Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS driver brings a slightly new look to the brand along with a whisper quiet impact.  Impressive forgiveness in a lower spinning head.


Callaway’s 2022 driver family is made up of four different Rogue ST models.  Today I’ll be examining the Rogue ST Max LS.  The name is a mouthful, but the promise is straightforward: lower spin and high MOI for the mid-to-low handicap player.  If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, let’s dive in.


The first thing that I noticed when I got the Rogue ST Max LS in hand was the color.  Callaway has done a great job over the last several years utilizing colors that come from the 64 crayon box instead of the 8.  The Rogue ST line has small touches of yellowy-gold that make it an eye-catcher.

A notable change from the past is seen on the crown.  Callaway is still utilizing their trademark carbon fiber fade, but this time it has a matte finish.  I have a slight preference for matte crowns most of the time, so I like this new look.

In terms of size and shape, the Rogue ST Max LS is a 460cc head with an average footprint.  The shape is rounded and nearly symmetrical, which should give it broad appeal.  Players wanting a smaller head can check out the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS driver HERE.

On the sole, Callaway took a fairly understated approach.  There are five distinct elements on the sole, but they’re balanced which keeps the club from looking too busy.  I like that the gold is used to highlight the technology pieces – the Jailbreak Speedframe and the Tungsten Speed Cartridge.

Sound & Feel

The Callaway Rogue ST Max LS is the quietest driver I can remember hitting, and it’s not particularly close.  If you want an old school thump instead of a modern metallic explosion, you will love this club.  Impact is very low pitched, staccato, and quiet.  Contact feels solid but quick, which complements that sound well.

Feedback on strike quality comes all through the hands.  The sound is so quiet and short that it’s hard to hear a difference between pure strikes and misses.  In contrast, you will feel the location of impact clearly and precisely.


The major innovation that Callaway touts in the Rogue ST driver family is the Tungsten Speed Cartridge.  This is the golden piece at the rear of the head.  In the Rogue ST Max LS driver, the cartridge weighs 23 grams to bring the center of gravity lower and deeper with the ultimate goal of boosting forgiveness and consistency.

Need maximum forgiveness?  Check out the Rogue ST Max HERE

That is exactly what stood out to me in my testing of this driver.  Typically, low spin drivers have been known as being much less forgiving than their counterparts.  I got a few swings with the Rogue ST Max and found barely any difference in consistency.  This is a boon for high spin players as they can now get lower spin without sacrificing ball speed and distance on mishits.

Besides the spin, the other important difference between the Rogue ST Max and the Rogue ST Max LS is that the latter does not favor a draw.  The Rogue ST Max has a slight draw bias whereas the LS version is neutral.  Having these two options, plus the adjustability at the hosel, should allow most players to find a combination that works well for their ball flight.

Looking for help with a draw?  Check out the Rogue ST MAX D driver HERE

The Rogue ST Max LS comes with your choice of three Mitsubishi TENSEI shafts.  You can get the TENSEI Blue [review HERE] at 55 grams or the TENSEI White [review HERE] at 65 or 75 grams.  I tested this driver with the TENSEI White.

Finally, Callaway continues to be a leader in providing the consumer with useful information, offering a comprehensive driver comparison chart on their website.  There we learn that the Max LS has the second-heaviest Tungsten Speed Cartridge at 23 grams, trumped only by the Max’s 26 grams.  Callaway rates the Max LS as having forgiveness equal to the Max and Max D and a similarly large footprint.  One key difference is that the Max LS has a Neutral flight bias compared to Draw and Semi Draw in the Max D and Max.


It’s hard to think of a Callaway driver as being under the radar, but this one feels like it is.  With four distinct options, the Rogue ST driver family needs to be part of your fitting this year.  And if you’re a higher spin player who still wants forgiveness, you could very likely leave that fitting with the Rogue ST Max LS.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    I really like the looks of these but think it’s a little too pricey! I’m a fan but it seems as though they keep going up on price.
    Great review.

  2. Between TM Stealth Plus and Rogue MAX ST LS which driver do you think is most ”draw friendly”?

  3. Dennis Carter

    Can I purchase the Callaway Rouge heads without shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      Possibly through a fitter like Club Champion, but I’m not certain.



    • Jeffrey Toton

      I already saw one head on Ebay, but the seller pulled it down. Probably won’t see any until after release date. After that you might see a
      trickle of a few heads on there, but you can bet they will be priced not much lower than one with the shaft. However, if you don’t have to have it now, you’ll see a few “lightly used” heads. Club Champion typically charges you for the driver with the stock shaft, then fit you into an upgraded shaft with no compensation for the stock shaft.

  4. Your numbers look pretty similar to what you produced with the Stealth Plus. Which of the two drivers gave you a tighter dispersion?

