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callaway paradym driver

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The Callaway Paradym driver has very impressive forgiveness.  Straight and long.  Sliding weight does a lot to change feel and dispersion.


When it comes to introductions, Callaway couldn’t have scripted a better one for their new Paradym driver.  In the first three weeks of the 2023 PGA Tour season, it’s been the only driver in the winner’s circle.  But is this technological marvel only made for the likes of Jon Rahm?  Not at all – this is a driver every golfer will want in their bag.

Check out the new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke MAX driver HERE

callaway paradym driver address


The most eye-catching thing about the Callaway Paradym driver is the blue that covers most of the head.  When I saw early pictures, I was a bit skeptical, worried that it would be too much.  When I got it in hand, I saw that it is much more subdued.  In bright sun, the blue does pop, but it’s dark enough that it doesn’t look like a toy.  The texture of the blue, particularly on the sole, is unique and visually engaging.

At address, the standard Paradym driver has a very nice shape.  It’s not overly large in any dimension, and it’s nearly symmetrical.  It hits a sweet spot where better players and high handicappers alike will feel confident standing over it.  I particularly like how the matte blue front edge holds your focus right next to the ball.

Both on the sole and in the playing position, Callaway demonstrates their mastery of adding a lot of details without making the club look busy.  At address, there’s the blue carbon and also matte elements at the front and back.  On the sole, there’s a sliding weight, bold Paradym branding, and technology callouts, but it’s all kept in balance.  I’ve been saying this for several years, and I think it’s still true: no one tops Callaway when it comes to the aesthetics of a modern driver.

callaway paradym driver face

Sound & Feel

The Paradym driver threads the needle by having an impact sound that’s distinctive without being obnoxious.  It’s a poppy “thwack” that’s average in volume and mid-pitch.  Additionally, it’s extremely consistent.  At the launch event, I listened to literally hundreds of shots and was not able to distinguish a pure strike from a miss.

Through the hands, the Paradym is very solid.  Your hands also are responsible for delivering most of the feedback.  This driver is very stable, so you will need to pay attention if you want to precisely locate your impact point.


My first experience with the Callaway Paradym driver put its forgiveness to the test.  I’d barely swung a driver in two months, and I had been standing or on a plane for the last ten hours.  Despite the deck being stacked against it, the Paradym showed off the 15% improved dispersion that Callaway is touting.  I was all over the club face, but every shot was playable and several were laser straight.

When I got my own Paradym driver in hand for more testing, the forgiveness was even more impressive.  I continued to see the same tight dispersion, but I got to put numbers to the standout ball speed.  Every shot that I hit near the center of the face produced a smash factor of 1.48 or better.  When I wandered out toward the toe or heel, I was still in the mid 1.4s!  Between the consistency of the sound and ball speed, your playing partners may think you never miss the center of the face.

All of this forgiveness is powered by three key technologies.  The first is a 360° Carbon Chassis.  Callaway uses no titanium in the body of the Paradyn giving them extra weight to position for ball speed and stability.  Second is the new Jailbreak system.  It’s 33% lighter than the previous version while still adding ball speed to off-center strikes.  Finally, Callaway continues to use AI to design their club faces.  This makes them faster across all strikes and tightens dispersion.

callaway paradym driver sliding weight

In all the talk about the ball speed and forgiveness, an element that’s slid under the radar is the sliding weight.  This 15 gram weight made a significant impact in my testing.  First, moving it from center to extreme toe or heel markedly changed how the club felt.  Even more important, is the way is changed the dispersion.  During one test session, I was hitting shots that were strong draws/borderline hooks.  Sliding the weight to the toe cut the curvature in half, making most shots pleasant baby draws.

Finally, I found the Callaway Paradym driver to be mid launch and spin.  With the 9 degree head, I was launching the ball between 12 and 13 degrees on most shots with spin in the mid to low 2000s.  As expected, both launch and spin were quite robust.  Callaway is offering four stock shafts from Fujikura, Aldila, and Project X so you can find the feel, launch, and spin that work best for your swing.

