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The Callaway Paradym X driver is designed to help you find the middle of the fairway with maximum distance.  Innovative carbon body, captivating sound.


What a year so far for Callaway.  Not only have their tour staffers made winning routine, their Paradym lineup has taken off like wildfire.  Part of the success of their Paradym driver family is that it offers three distinct models to cover the wide spectrum of golfers.  The standard model Paradym driver [full review HERE] that Matt Saternus declared “a technological wonder” fulfills the needs of most players.  For stronger players that can capitalize on lower spin and lower launch, there’s the Paradym Triple Diamond driver [full review HERE].  The Pardaym X driver is for the golfer that needs maximum forgiveness and help with their slice.   

Callaway Paradym X Driver address


As if it wasn’t visually obvious to the casual observer, Callaway mentions the “generously stretched profile” of the Paradym X driver three times on their product page.  The size did jump out at me when I first removed the head cover, but became a distant thought after a few minutes of play.  Similarly, the deep blue color of the crown, thick framework at the face, and tabs at the trailing edge that were a bit jarring to my eyes at first quickly faded from my notice.

The sole of the Callaway Paradym X driver has nice clean lines and well proportioned branding.  Not to be overlooked is the tall, inviting face.  I really like the tight diamond pattern of the center section and etched horizontal lines that bracket it.

Callaway Paradym X Driver face

Sound & Feel

It took me a while to come up with a descriptor for the distinctive sound of the Callaway Paradym X driver, but I settled on the made up word “taenk.”  Think “tank” with a southern twang ‘e’ thrown in to denote the low resonance of the impact sound.  Strikes in that center face section had an “out of the park” brightness that clearly separated the not so good hits.

Good or bad, every hit felt solid.  The only time I could discern location was on extreme toe or heel shots.  For a driver designed for “extreme forgiveness” the feel seemed spot on.


My first few swings proved out the draw bias design of the Paradym X driver.  As someone who strives for straight drives but often hits a baby draw, I tested the left boundaries of the fairway with those swings.  Callaway denotes the design as “slight draw bias,” which seems accurate.  In addition to weight positioning, the Paradym X driver also employees a 60° lie angle (+3 degrees from the standard Paradym) to promote a draw.

Similar to the other two Paradym drivers, the X model produced impressive ball speeds.  The sweet spot is immense and totally aligned with what my ears were telling me.  Hit the ball in that middle sector, and the ball is going long.  Even misses out towards the toe were still respectable – queuing up “I wanted to make sure I stayed short of that bunker” rather than “I really missed that one” comment walking off the tee box.

To maximize forgiveness, Callaway designers sought out a club head with high MOI.  Keeping the head stable through impact helps the ball to retain speed and direction.  To achieve this Callaway made the body of the Paradym X out of carbon:  an industry first 360° Carbon Chassis, carbon crown, and forged carbon sole.  The weight savings of the body elements allowed designers to stretch the profile and locate a 5 gram weight at the rear – far from the face.

Along with creating high MOI, the weight positioning also promotes launch while maintaining a mid-low spin.  It seems like old news, but once again, Callaway employed A.I. to optimize the face design.  A.I. also discovered an improved Jailbreak system that enhances stability in both the axial and torsional directions.

Callaway Paradym X Driver


That was a lot of technology to digest, but it really boils down to the ability to hit the ball far down the fairway with tight dispersion – even if your impact location isn’t perfect.  The Callaway Paradym X driver is purposely designed, just likes its siblings.  Whether you’re looking for maximum forgiveness, or some help with a slice, the Callaway Paradym X driver is worthy of a close look.

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  1. Took one out for a ride on Tues. loved it. Hit 13 out of 14 fairways and about 15 – 20 yards longer than … I’m saving my pennies.

  2. Greg Hollis

    Compare the ping 430 max to the paradym x in forgiveness and distance if u can? Always enjoy the honest reviews

  3. i really hope i can afford this paradym X driver….by only look at it i really felt i can hit it nicely compare to other driver

  4. Used a demo for 18 holes—hit 12 of 14 fairways. The two misses were when I tried to fade dog-leg corners and didn’t aim far enough left: still didn’t miss by much. My uglies are hard left, so if this is draw biased it didn’t pose a problem. Great looks, great sound, classy headcover, so stable. Mid trajectory with the HZRDUS regular, so I’d like to try the Ascent shaft and see if I could get more carry, but very impressive club. Wish I could afford it.

  5. Bet this would work well with a fitted shaft…

  6. Gene Windham

    Need to put a decent shaft in this head might be better

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