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50 Words or Less

The Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver is the newest addition to Callaway’s line-up of drivers.  Is it just for high handicappers?  Far from it.  It is a classic-looking, tech-packed club with the goods to help a wide variety of players find more fairways.


If you haven’t heard that MAVRIK is Callaway’s newest generation of clubs, write us a postcard from whatever rock you’ve been living under.  The big innovation with these clubs is the continued development of Flash Face technology, created by Callaway’s AI supercomputer.  If your “gimmick” alarms are going off, hold your horses.  Human testing is proving that these clubs are the real deal.


Of the three MAVRIK driver heads, MAX is the “biggest” one.  I use quotation marks because it’s technically 460 cc, the legal limit and the exact same as the standard MAVRIK, but the design of the head makes it appear larger.

At address, it has a straight topline and the crown stretches back and down towards the turf.  It is a confidence-inspiring look.  Large but not unwieldy.  While the standard MAVRIK represents a significant departure from the Epic Flash in terms of shape, the look of the Max is actually very similar to Callaway’s previous generation of drivers.  

Regarding the orange details: people seem to either love or hate it.  I really like it, but as Matt pointed out in his review of the MAVRIK Sub Zero, you can always customize it to suit your preferences. 

Sound & Feel

The sound of the MAVRIK MAX is a sheer delight.  The over-the-top explosive ‘tink’ of the Epic Flash has been scrapped in favor of a much more natural, muted ‘crack.’  It sounds great and unique from any driver I have hit before.  I’m willing to bet that keen golfers joining me on the tee will notice it, too.

The feel of the driver can be changed via two interchangeable weights, 14g and 2g, at the heel and back of the club.  I preferred the feel of the heavier weight in the back (maximum MOI) rather than with it in the heel (max draw setting).  While I tend to swing a little bit out to in and can use some help to keep the ball from going too far right, that can also be achieved via the Optifit hosel


The A.I.-designed Flash Face is meant to deliver forgiveness and maintain ball speeds on strikes across the face, and its specific design characteristics are unique to each model in the MAVRIK line.  I have to admit that on the day I took the MAX to Club Champion to get dialed in, I wasn’t swinging my best and still ended up seeing some respectable numbers.  The MAX is indeed forgiving.

The other big takeaway for me is the importance of getting fit.  Initially, I asked Josh to set the Max up to mirror my gamer.  Key numbers like ball speed, spin rate, and carry distance were about the same between the two.  After getting a baseline, Josh suggested dialing the head back to its standard loft and putting the shaft in the ‘D’ (draw-biased) setting.  Sure enough, spin rates dropped nearly 500 RPM, I picked up an extra three yards of carry distance, eliminated the big right miss, and tightened up dispersion considerably.  

This was what I was hoping for.  I’m not a bomber and have no illusions that a new driver will turn me into one.  What I’m looking for is something that looks, feels, and sounds great and is going to help me hit more approach shots from the short grass.  After some tweaking, that’s exactly what I got out of the MAVRIK MAX.

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature that we will be adding to select reviews.  A panel of Master Fitters from Club Champion will share their thoughts based on their own experiences and what they’re seeing during fittings.

With regard to the Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver, one of our fitters told us “Max is going to be a killer line-up this year.” 

Multiple fitters – and their clients – have commented on the improved sound compared to the Epic Flash.  The fitters were also impressed with the shape, one stating it’s the “best looking Callaway head” in some years.

Finally, one fitter gave very strong, in-depth praise of Callaway’s Flash Face SS20 Technology.  He stated that each model and each loft has a unique face designed to help different types of misses.  Because of this, he stated, “We can literally fit any golfer who walks through the door into a MAVRIK driver.”


While driver technology may not truly revolutionize year after year, Callaway has made incremental gains that make the MAVRIK MAX stand out.  While the MAX may get an unfair rep as the “game improvement” driver, I advise you not to buy into that narrative and go test for yourself to find out which version is right for you. 

Callaway MAVRIK MAX Driver Price & Specs

Dylan Thaemert
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  1. I tried the Max with Hzrdus smoke shaft a few times around, found it very forgiving, yet not much gain in distance compared to my Titleist TS-2. I then traded the Max for the standard Mavrik with the Adilla Rouge White…… wow is all I can say. I hit 12 of 14 fairways and found myself being side by side with my buddy who was always 15-20 yards ahead of me.