If you need lower spin, check out the Paradym Triple Diamond driver HERE

For more forgiveness and draw bias, check out the Callaway Paradym X driver HERE

callaway paradym driver sole


The Callaway Paradym driver can’t guarantee you a top finish on the PGA Tour, but it can help you find the fairway more often.  This driver is a technological wonder – long, consistent, and straight.  Make sure to get it fit to your swing, and you may enjoy your best season off the tee.

Buy the Callaway Paradym Driver HERE

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Paradym Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Thanks for this review !

    Just wondering….was this Test conducted inside or outside ?

    • Matt Saternus


      The launch monitor testing is always done indoors. There was also limited outdoor tested, as it’s winter in Chicago.


  2. Rod Gardner

    But will $600 give me one more yard of distance over my current driver?

    • Great point. And even if drives were 5 yards longer, is it worth the high cost?

    • Perhaps a sad fact that club makers have been limited by golf rules to maximum COR and initial ball speeds for over 10 years, so no, it’s likely not going to be longer (with a center strike). What has improved is forgiveness (the sweet spot is now anywhere on the face), dispersion, and the ability to dial in spin. Some models also correct for a slice etc. What you will see is most likely the same result no matter where on the face you hit it. That’s been my experience w this and some other recent Callaway models. For me they feel more solid on less than perfect strikes than all the others I’ve tried (and I keep trying em). To date, Titleist Tsr1 came closest.

  3. I’ve been trying to find a new driver to replace my 14 year old driver. Driver fitting has only shown very minimal benefit if any at all. I’ve been a big fan of Callaway for years and will certainly try the Paradym. It sounds like it has done a great recipe for maximum distance and forgiveness. #SecretGiveaway2023

  4. Nice review. Do you know if the stock shafts “made for”, co-engineered or aftermarket? #SecretGiveaway2023

  5. Warren Boyle

    You didn’t state whether the loft is adjustable. I hope it is. Lack of loft adjustability is what stopped me from purchasing the Epic Speed.

  6. Andrew Myers

    Thanks for the detailed review. I will be getting fit for a new driver soon, and the Paradym is definitely on my short list of drivers to test. #SecretGiveaway2023

  7. I buy a new driver every 3 or 4 years. I have a Rouge ST max and I love it. Why does this have to be so interesting? No, Kevin. No, no, no. #SecretGiveaway2023

  8. Dave Anderson

    Awesome review. Thanks Matt!

  9. Joshua Mabin Sr.

    Great review as always! #SecretGiveaway2023

  10. The last few years of Callaway Drivers have all been a good match for me. I’m curious if this trend holds up since the standard and Max LS model have been merged into one! #SecretGiveaway2023

  11. Full disclosure, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Callaway….. till now. I honestly can’t think of a time I’ve wanted to try or carry a Callaway driver till now. After reading reviews, seeing videos, seeing how its performing on tour this club truly seems like “it”. And not just the performance, the look of the club is beautiful that blue is eye catching. Even down to the headcover it’s possibly the best looking headcover I’ve seen in years.

  12. That’s a lot of gimmicky stuff on a golf club, The way John Rahm is swinging he could be using a hickory shafted persimmon driver and still win. #SecretGiveaway2023

  13. Chris Thayer

    From the review it sounds like hitting it all over the face won’t result in too much loss of distance or playability. Paradym is a driver I’d love to try, but the price point puts me off a bit. #SecretGiveaway2023

  14. Eric Hutchens

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  19. The new sliding weight system looks good, almost ping-esque. Great review as always. Looking forward to trying it. #SecretGiveaway2023

  20. Charles Heath

    Can’t wait to hit this driver. But it seems to be very important to be properly fitted to get the maximum out of it. Of course that’s true for all clubs these days. Oh yeah, # Secret Giveaway 2023

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  22. Charles Heath

    Can’t wait to hit this driver. But it seems to be very important to be properly fitted to get the maximum out of it. Of course that’s true for all clubs these days.

