive though not overly loud.

Stray from the center and things get progressively more dull, both in sound and feel.  Sensing strike location is easy.  I think this head offers enough feedback to satisfy low handicap golfers.


This thing is a rocket launcher.  For me, it produced consistently high, straight, and long shots, relative to what I have come to expect from 3 woods.

Cobra claims its H.O.T. face is its hottest face ever and with a name like that, who could argue?  Seriously though, I buy it, because the ball absolutely jumps off the face.  Other tech includes PWR-COR Technology, which positions weight low and forward to increase ball speed and lower spin.  I tend to spin fairway woods and drivers more than I’d like.  While this wasn’t the lowest spinning fairway wood, it produced numbers that work well for me.

I think the stock HZDRUS Smoke iM10 shaft also contributes to why this club performed so well for me.  It has great feel with plenty of stiffness in a mid-launch profile.  As someone for whom the low launch/low spin category doesn’t make sense, I appreciate the feeling of control the iM10 provides while still offering some help getting the ball airborne.

The club has 1.5 degrees of adjustability +/- and also has draw settings for +/- 1 degree.  While I don’t like how changing the setting changes the orientation of the shaft out of the stock ‘logo down’ position, I do like the versatility it offers.  The draw setting was particularly helpful in keeping my shots from leaking too much to the right.


The Cobra LTDx fairway wood is a great all-around performer.  It looks good and feels great.  Cobra is proving why it deserves to be in the conversation with the bigger name OEMs, especially when it comes to woods.  If you get fit for a fairway wood this year, I’d recommend including the LTDx in your testing.

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  1. Is this going to dethrone the PXG fairway wood in your bag?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Ryan,

      Although I reserve the right to tinker, not right now. I’m going with only one fairway wood this year and am getting along great with the new PXG. I’m using the 5w turned down to 16.5 degrees and liking the feeling I get from a smaller clubhead and shorter shaft. Thanks for the question.


  2. Definitely on my list if I ever decide to swap out my Sim 2 Max 3wd, but I hit the Sim2 so well I don’t want to mess with success unless I am getting an additional 10 yards at least.

  3. Does a cobra golf club have a 13 degree loft with a regular shaft

  4. Is this considered one of the more forgiving fairways or is the word “Max” throwing me off? Looking for a 3 wood for my to replace his 15yr old one.

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