Callaway Rogue ST MAX D Driver Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST MAX D driver is designed with a strong draw bias to assist golfers who struggle with a slice.  Very forgiving.  Pleasing looks and sound.   

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This review of the MAX D completes our in-depth look at the 2022 Callaway Rogue ST driver lineup.  You can find our reviews of the standard Rogue ST MAX and the better-player focused MAX LS and Triple Diamond HERE.  For the Rouge ST MAX D, the ‘D’ emphasizes the draw bias – or slice fighting – design.


With a quick glance in the address position, it would be difficult for the casual observer to distinguish one Callaway Rogue ST driver from another.  Each of the four has a matte black crown with an exposed window of graphite weave and an eye pleasing gold pinstripe on the trailing edge.  Educated eyes will notice the MAX D head is slightly longer front to back, plus it has some offset.

Flipping the club over, the MAX D designation is an obvious giveaway of the model, but all four heads share similar looks.  The most distinctive element of the Rogue ST drivers is the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge in the rear.  A common sight on Callaway drivers is the visible ends of the Jailbreak Speed Frame, which, bordered in gold, really bring together a cohesive look.  If you’ve been an astute reader of our Rogue ST reviews you may have noticed the other distinguishing feature of the MAX D, the weight port just below the text.

Sound & Feel

The Rogue ST MAX D driver produced a sound that I can best describe as “whump.”  Quieter than most drivers on the market, the woodsy baritone timber sound was pleasant to my ears and a good match with the feel.

With reasonable contact, the head felt wonderfully stable with a gratifying pop off the face.  Precise impact location in the center zone of the face was hard for my hands to discern.  Shots towards the heel or toe were immediately obvious, but the feedback wasn’t harsh.


Before you launch into comical musings about my game based on the numbers above, let me readily admit I struggled with this driver.  I’ve been working for months to eliminate hooks and straighten out my ball flight.  Thus, my current swing is in complete opposition to the design characteristics of the MAX D.  My results did, however, substantiate the draw biased nature of the Rogue ST MAX D.

Callaway designers employed features to give the Rogue ST MAX D driver its draw bias.  There’s not only the visible weight port in the heel, but also internal weighting that Callaway is a bit secretive about.  They mention weight savings from their proprietary Triaxial Crown design and titanium unibody construction, but give no more details than “this weight is precisely redistributed to increase forgiveness with added draw bias.”  It is worth noting that the Rouge ST MAX D driver employees a 20 gram Tungsten Speed Cartridge – 6 grams lighter than the standard MAX version.

Beyond weighting, Callaway also made the MAX D driver more upright – a classic slice fighting setup.  Weights and positioning aren’t only about minimizing left to right ball flight, they also factor into maximizing forgiveness, launch, speed and even stability.

All this tech talk and I haven’t even mentioned the proven Jailbreak Speed Frame or Flash Face SS22.  Beyond boosting horizontal and torsional stability, Jailbreak technology harnesses impact energy from, and for, the face.  And again Callaway utilized artificial intelligence to optimize the face for maximum forgiveness and consistent spin across the face.  Bottom line is the Rogue ST MAX D driver packs a lot of science into the clubhead.  

With my regular swing, every drive finished left of center.  Carry wasn’t good, but that was a result of the side spin I produced.  With a fade swing I achieved a much better trajectory and resultant carry.  Unfortunately the fade turned into a strong push.  As I struggled with the driver, I found the forgiveness really shining through.


There’s a reason why the Callaway Rogue ST driver comes in four models – golfers have different needs.  The MAX D clearly wasn’t a fit for me, and I actually applaud how obvious that was.  Too many times golfers conclude that they can “make it work.”  The Rogue ST lineup is clearly strong across the performance spectrum.

If you need some general guidance on which model might be best suited for your game, check out the excellent comparison chart on the Callaway site linked below.  As for the Rogue ST MAX D driver, I think Callaway sums it up perfectly: “Rogue ST MAX D is built for a high level of draw bias, with high MOI, a more upright lie, reduced face progression, and a stretched profile at address. All these features promote maximum shot shape correction, especially for players who tend to slice the ball.”

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Callaway Rogue ST MAX D Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Charlie Rouse

    Being on the slower side, I always look forward to your reviews. Your speed may have been lower than normal during this test but the efficiency was impressive. I do have a request for future reviews by all of the reviewers. Please include the loft and settings you used on any driver reviews. Keep up the good work!