  23. Scott Kefalas

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    Certainly an intriguing off into the Driver Wars
    Have a fitting scheduled this weekend will add to list

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  27. Steve Smith

    Going to try this out Saturday. Hope it lives up to all the great reviews for me.

  28. I would love to try the Paradym driver. I have two Callaway drivers that I rotate between, the Rogue and the Epic Max LS, and I think the Paradym would move to the front. The blue is gorgeous and the driver looks great at address. #SecretGiveaway2023

  29. Rufus Bennett

    Driver looks sweet!! I hit it at at the PGA store and need it in my bag!!

  30. Josh GIesige

    Currently gaming Rogue ST Max LS, which I love. I try not to fall into the trap of “shiny new driver” each year, mainly due to cost for normal folks like me. But I am very intrigued by this release and the early reviews. Not sure when I will get to hit it but i can’t wait to compare the #s to my current gamer. The added forgiveness across the face would be a huge fairway finding boost. Irons are best part of my game, i just need my driver not to ruin the hole from the outset. :-)

  31. Chris Proulx

    I didn’t get a chance to hit this at my fitting earlier this week but I am very keen to give these a go as soon as I can. I have the Callaway Rogue ST Max 3HL and absolutely love it. If everything I’m reading about the new line holds true, I see this club in my near future for certain.

  32. I will be trying this at an upcoming Callaway demo day.


  33. Chris Proulx

    I didn’t get a chance to hit this at my fitting earlier this week but I am very keen to give these a go as soon as I can. I have the Callaway Rogue ST Max 3HL and absolutely love it. If everything I’m reading about the new line holds true, I see this club in my near future for certain.



    Beautiful designed graphics, great sound at impact, and impressive feel.

  35. Been loving my Epic Max but this sounds like the next step I need to take. Max forgiveness is exactly what I need. #SecretGiveaway2023

  36. Christopher Shively

    Great review as always. Gotta be honest and say I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this driver when it was first announced, however your review puts it in the “must try” category for 2023. Lots of tech and a great look. Keep up the good work. #SecretGiveaway2023

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  38. Firstly I just like watching Jon Rahm play and also how he was hitting this driver I like The looks of it It looks like it wants to be hit I would love this driver in my bag it can only improve my game that I love so much I wish you all the best with this new Callaway driver it looks awesome regards Peter

  39. Andrew Rush

    Really excited to give this Driver some swings when it is available to the Public. This will certainly be an upgrade to what I have currently in the bag. Thank for the review and opportunity for some goodies!! #SecretGiveaway2023

  40. I’ve been a Callaway fan for years, but found the last few releases unexciting. Because of this, I went with the new Titleist series, TSR2, for my recent purchase. While I have no regrets, I will definitely be checking out this series.

  41. Michael Kovatch

    Sounds like a huge upgrade over last Callaway Release. Should be a Driver everyone will like.

  42. Excited to see this live; I was always a fan of the blue GBB II, and this looks darker.

  43. #SecretGiveway2023 great looking club & should keep us in the fairway more often

  44. Bobby Baltimore

    I just can’t get past the horrid gold accents – hurts my eyes

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    Smash factor of 1.48? That makes me want to demo this club ASAP! Wondering how it performs in comparison to the TSr3. #SecretGiveaway2023

  46. Tony Carsel

    I appreciate all of the work you guys at PluggedinGolf put in! The go-to source for a fellow gear / club junkie… This Paradym is hard for me to look at from the design on the bottom of the club head but the top-down view is gorgeous!

    I was able to hit last year’s rouge and enjoyed that, and from the review, this sounds like Callaway is only producing an even better stick.

    Thanks again,
    Tony Carsel

  47. Chuck Hicks

    Sounds like a wonderful driver, but would like to hear some senior’s perspectives. Does a 2-3 yard gain justify a $600 expenditure? How does it compare to the GBB Epic line?