  2. Hi, i am a weekend warrior currently playing off a 14 handicap. I am keen in getting a new Mavrik Std or Mavrik Max driver. However, i am not sure which one is more suited to me. For the moment, i favor the Std model. I occasionally like working a fade although i am more comfortable teeing off with a soft draw. I would appreciate advice on which to go for.. Also shaft choice is crucial. I currently alternate between two shafts : TourAD MT5 Regular & a Mitsubishi Tensei AV55 series Regular; the latter whenever i feel less energetic & less aggressive. Unfortunately, coming from where i am, there is a sore lack of quality professional club fitters & fitting facilities. Any advice is therefore much appreciated. Thank you. Kind regards, Jimmy.

  3. “50 WORDS OR LESS” ..writes 831 words” :D

  4. William Dickman

    If your not playing PXG’s your just playing hockey. Call your banker…, refinance your house and be happy. William Dickman, happy with PXG’s.

  5. Dave(the Duffer) Daubert-Editor-eSouthernGOLF

    The Duffer in Florida enjoys your honest and forthright reviews on new equipment. Saves me from spending too much time checking out the unending entries into the golf club market. Great stuff- Keep up the good work guys.

  6. Col William S. Huff II

    I always look forward to your comments! Very helpful.

  7. Have done any reviews on the sub 70 clubs if you have could tell me we’re to go to read them thanks glenn

  8. Got fitted at club champion in Boston. I’m a 9 and the max with the Evenflow small batch shaft, 55 g suited me perfectly. I got 15 more yards carry distance with higher smash factors and launch going to a 12 degree than my Honma 747. Better dispersion overall Just ordered today. Looking Forward to hitting a few more fairways in regulation when I get this thing.

  9. Hi Matt,
    I was gifted a used Mavrik Max driver in 12* & I love the feel but even in the 11* setting it launches too high. I ordered a left handed cog so I can lower the loft to 10* to help lower it some.
    Would replacing the 2g weight with a 9g at the hosel help lower launch angle?

    • Matt Saternus


      All else equal, I don’t think that adding more weight to the hosel will lower your launch angle. You could try a different shaft – though that adds a whole new variable – or you could try to find a lower lofted head.



  10. I forgot to mention that I’m a 65yo high ball hitter with an 8 GHIN. Average drives with my 9* Epic Flash 265-270 carry. With the Max I’m averaging 260-265 carry.
    In switching weights to draw bias, my best carry was 268.
    I await your words of wisdom.

  11. Hi Matt
    You were right on adding weight to the hosel not working. My club fitter said he could add 2-3 grams of hot melt to the lower front of the head to lower launch angle.
    Your thoughts on that.

  12. Was there a difference in distance and spin with the heavy weight in the draw setting?

    • Dylan Thaemert


      I have to confess that I don’t remember what difference switching the weights made during my testing. Even if I did, though, that doesn’t mean my results would necessarily apply to you. I think the way you’d set this club up is very much subject to delivery, strike quality, etc. Thank you for the question.


  13. I’m looking at purchasing a Maverik Max with a 5.5 regular flex riptide 50gram shaft which I know nothing about. Could you give me some insight into it’s suitability for me.–Senior player off 9hcp, with soft fade off the tee (which I’d like to lose) —If it’s not your recomendation, what other shaft would you suggest….Regards..Rex Daly (Australia)

  14. I was wondering about your recommendation for the Mavrik Max for a 70 yr. old with a swing speed around 80 who rarely carrys over 200 yards. Was thinking 12 degree and light shaft seemed
    reasonable without fitting. Thanks. Rick

    • Matt Saternus


      That sounds like a good place to start, but my recommendation is always to get fit.



  15. I just bought mavrik max 9 stiff regular. Want to hear what was your experience with SR ? I found it a bit heavy but that helps me to control my down swing. I used to play with a R shaft and I was having difficulty to control the slice. It looks like SR will help me a bit to sort out the issue. I also decided to get 9 over 10.5 when I was testing at the shop. With 9 , ball is going lower height but straight and a bit farther. The head is a bit big ( had an issue to fit in my caddy bag :) but that was fine. I look forward to play more. Thanks. Caglar from S.Korea!

    • Matt Saternus


      It sounds like you were fit for the 9* SR, or at least tested it beforehand, so if it’s working for you, stick with it. I haven’t tested the stock SR shaft myself, so I can’t speak to its performance.



    • Update ——
      After playing couple of times at the course , found out that this is a terrible driver!! My distance went down dramatically ( previous driver was a cheap one) . I have heard and read many times that this driver is one of the most forgiving driver but thats not true. With previous driver , every once in a while i was having slice , with mavrik this became the issue on every single shot. Don’t waste your money on this useless driver!

  16. I love my MAX driver but was wondering if you can recommend a shaft change to lower spin. I have the stock Even Flow Rip Tide regular shaft 5.5.R -50G shaft.

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is to take your driver head to a fitting and experiment with different shafts. Lots of shafts will be lower spin on paper but not in practice.


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