    • Matt Saternus


      They were similar, but I couldn’t offer a definitive opinion about the heads unless I tested them with the same shaft.


  5. In an effort to not fix my swing (sarcasm), I like the help of the draw bias as a plan b when I’m struggling to turn it over. It’s kind of like, why not? That said, I also need a driver that will reduce spin as much as possible. Can the LS be adjusted to have a draw bias as well as -1 degree of loft?

    Spin and launch angle have always been a problem with the driver for me. Again, I am actually happy with where my swing is, but is there any manufacturer that would build a 6 or 7 degree driver? I don’t know what the pros and cons would be.

    • Matt Saternus


      None of the 2022 Rogue ST drivers have movable weights, so your only option for promoting a draw is adjusting the hosel.
      As far as a 6 or 7 degree driver, they are out there, but they’re uncommon.



    • You can buy a Callaway green dot sleeve on eBay for $30. It allows you to go down 2*, so you can make a 9* head 7*.

  6. Matt, what I like most about all your reviews is that they don’t go on and on forever and ever. Always good info with great photos. I play a Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero. I understand the technology to mean that the center of gravity is below the center line of the face – thus the “sub”. This equates to a better smash factor and at the same time lowers spin rate. So is the new Rogue a better, more helpful technology or just a different way of achieving distance and control?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      Any time you’re comparing equipment, particularly drivers, that are within a few years of each other, you’re almost always looking at modest changes/improvements. There’s nothing that’s entirely different about the Rogue ST compared to the previous Rogue, Callaway is just finding incremental ways to improve performance, particularly on mishits. If you were well-fit for your driver, you may or may not see any gains from the new model.
      I hope that answers your question.



  7. Hi Matt,

    I think if you check again that the new Rogue ST drivers come as standard with the new for 2022 Tensei shafts (Blue and White) with Xlink Tech, not the AV Raw that you’ve reviewed here previously.

    Could I just ask in comparing the ST Max to the ST Max LS at address if both appeared to have a square face angle please? Am aware the Max non LS has a slight draw bias but hoping that’s not translated to a closed face angle at address for that model.


  8. Last year’s Epic lineup might not be fresh enough in your memory to address this — but it looks like the head shape of the Rogue ST Max LS might be closer to last year’s Speed than last year’s Max LS. Seems like the Rogue ST Max LS shorter front to back than the Epic Max LS was. Does that seem accurate?

  9. Great review Matt! What are your thoughts on the claim by some reviewers that the Rogue ST line matches the stability of Ping drivers?

  10. Jeffrey Toton

    Always enjoy your reviews. They’re very objective and informative. That being said, I know you have a soft spot for Callaway drivers as far back as Optiforce, as do I.
    I compared your numbers with the Rogue ST LS with your numbers from the TM Stealth. Ball speed, carry & total distance were pretty much identical.

  11. Greg Hutson

    I am 69 years old with a swing speed around 85 to 90. Which will I get more distance from. Tsylormade Stealth or Callaway Rogue ST. Thank u

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately no one can tell you that over the internet. The only way to find out is to get a fitting.



  12. I’m really intrigued by the quietness of this driver. You said you hit this and the ST Max. Any comparison of the sound? Is this even quieter than the ST Max? I’m a slower swinger, so any differences between any of the top club heads will be smaller. But I also have an indoor simulator, and the loudest thing is the clubhead hitting the ball, especially driver.

  13. Are you a bigger fan of this or the Tsi3?

  14. Hi Matt, I am due to go for s fitting session at the weekend. Currently I game a Epic Flash driver. Should I expect to see a big difference?

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends how you define “big.” I think you will see better performance on mishits with the Rogue ST, but I don’t think it will be night and day. Then again, there’s always the chance that one of the new Rogue STs is a perfect fit and you crush it. That chance is why I think it’s always worth it to go try the new stuff.



  15. Heart set on a stealth. Fitted and liked it. But before pulling trigger on 600 buck, I gave the rogue LS a shot. You are correct . Sounded better, better feel, easier to hit. Data results for this 64 yr old were very very close. Ball speed 36-39 consistently, carry 225 ave 251 with few hit over 270!. Have up the eye candy and went with the Rouge! Shot 75 first round out! Pleased

  16. Are your distances in yards or metres

  17. Hey Matt, did you play this in the standard 45.75″ length?

    Just wondering because I have been playing my drivers at 44.5″ since forever, and would likely need to cut the length down quite a bit (which would obviously lighten the swing weight).

  18. I have a handicap of 20. Is the rogue st max Ls forgiving enough for my handicap? I have a slight draw, therefore have been considering the stealth or this callaway model. Any suggestions?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ll give you the same suggestion I have for everyone: get a fitting. The MAX LS may work beautifully for you at a 20 handicap but not others. There’s no way to know without trying it.



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