    Thanks for all of your reviews. Gives me lots to ponder, especially during these cold, wet winter months.

    • Matt Saternus


      The GBB Epic is about 6 years old. The Paradym is going to be noticeably more forgiving.
      Regarding the cost, I’d say two things. First, what $600 is worth is relative. That’s a lot to some, it’s not a lot to others, so I can’t tell you whether the Paradym is “worth it.” Second, saying the Paradym is 2-3 yards longer misses a lot. Due to USGA rules, centered shots are not going to be a lot longer. What new drivers provide is enhanced forgiveness and consistency. Your centered shots may be the same with your current driver, but your mishits may be much better with the Paradym.


  48. Alex Sharpe

    #secretgiveaway2023. Great review as always Matt. I’m curious as to how this driver and the Taylormade Steath 2 would do head to head.

  49. The new Callaway Paradym clubs look great. Been gaming Callaway for several generations now. Currently have the Callaway Epic Max driver and love it. Certainly want to try the new Paradym ASAP. Thanks for your review Matt; as always spot on. #SecretGiveaway2023

    PS Thanks Callaway for NOT having a red-faced driver, not my cup of tea.

  50. Mark Bickel

    This is an exciting review. I can’t wait to try the Paradym!

  51. I haven’t hit the driver, but have hit the fairway woods and hybrids. The FWY woods weren’t better than my gamers, but I wasn’t swinging it well that day. On another day I hit the hybrid and hybrid X, both in a 21deg, both of those carried as far as my current LTDx, with better height and a little more spin, I may be replacing my hybrids with the Paradym hybrids, I have a fitting on Saturday. #SecretGiveaway2023

  52. Mark Bickel

    This is an exciting review. I can’t wait to try the Paradym!


  53. Jonathan Blum

    #SecretGiveaway2023. Can’t wait to try it

  54. #SecretGiveaway2023
    Great review as always Matt! Your reviews are always my first stop when looking at clubs so please never stop doing them. The fact that the sliding weight does it’s job makes this driver even more of a must try for me now.

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    I like the new features and technology Callaway has used on this driver.

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    Have the Maverick SZ now. May be time for an upgrade. #SecretGiveaway2023



  60. Barry heslin

    Do you think its expensive?

    • Matt Saternus


      Drivers certainly are going up in price at the top of the market. Whether it’s too much is a personal call. Thankfully different OEMs are hitting different prices, so there are options.



  61. McHale ANDREW

    From practical experience, I have become a great believer in the technological bona fides of Callaway woods. I first bagged the original Big Bertha driver as my second driver when i started playing circa 1999 and it remains a favorite in memory to this day! I currently play the Rogue ST 3-wood (low spin version) and it is a reliable bomb! – long, straight and absolutely a wind cutter. I am looking forward to auditioning the Paradym driver during my next scheduled driver fitting at the end of February and would be delighted to successfully win the PIG #SecretGiveaway2023.

  62. Thanks for a great interview. I’m leaning to make a change between my old G400 and the paradigm. But old habits die hard and the price tags a little much but what the heck it’s only money right? P.S. I love your news letter can’t wait to read whats up on the golf world

    • By all means try a Paradym, but you’ll kick yourself if you get rid of that G400. It’s funny how many people have talked about trying some other driver, liking it for a few months, falling out with it, and trying to find another G400 off ebay or elsewhere. Practically a cliche at this point.

  63. #SecretGiveaway2023. Of all the new drivers this year this is the one I’m most interested in. I sorely need to upgrade my TM R1.

  64. Nice review Matt,

    Will you be resting the Triple Diamond head as well?

  65. Terry VanMeter

    Great review, can’t wait to get fit for one. #SecretGiveaway2023

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  67. Matt….great insight into the new product. Looks like anyone in the market for a big stick has to try this one. Any sense yet based on experience or data analysis for the forgiveness comparison between the Paradym and the Triple Diamond? Just wondering how performance comparison rates on off center strikes.

