Carnoustie Spring 2017 Apparel Review

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50 Words or Less

Carnoustie gets all the details right with the Spring 2017 collection – impeccable style, improved fit, and a punch of color.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Marshall Mancillas, the CEO of Carnoustie, at the PGA Merchandise Show this January.  Involved personally in virtually every aspect of the company, he’s as hands on a CEO you’ll ever run into.  Fabrics and colors may change with the seasons, but the overall message stays focused – “elegant style, timeless appeal.”

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The sweat wicking ability of this season’s Performance Solid is right on par with what I observed in the Fall 2016 review – impressive.  Being a dark color, the polo heats up in the sun, but those rays aren’t making it to your skin thanks to the UPF 50 UV protection.  I’ve become a big fan of the anti-microbial technology that’s featured in the Carnoustie Tech line for the simple fact that it cuts down on body odor.  With its 10% spandex, the polo provides ample stretch.

The Vardon quarter-zip pullover is 100% cotton and a nice medium weight, making it a perfect layer piece for a round of golf when there’s a bit of chill in the air.  The fit as described below is also key to making this pullover great for golf.

Carnoustie Spring 17 - 10

Style & Fit

I had one word for style last season – sophisticated.  With the colorways of these two Spring 2017 pieces, I’m going with “playful sophistication”.  There’s more of a coastal vibe with these color combinations.  Great for a casual get together with friends, the simple Carnoustie logo being only on the back lets these tops remain appropriate if the gathering slips into a more upscale venue.

The chest area has been taken in a bit for this season on the Performance Solid, creating an even nicer look and fit.  Overall, the fit is still a comfortable regular.  The sleeves provide room for movement without flapping in the breeze and end just short of the elbow.  The second button is in a great location at the bottom of the jugular notch (fossa jugularis sternalis).  That’s the dip at the base of your neck between the collar bones, and I knew it must have a name – thanks Google.  The third button is also well thought-out providing ventilation if needed but not opening up so much as to gather remarks.

Besides the medium weight, the length of the sleeves on the Vardon pullover is perfect for me; long enough to allow for full reach without a bunch of extra fabric.  The cuffs keep the sleeves in place without interference with your golf glove.

Carnoustie Spring 17 - 20


I’m a big fan of self collars, and Carnoustie’s construction has a bit of a retro vibe.  The color pop on the underside of the collar and along the placket makes the Performance Solid really stand out.   Worn by itself or paired with the polo, the Vardon quarter-zip is soft and functional.  These may not be completely new pieces for Carnoustie, but the evolution for the Spring 2017 collection is wonderful.

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