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for reading Charlie. Unless specified, we test in the stock settings. I always try to include a photo that shows the loft also – and it was 10.5 for this club.

      – Meeks

  2. Great, honest review. Would you say the Rogue ST Max D is close in performance to the previous Max releases (Epic Max and Mavrik Max) or would the Rogue Max ST be more similar to those previous Max versions.

    • Matt Meeker

      I didn’t test the Epic Max nor the Mavrik Max Steve. But as I recall from those reviews, they didn’t have the emphasis on draw bias like you find with the Rogue ST Max D. Having tested the standard versions of the Epic and Mavrik, I’d say there isn’t a clear match between the models.

      – Meeks


    Is it approved for children that this driver is an ST-D? C’mon callaway, better branding would be advisable.

  4. Thank you Matt. Your clubhead and ball speeds are like my own, and I appreciate hearing from a tester in my “golf demographic”. Though I can’t afford this driver, I do have plenty of lead tape I can apply to my Great Big Bertha, lol. Interesting how the major manufacturers once touted an “all in one” approach to clubheads with sliders and adjustable weighting, and are now building swing-specific clubs. Technology and AI are shaping the industry ( and ball flight).

  5. Thanks for putting in the time for this review. A suggestion for the future would be to use a golfer who struggles with a slice and is the target market for the piece of equipment being reviewed.

  6. Struggling hitting my new Rogue max d.
    Can’t seem to get a consistent draw.
    Not sure if I can trade it for another rogue or keep using this one.
    I have 3 rounds on it ?

  7. Used my 9 degree Rogue ST Max D driver for the first time yesterday. I had two pull-hooks deep into the trees but 12 straighter-than-average shaped drives. Most of them landed left or center fairway. The lightweight Cypher 40 shaft with 5.0 flex helped me gain clubhead speed and, therefore, distance. So, after gaining some familiarity, I’m looking forward to a happy co-existence with the new driver. One issue, I read about using the wrench to adjust the loft and amount of draw bias. But, there is no wrench included with the driver. I’d like to be able to adjust the driver based upon playing conditions. So, where’s the wrench?

    • Matt Meeker

      I’ve heard from several folks that they didn’t receive wrenches with their new drivers. My hunch is companies assume everyone has them. Check with a friend or any pro shop and they can help you adjust. They are all identical.

      – Meeks

  8. Can you explain what you mean by “reduced face progression”?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Meeker

      That was a quote from Callaway Mike, and is marketing speak related to offset. Less progression equals more offset.

      – Meeks

  9. Great review I’m a prone slicer and have the ggb epic and have set everything I can to draw and still slice a bit. This reveiw gives me very high hopes on my purchace thanks. This arrives for me tomorrow and can’t wait to try it. I also agree that since it’s made for slicers should probably have a slicer test

  10. Hello Matt, I finally went for a professional fitting, I’m a senior and always had a bad slice if I was trying a bit more for distance, I couldn’t get passed the 180 yards with out a slice. Now with this st max D I’m at 220 yards 8 times out of 10 this is the greatest driver I’ve ever owned it was worth every penny for me.

  11. Owen Edwards

    Did you have the adjustment in the Draw or Neutral setting for your test?

  12. I think something that goes understated with “Anti-Slice” Drivers is that it can still work for golfers who naturally draw the ball. I got fit for the first time last year and the results were somewhat shocking. My natural swing path is overly in-to-out, but my big (and most frustrating) miss is a push-fade/slice when I leave the face too open. I left my fitting with the Rogue ST Max D as my gamer and I find that its stability helps me keep the face square and I hardly ever miss right now! Anyway, I think it’s interesting whenever Draw-biased clubs are immediately dismissed by anyone who naturally draws the ball, because this club has been fantastic for me :) #DoubleSecret

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s an excellent point. I’m not too far from what you’re describing, but I hate the miss left. The draw bias just moves the sweet spot toward the heel. If you routinely hit the heel, moving to a draw biased driver can help you can ball speed and consistency.


  13. I bought Rogue ST-D two months age , I’ve own a few Callaway drivers, this model is by far the best. With my swing 90-92 not only did I gain a few yards I hit a straight ball . My Tuesday group noticed my yardage gain. I like it because I can swing out of my shoes and it goes where I aim. I owned the early model of the Rogue the only thing in common is the name .

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