  68. Dave Hunsberger

    I had the opportunity to hit up a para/dym fitting event at the local pgatour superstore near me recently, and boy does this thing feel good.

    While I don’t think that it’s enough to convince me to upgrade my current gamer just yet, it was almost impossible to hit a bad shot, if money were no object, I’d probably have ordered one on the spot.

    I also hit the irons, which I was actually more impressed with than the driver.


  69. Wayne Smith

    As usual Matt does a stellar job reviewing Callaway’s newest driver. Always find his reviews on the mark. He covers all the points one wants to know about the club without being overly verbose.

  70. Looking really forward to testing this driver. Thanks much for the review!

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  74. Colin Nemeth


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  77. Charles Keller

    It’s nice looking I’ll give it that. I’ll have to go give it a few swings.

  78. Kevin Garvey

    Great review as always Matt! Love the photos as well. Alot of others make the Paradym look like a bowling ball, but you nailed it with the more subdued finish. Launch numbers are looking very good. I’m excited to test this one to see if it is as forgiving as the claims. Thanks!

  79. Looks good, but I am sticking with my PXG Gen5 for awhile. If every new driver delivered more accuracy and distance by now we should be hitting it 500yds center cut every time.
    Thanks for the great review!

  80. Roger Sorey

    Are you able to say how the Paradym driver compares to the Rogue ST?
    Thanks in advance.

  81. Curt Backhaus

    Improved forgiveness, “standout ball speed”, adjustability with the sliding weight, sounds like this one checks all the boxes for me, and it looks really good too! Thanks for another well written review, I really like the PluggedInGolf format.

  82. I recently hit the Paradym and the Taylormade Stealth 2 at an indoor range. My numbers were better with the Paradym. I really struggled with dispersion when hitting the TM. And I’m glad Callaway brought back the sliding weight. It was helpful when I had an Epic Flash. (As many adjustments that I can make, the better!) Once the snow melts here, I’m looking forward to trying the Paradym again outside. Thanks for the review.

  83. thoughtful thorough review. seems like this is the driver for everyone ! but…will have to demo it and get fit.

  84. Matt, just saw the #SecretGiveaway2023. Forgot to add to my review.

  85. Replacing the G425Max in your bag, Matt? It sounds very dialable, great speed on mishits, good dispersion too.

    And it doesn’t sound like a trash can kicked down a concrete staircase, LOL.


    • Matt Saternus


      It’s certainly under consideration. I’m unlikely to make any decisions while there’s still snow on the ground.



  86. Great review as always. Interesting comment on the feel/sound being the same across the face. Thanks Matt.

  87. I tried the Paradym last Sunday. I use a regular shaft on my Sim max 2 since I am 62 yrs old. But the shaft they had on it, for me at least was horrible. I think it was the Aldila regular well that’s what it said on it. It was too soft and light . I need to try it with the Project X shaft on it to give a fair review. It felt light and fast. The color didn’t bother me. It was consistent but it was hard to tell where the head was since it was so light. I was more fighting
    it to hit it in the middle. Looking forward to trying their woods and hybrids and of course the driver again with a different shaft.

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    Hi loved the review on the Paradym driver .I play the epic flash .Do you think a change is worth the money.

    • Matt Saternus


      Our advice is always to test your gamer against the latest and greatest. You may see a big gain, you may see nothing.



  108. Ping just replaced my G425 Max with a brand new one. I am very torn about what to do this season. Did you hit the Paradym that much better than your G425 Matt?

    • I had a similar issue with mine—the rear weight flew off to God only knows where. Filed a warranty claim, shipped it off, fixed head for free.

      Outstanding customer service from Ping.

  109. Really like that carbon head looks so gorgeous.
    I love blue but a lot of people don’t like blue .

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    • Matt Saternus


      The Paradym line has three drivers compared to the Rogue ST which had four, so the Max LS slots somewhere between the standard Paradym and the Triple Diamond.


