Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White Shaft Review

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The MCA Tensei AV Raw White shaft is one of the smoothest feeling low spin shafts available.  Tremendous control.  Raw finish is an eye-catcher.


This past Thursday at the Travelers Championship, Rory McIlroy was paired with Bryson DeChambeau and showed that, despite his lack of bulk, he’s still a heavyweight with the driver.  His current shaft of choice?  The new Mitsubishi Chemicals Tensei AV Raw White.  I tested one to see why Rory and other PGA Pros trust it in their most important club.


The eye-catcher on the new Tensei Raw AV White is the butt section.  An Alumnium Vapor (AV) Coated Weave is revealed by a raw finish, and the look is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

In the mid and lower section, this shaft is visually similar to its predecessors.  The Tensei branding dominates one side, and the other is plain black for those that want a distraction free “logo down” installation.  A thin band of white denotes which model Tensei you’re holding.


Over the last month or so, I’ve been dealing with a minor shoulder injury that has necessitated a much less aggressive transition and has cost me a little speed.  With this mind, I was afraid that the Tensei AV Raw White would be way too much for me at this time.  It took only a couple of swings to erase my concerns.

Despite having the stiffest tip section of the three Tensei AV Raw shafts, the White feels incredibly smooth.  As in, Diamana levels of smooth.  There’s nothing in this shaft that asks you to swing harder.  It’s definitely not active – there’s no kick to it – but it’s as far from harsh or boardy as you can get.

What makes it exceptional is that the smoothness is paired with a very stout tip.  Against my better judgement, I leaned into a couple swings and the Tensei AV Raw White just shrugged them off.


After seeing that Feel section, regular readers may be skipping this section because they know how it went.  In short: amazing.  The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White is, along with the Diamana ZF [review HERE], the most impressive shaft I’ve tested this year.

Most golfers will agree that the number one thing we want is consistency, and that’s exactly what I got from the Tensei AV Raw White.  Shot after shot launched in the same window, with the same spin, and the same shot shape.  Because I knew exactly what the shaft was going to do, my strike locations were consistently good which meant I was regularly maxing out my smash factor and distance.

The biggest thing for me is that I knew the ball wasn’t going to hook.  I know I’m capable of hitting an ugly pull from time to time, but the tip section is so stable I was never worried about that unpredictable snap hook.  Having that kind of confidence on the tee provides a massive boost for my game.

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White is available in stiff, X, and TX at 65, 75, and 85 grams.  Compared to the first generation Tensei, this adds a third weight class but drops regular flex in favor of TX.


While no one is likely to compare my driving to Rory McIlroy’s, we may at least have some commonality in our equipment.  The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White is immensely impressive and is a serious candidate to go into my driver for the rest of the season.  If you want low spin and more shot control, visit a Mitsubishi shaft fitter to try one for yourself.

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  1. Eric Dryer

    Is this shaft worth upgrading if you play the Original Tensei pro white?

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, the new version feels much smoother. Whether any specific player should switch comes down to whether or not the new versions gives them better results.



  2. Replacing the Ventus???

  3. Hi Matt
    Great review. Your numbers look pretty darn impressive with this shaft. 11 yards offline, that seams incredibly accurate. Was the spin to low?

    How does this Tensei AV White Raw compare to the Tensei CK Pro Orange? I am currently swinging that in my Driver and it feels like what you are stating about this shaft. A real easy smooth shaft to swing for me.

    Anyway, thanks for the review. I enjoy reading them

  4. Matthew Howard

    Great review! Did you test the S or X flex?

  5. I believe rory is actually playing the Kuro Kage xts in both driver and 3 wood right now, as of the travellers. Sim driver, sim max 3 wood. With the ck pro white in his 5 wood.

  6. I just ordered this exact shaft . We will see how it fares. What I can’t find is any information on if better materials and a boron tip is being used in the TX flexes? In the CK lineup, the CK pro was an entirely different (and premium) shaft over the CK. The AV TX costs a good $100 more. Is it because of these better materials as a premium offering? I cannot find any info on Mitsubishi’s website

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know, but I will ask MCA and report back.


      Reporting back: Per MCA, the TX models are designed to replace the CK Pro models. They do use more premium materials and carry a higher price because of it.

  7. Hey,

    Love your reviews, I always come here when I’m purchasing anything golf related. I am looking at the Raw White for my G410 FW. I’ve always like clubs that has the weight more towards the head of the club. Would this fit my specs? What sort of shafts should I look for? I have been using Taylormade RBZ Rocketballz Stage 2 woods with that stock shaft and really like how those feel, to give you an idea. Counter-balanced…. ? I’m new to the shaft discussion so excuse my ignorance.

    • Matt Saternus


      The AV Raw White is conventionally weighted so you will get a standard swing weight with it. As to whether or not this shaft will fit your swing, only a fitter working with you in person can know that.



  8. Hi Matt,
    I just done a fitting in Paris (France) in order to have a new driver and I endend with the new TSi 3 with the AV Raw white 65 grams. I will have to wait for two more weeks in order to have it in my bag. But what I can say is that thanks to this shaft I was way more acurate and my “bad” shots wasn’t that bad. Usually when I miss It’s a like a hook, and that wasn’t the case while hitting around 50 balls at the range. I hope I will play it well on the course, will see. One more thing they put me the x stiff version, which I was afraid on being way too hard for me, but no, that was just an incredible feeling of power and smoothness. Sorry for my english, lot’s of errors I’m sure ;-) Thank you very much for your great work, it is very interesting for people like me. Take care, Best, Nico

  9. Hayden Harding

    would you say this is a similar shaft to the project x evenflow t1100

    I’m currently playing the TS3 considering upgrading to the TSi3

  10. Is this the same as the “stock” offering in the Titleist TSI driver range? Why would anyone pay hundreds more for the GD Tour AD upgrades??

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