  114. Matt, great review as always — definitely want to hit this one as I keep hearing great things and see if it’ll kick my Ping out of the bag. Curious which shaft you had when you tried it, one of the stock in X or Ventus black 6X? #SecretGiveaway2023

    • Matt Saternus


      I tested with the Kai’li White in 6-X.



      • Though you’re usually loath to talk about different shafts, when hit in different heads, thoughts on the Kai’Li vs the Ventus Black or 1K Pro White? Guessing they’re all somewhat similar low/lows, but didn’t know if you could provide some more color on the Kai’Li.

        As well as give us your review of the 1K Black, LOL. Love what you guys do here; thanks for the great content.

  115. Thanks Matt! Great review! I am going to a demo day for Callaway next week. Can’t wait to see what this driver can do! #SecretGiveaway2023

  116. Thanks for the review Matt! As I dial in my game more I realize I need to dial in my dispersion on my drives to hit more fairways consistently. I know a new club will not be the magic elixir, but forgiveness is always at the top of my list. Looking forward to trying this one out this year.! #SecretGiveaway2023

  117. Lots of buzz about this one! Will try it out.

  118. Bill Halstead

    How much difference can really be made for an 84 year old by moving the back weight and adlusting the lie at the hosel?#SecretGiveaway2023

    • Matt Saternus


      Depends on the 84 year old and what they’re swinging now. As always, we recommend getting fit to see exactly what it does for you and how to optimize it.


      • Another good review Matt! I’ll be interested to see how the Paradym family stacks up against my Maverick SZ. #SecretGiveaway2023

  119. As always, excellent review with concise, straightforward information and meaningful analysis of what truly matters to “real world” golfers. #SecretGiveaway2023

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    Can’t wait to test drive the new Paradym. It’s time for a new driver (just because).

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    I have the callaway ROGUE ST MAX. THIS SOUNDS A little better will go to the Demo day. #Secret Giveaway 2023

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    Solid info. Wish i was good enough to know whether this club would help my game more than my current Cobra driver!

  135. Will listen to podcast to try to get an idea of how much better this $600 driver would be vs my 4 year old Ping. #SecretGiveaway2023

  136. Looks like Callaway just keep on delivering. Definitely would like to hit this vs my Epic Speed. #SecretGiveaway2023

  137. will be trying or (more likely) blind buying soon LOL #SecretGiveaway2023

  138. #SecretGiveaway2023
    Great Review.
    I would love to win a new Paradym driver.

  139. Great review Matt, love my Epic SZ tour head but would love a shoot at a new one….#SecretGiveaway2023

  140. #secretGiveaway2023

  141. Quality review as always. Can’t wait to test this out! #SecretGiveaway2023

  142. Great review as always.

  143. Secret Giveaway 2023

    Great review Matt. Thinking about getting this one.

  144. Callaway finally matched the Ping G425 MAX, albeit with more carbon.

  145. Gil Bloomer

    Thanks for test results and description of the newest Callaway driver as we can view and take this as barometer based on you specifically but as usual, need need to check it out and review the test results based on our own swing speed, height, attack angle, etc. Thanks for the reviews you do, we all appreciate it. #SecretGiveaway2023

  146. Seth Slocum

    This driver looks awesome!! Going to try it this weekend!

  147. Paul Spencer

    Great review, thank you. Still not found one to replace my Taylormade R7 460! :) #SecretGiveaway2023

  148. Your distance is 20 yards shorter than normal. Why?

  149. Geoff Metts

    I went and tested this last weekend. I rented a simulator and tested it against my current gamer. Put my same shaft in, Tensei White Pro 1K TX 60 gram, once I adjusted loft and the weight it was dialed it. At first I was hitting low, pull draws with it that were launching between 7-9°, had a 9° head adjusted to 8 same as my current setup. I went to stock 9° and pushed the weight to the toe and it was working great. When just trying to out a good swing on it was swinging 115-116, trying to “go after it” was up at 120-121 but at that speed was hitting it all over the face. But at that “on course” speed of around 115 it felt ridiculously stable and off center hits weren’t punished too bad and stayed “in play”. I’m REALLY interested in it and just highly doubt my wife is going to let spend the $600 on it!😆

  150. Matthew Scheidegger

    #SecretGiveaway2023 Great review. What jumps out at me is “tight dispersion.” Reviews like this keep me thinking this may be the one.

  151. Great concise review as always! I’m looking forward to hitting this driver.


  152. Bryan Alexander


  153. Dave Sampson

    Great review. Club sounds awesome. Maybe time to trade in the Stealth? #SecretGiveaway2023

  154. Nice Review. I think it sounds better than my Rogue ST Triple Diamond but didn’t seem to go much farther or more forgiving. However, my Rouges ST was cut an inch down so maybe after continued testing with the Paradym I’ll find I can get the forgiveness of my Rogue ST without cutting it down an inch. I agree with the look. Better in person but I do love the matte of my Rogue.

  155. Great review! Looking forward to all the new 2023 drivers

  156. I’m not quite all the way there on the aesthetics for this one, but the performance sounds intriguing.


  157. I’ve seen videos, and this driver sounds great off the tee.
    I like that amazing forgiveness on off center hits that you mentioned.
    I also like that sliding weight, which you stated could definitely alter the flight of the shot.


  158. I didn’t think I would ever replace my Ping G400 Max, but this could possibly change my mind.

  159. #SecretGiveaway2023

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    #SecretGiveaway2023 This club is so elegant. I just bought a Calloway JAWS wedge but now I want this driver. I love your reviews.

  161. Good insights, thanks! How do you think it compares to Callaway’s Rogue ST Max drivers??

  162. Thanks Matt. Nice review!

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    will give this a try hopefully after I win it

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  165. Wow!

  166. #SecretGiveaway2023

  167. #SecretGiveaway2023 Thanks Matt. Appreciate all your reviews. I just switched in 2022 from Callaway Mavrik (my favorite of all time was my FT3) to Titleist after a fitting and trying the Epic Smoke. Come to Florida and keep playing. Can’t wait to see Cabot Citrus Farms open up this year.

  168. Great review! Our numbers are pretty I had a chance to hit the triple diamond a few days ago and actually had to move up in loft to the 10.5 because it was super low spinning. Wondering if you’ll see the same results. #SecretGiveaway2023

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    Thanks for the detailed review! I will be getting fit for a new driver soon, and the Paradym is definitely on my short list of drivers to test. #SecretGiveaway2023

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  172. I’m *really* liking the extra forgiveness and tighter dispersion story!

    I’ve struggled with driver .. to the point of not even carrying one! .. but with lessons and practice am starting to actually get a few going in the right direction!

    Soooo… I’m wondering if I could actually benefit from trying one of these (prob the “X” version). Will look for a demo day, unless haha I’m picked for the #SecretGiveaway2023 … :-)

  173. Matt – I couldn’t read through all the comments so apologize if this is a repeat. How did you have yours configured for testing? What shaft, grip, et cetera? When you test drivers, do you put the same shaft or grip on for consistency between tests? #SecretGiveaway2023

  174. Great review as always Matt !!
    # Secret giveaway 2023

  175. Always love the reviews! Did I miss which shaft you were using? One of the stock options? #SecretGiveaway2023

    • Matt Saternus


      I used the Mitsubishi Kai’li White 60-X.


      • Hi Matt, when testing these new drivers, do you try to get a heavier sliding weight (or screw-in weight) to “equalize” the tester driver vs your gamer?
        (all other things being as equal as possible, e.g. a “60 grams -ish” X-flex shaft)
        e.g. i’ve heard that Callaway drivers are typically sub-200 grams without the sleeve adapter (and Ping was known for being at the heavier end of the headweight spectrum … perhaps 205grams-ish?).

        • Matt Saternus


          No, I test in the stock configuration, typically with a stock shaft, so I’m speaking to the same product that the average golfer will buy off the shelf.


  176. #SecretGiveaway2023 Thanks for the review. I really like the forgiveness of my Rogue ST Max and looking forward to trying the Paradym for even better accuracy.

  177. #SecretGiveaway2023 – anything threatening the Ping G425 Max gamer this year??

  178. Matt,
    This was an excellent review, and your comments in this thread are informative and succinct. Since I have both EPIC Speed and Rogue drivers, I’ll have to try this one. Love Callaway products, my whole bag. Also intrigued by your Mitsubishis Vanquish shaft review, perhaps they will make a pair. Keep up the great work; I can’t believe you do this so well from Chicago, says this CA guy. #SecretGiveaway2023

  179. David J Sell

    Read a lot of negative comments on the blue color schemed, but I think it kind of pops. Not ready to jump into the $600 driver cost, but the claims for this driver are impressive. Perhaps it may make the distinguishable jump in improvement over the most recent generations of drivers to make it worth considering ???
    Another great review from Plugged In Golf, keep up the great work !

  180. Wayne Wooding

    Is it time for me to trade in my Rogue for that extra forgiveness?


  181. The Triple Diamond is one of the best drivers I’ve hit in a while…forgiving, straight and sounds great. I’ve been playing the Stealth but excited to receive my new 💎💎💎#SecretGiveaway2023

  182. Hi Matt – thanks a ton for such an awesome review. Any thoughts on the longevity / durability of the new carbon design vs older Callaway driver models? Thanks for all that you do sir, love your work!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      I don’t have any firsthand data on longevity. For what it’s worth, my thinking is this: no OEM wants a PR nightmare on their hands. They’re not going to release a club that’s going to break in a season or two, especially at a premium price. Thus, I tend to trust that they’ve done the testing to show that these drivers will hold up to thousands of strikes.



  183. I like the look at address combines elements of stealth and PXG gen 5 with face that appears like Titleist.
    Nice looking.

  184. Labas Matt

    Any head to head comparisons on ball speed between the Paradym and the G425 Max?



    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have the same shaft with a Callaway and PING tip, so I can’t run them in a true head to head contest at this time.



  185. When are you going to review G430?

  186. I got to hit this driver on two occasions, two days apart. I hit my driver and then the Paradym with different shafts. Once I settled on the shaft that worked best I started to see some good results. My dispersion was so tight it was crazy. I have never hit a driver so straight especially on mishits. I play a Tour Edge C721 and I was out driving my C721 by 15-20 yards. I will say this. I think shaft has more to do with things than we think. I have only been playing 5years and I have had 3 drivers. This is by far the best I have hit a driver. I have one pre-ordered.

  187. #SecretGiveaway2023

    I’ve never been fired for a driver and currently play a second hand Mavrik max. I’d love to see what this does for my drives. Currently in the 220 range and I envy those consistent 260-280 guys. 300 is just a dream.

  188. #SecretGiveaway2023

    My last driver purchase was a new Mavrik. I’m seriously considering upgrading it, as well as my 3 wood and my hybrids. Performance-wise and forgiveness-wise (more so performance-wise), is this an upgrade that would be worth it? On equally hit shots, how much longer distance and tighter dispersion could I reasonably expect?

  189. Just picked up my Paradym today after a fitting. The club was not even on my radar as I have mostly hit Titleist and Taylor Made. Love the feel and the forgiveness of an off hit. The fact that I could still carry almost 200 yards with an off hit was impressive. Lightweight and how forgiving won me over compared to the Stealth 2 that came in a close second during my testing.

  190. #SecretGiveaway2023

  191. Hi Matt,
    Paradym or TSR2? I have about 88 mph swing speed 20 handicap.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the Paradym is going to be more forgiving, but I’d always recommend getting fit.


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